Spotting between periods brown on the pill

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Avatar n tn Yes you took the pill when you were supposed to. Thats a good thing. The pill prevents you from ovulating, prevents the sperm from meeting the egg by changing the consistency of your womb, and than doesnt allow a fertilized egg from implanting. Usually women will start shedding their lining within 10 days of taking the pill. It sounds like you are and are going to be fine.
Avatar f tn Did you recently start on the pill? If so, spotting between periods is common in the first few months, and is really nothing to worry about! Even if you've been on the pill for awhile, it's probably not something to worry about unless it starts happening every month. Don't worry!!
Avatar f tn Now, this all isnt enough blood to fill a tampon or pad. I have never had any spotting while on the birth control until now. My bf and I do have unprotected sex and he ejaculates inside me every time, whish is about once or twice a week. I have been stressed with school and everything else. I dont really know what to do. Could i be pregnant? Could there be something wrong with me? Or is this normal?
Avatar n tn I am 31 years old. I am not on the pill and never have been and don't have kids (I did get an abortion 8 years ago). I have gone to a few gynocologists and they've said all my tests were normal. I also had an ultrasound (in between my cycle)to look for possible polyps but they said it looked clear and normal. My last gynocoligist told me to go for another ultrasound a few days after my period as they may get a clearer picture.
Avatar n tn The only information I can find on the net with “old blood” seems to relate to pregnancy. I'm not on the pill and not taking any vitamins or medication. I’m worried this be dangerous… I would be thankful for any information.
Avatar n tn The last two months I have had spotting almost constantly between periods and both months right around the time I am suppose to ovulate I have had sharp pains in my perineum (area between vagina and rectum) that only last a few minutes, usually at night and only one or two days. I have had a pap in the last year and have never had a bad one come back. Has anyone had similar symptoms??? I have a gyno appointment in 2 1/2 months, but I wonder if I should go sooner.
Avatar n tn Hi- I have been on the pill for 7 years and have never experienced spotting between my periods. When it was time to start my pills again after the sugar pills, i missed about 4 days and then just started taking them normally. About a week after i started taking them, I started this really lite spotting, that I can see only when i wipe. I do notice my panties have a not so normal discharge in them and feel a little bit less clean than normal...sorry for the raunchy details...
Avatar f tn sometimes occurs days before ovulation, sometimes after). It is heavier than the light, brown spotting I have experienced between periods in the past, but not as heavy as a period. An ultrasound and a blood test showed no worrying results, I am not pregnant or on the pill, and the gynecologist I visited dismissed it as stress (I have in recent months moved to a new country with a different language).
Avatar f tn I believe either the cysts or the fallopian tube was the cause of the spotting (or both). i have read many accounts of the cysts causing spotting particularly mid-cycle. My GP also tried birth control which also didn't work. I am hopeful that the surgery has fixed this problem with spotting but I do hope so. i would advise talking to your Dr about getting a lap to rule out endometriosis before having a hysterectomy.
3248624 tn?1346992198 Now I'm 25 with four kids, its just cleaning your body out and the doctor will give you a pap smear to see if there is anything going on, he did that and the test came back normal for me and after the test, I still have those periods. My periods are 3-4 days heavy, then two days off and then 4 days regualr then two days spotting. It's been line this since I had my new baby.
Avatar n tn I have just found out i am 7 weeks pregnant and have also been on the pill for 5/6 years I stopped taking the pill on the day i found out i was expecting and had no bleeding at all.
Avatar n tn My period isn't due for approx 2 weeks. I have never spotted between periods before. for the last two years my periods have been regular to the day. Is this a common after effect of the sponge, is my body just cleansing the spermicide out, or should I be really concerned and get to a hospital? Thank you in advance for any help.
Avatar n tn what is the deal with long times between periods? said i ovulated on 20 buut i should have o on 4 or 5 because my last af was dec. 17 - 23.
Avatar f tn I had my last period on Sep 20th, I am very regular. I got back on the pill Sep 16th never miss taking it. During the month of October I got no period just have been brown spotting for 3 weeks now. Today is Nov 10 & still no sign of a period. What is the cause of this brown spotting? Could I be pregnant? What should I do?
