Spotting between periods could i be pregnant

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Avatar f tn I doubt you're pregnant since you had your period, but it could be an infection, that causes irregular bleeding between periods, I had this once and it was a bacterial infection, and I've had them while pregnant too, they're a pain in the butt!
Avatar n tn Is there any pain with the spotting? If there is, if I were you, I would check in with my GYN. You still could be pregnant if you had unprotected sex during your last cycle. Good luck!
324269 tn?1229041081 I just want to make sure this won't affect my ovulation since we are going to start trying soon, but I also had really normal periods for 8 months since I went off my pill (I was on it for 7 years), so could this be the hormones finally leaving my body from my pill? I just want to make sure I can get pregnant. Any help is welcome :) Thanks!
Avatar n tn I'm 32 and I've had spotting for 5 days and my period's not due for one more week. I am not sexually active so I know I can't be pregnant. In the past, I've been told I had cysts on my ovaries (the kind that go away) and my doc didn't seem to be bothered by them. Could this be related to that? I feel fine -- just more an annoyance than anything but I wonder if I should be concerned? THe only other time in my life that I've had spotting is after a pap smear. Thanks for your advice!
Avatar n tn I am 23 years old and since the middle of January I have been experiencing irregular spotting between my periods. I am on birth control pills which I take every day at the same time. My spotting ranges from barely noticable when i wipe to period like. I only have the slighted bit of cramping with it, and about a week ago I noticed that when I used a tampon only one side is saturated with blood.
Avatar f tn HI, Missing two pills does raise the possibility of a pregnancy, unless you have covered them up later. However the spotting can also be due to local cause like cervical erosion, polyps etc. if periods are missed then a home pregnancy test can be taken. Consult your Doctor. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn so because of the soptting i dont know when to test or hen would y last period have been? my stomach is huge if i am pregnant it would be 8 wks from november 1. so hen should i take a pg test?
Avatar n tn I don't know for sure but I am going to go see the doctor. I just read on the net that sometimes it is implantation spotting and other times it is more serious.
Avatar n tn Spotting between periods could be caused by uterine polyps. You should ask your gyno to do an ultrasound to rule that out before you get the IUD. The IUD helps for bleeding but only if your uterus is clear of polyps and/or fibroids. Otherwise you'll still have bleeding issues anyway even with the IUD.
Avatar f tn Im not in any pain i dont have cramping or anything so im not sure what could be wrong. I tried reading online and it said i could have cervical cancer but i REALLY hope i dont have that! help! by the way my last period was 5 days ago.
430281 tn?1203875009 I think you should place a call in to your doctor, and make sure you know exactly how they did the tubal. Sorry I can't be of much assistance to you, good luck.
Avatar n tn The doctor took another one for this year, fearing it could be something related to cervix. Could this be cervical cancer? I am scared. really scared. They took hormone tests on me and the doctor told me I have an elevated DHEA level - it should under 9, but I have 17. Could someone get cancer within a year of normal pap smear? I am NOT PREGNANT, I AM NOT ON BIRTH CONTROL PILLS EITHER. I have less than moderate sex life with only one partner throughout.
Avatar f tn i am on day 18 of a 26 day cycle and have experience very slight pink spotting and hav never experienced this before in between periods. is this implantaion bleeding (meaning i could be pregnant) or is it normal or a sign of starting menopause.
Avatar n tn my period is always on time and i have never had spotting like this in between periods. Could i be pregnant but be starting my period as usual? I don't know what's going on because i feel so bad. My body is aching and i don't have a cold or anything. Please help me?
1151585 tn?1262019958 Any change its pregnancy? I feel different but my mind tells me there is no way I can be if I am bleeding. I have heard of it happening but I just don’t know. Any input or advice would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn No not at this time I do not want to be pregnant..
Avatar f tn If still negative, you can test again in another week, or see your doctor if you are concerned. Spotting between periods could mean absolutely nothing, or it could be a hormonal problem or an infection. You should see your doctor if it continues, regardless if you are pregnant or not.
Avatar f tn I normally do not have regular periods. I average between a 28 day cycle to a 43 day CycLe. my last period started on November 28th. this month I started off on the 17th through the 19th of December with light Brown almost mucus like spotting that I never even needed to use a panty liner for it is now the 30th with no period still. I have a 1 year old son and never had implantation bleeding before with him but I'm wondering if this could be a Sign of it this time?
Avatar f tn It only lasted half the day and it wasnt heavy at all and my stomach doesnt really hurt anymore. Could I be pregnant? If yes, then what my conception day be, today? If not, do you have an idea what it may be?
Avatar n tn Not noticable unless I go and wipe myself. The color is a little brownish pinkish. Could I be pregnant? Last period was March 20, 2006. I have just begun my periods again since I stopped breastfeeding so I'm not sure how many days in a cycle I usually have. My husband and I had sex on March 31 (technically its April 1 since it was after midnight) and again later on that day. Then late April 2nd i started spotting. Has the egg implanted in my womb already and thats why im spotting?
Avatar f tn So, when i missed my period I wasnt worried. I did not even think i could be pregnant until my best friend made a comment about it when I told her i missed my period. However, when she did i began to freak out and become super anxious about the whole thing. I immediately bought first response tests, which both came out negative. I have no symptoms even now. But, I was due for my period today and I am only spotting.
Avatar f tn yesterday and also today I noticed some bloody/ brown substance (quite sticky) in my underwear and I'm not sure what it is? I know there is a possibility I could be pregnant as we didn't use contraception, I know realise how stupid I was. But anyway could this blood be implantation bleeding? and how can I tell if i'm pregnant, and how soon? my next period due 17th Feb. I have done a little research on internet and there are so many different answers.
Avatar n tn I took a pregnancy test on day 15 and it came back negative. I usually never have blood spotting in between periods. Did I take the test too early? Could I still be pregnant? Anyone have any insight for me. Thank you!!!!!
Avatar f tn The past 2 days my breast have been feeling very tender and when i went to the toilet yesterday there was a brown discharge. Is this normal? Do u think i could be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if you think i can be pregnant and if implantation bleeding could occur as early as 3 days after having sex. If anyone can please give their opinions i would greatly appreciate it. Im waiting to get a pregnancy test done because it is still to early.
Avatar f tn Good, if you're having no other symptoms then it's not an infection. Sometimes if women have an infection sex can cause irritation and a little bleeding. That's why I asked if you were having any other symptoms. How long did the spotting last, was it just that one day? If so then it was probably caused from you being to dry and irritation maybe. Are you using any kind of birth control? Condoms or the pill? You can have breakthrough bleeding with some forms of birth control.
Avatar f tn I have no cramping or fatigue or anything out the ordinary besides I may have slight bloating. Could I be pregnant, or am I just worrying too much because I'm really too young to have a kid! Was that brown discharge implation bleeding?