796506 tn?1370191905 Like said above, the only non-hormonal BC is the Paragard IUD. The only drawback of it is you might get heavier, more painful periods. I hope you get your cycles worked out soon Nickie!
Avatar n tn From then on, the lower back pain would get very bad each month (normal flow though), and even after being put on the pill, the pain would continue to be just as bad each month, and even more recently (the past year) I'll get cramp-like pain and headaches about halfway through (almost to the day, I keep track by how many pills I have taken) in between periods and on and off the rest of the month. This time, again, about halfway through, I started getting bad CONSISTANT cramps and spotting...
Avatar n tn you can get pregnant on the pill if your on a low dose, i.e. your only on it for irregular periods.
Avatar n tn Hi I have been on the pill for two years with no problems. But I was due my period on Monday and it didnt show until Tuesday and only lasted a few hours. Then it came back on Wednesday but as if it was threatening to go away again. Then it was just light pink spotting yeaterday and today nothing! Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Had small brown spotting during 23,24 day while on pill (tough that was withdrawal bleed). Period (or real withdrawal bleed) came 17 days after last active tablet. My question is, which of those was withdrawal bleed and what is the chance to get pregnant if I had unprotected intercourse during bleed in day 17,20 after last active tablet? Can I treat last bleed as first day of new cycle with real menstruation?
7667630 tn?1393207133 Morning after pill has a mega dose of hormones, which of course is going to impact your period. The discharge/spotting you had after taking the pill was not your period. It was just random spotting caused by having taken the pill (which happens also from time to time to women who are on the regular pill that they take every day). Now you've missed your next period, which is totally normal for people who have taken it and there's nothing unusual or concerning about anything that has happened.
Avatar n tn I have been using this BCP with no problem until recently. Several months ago, I started to have vaginal bleeding/spotting on my third week of the pill pack. This bleeding was accompanied by slight cramping. This month, I started bleeding on the day I took my last pill in the 21-day cycle. It was a reddish-brown color and accompanied by bloating and cramping. I have been bleeding for the past four days, and the color varies from brown to bright red.
Avatar f tn There was nothing. I wasn't on the pill then, so the doctor tried me on the pill for 3 months. It seemed to stop the spotting temporarily. I don't stay on the pill because no matter how light the dosage, I get so CRAZY on the pill!! But now it seems to be back again. A brownish discharge, with almost skin like flakes in my urine. This all happens about a week or so before my period, and I usually wear a tampon, closer to my period because I'm not sure how heavy the brown discharge will get.
2020005 tn?1476662562 I saw my gynecologist yesterday about irregular periods and bleeding. Last month I only had brown spotting for 4-5 days, this month stopped my period and 3 days later, started right back up. I'll work out, and bleed after, have sex, bleed after. I finally had enough. I call my OB and discuss the issue, he says my birth control pills have been ineffective for me AGAIN - we switched pills about 5-6 months ago as well because they were ineffective for my body - and he's trying a new pill.
Avatar f tn When I got home from work and went to the bathroom again though, there was nothing on the tampon, in the toilet, or on the toilet paper (sorry if TMI). I went the rest of the night without a thing, woke up the next morning and had very light pink blood when I wiped (but, again, nothing on my pantyliner and nothing in the toilet). It almost was an orangey "creamsicle" sort of color with the light pink mixing with my urine.
Avatar f tn 31 last month and it was normal period but this past week I've been having a light spotting, its brown ant red. I took the Plan B pill on Sep.31 because I had unprotected sex the first day of my period, so I took the pills just in case I might had the chance to become pregnant. So now im having light brown spotting between periods and very light cramping,and dizziness is this normal? Did the pills irregulate my period?
Avatar n tn I took a home pregnancy test and don't believe I'm pregnant. I've been on the pill (Yasmin) for ~5 years. I have an appointment w/ my doctor in a few weeks, but wondered if anyone had any ideas of what it could's starting to really worry me.