Spotting between periods could i be pregnant

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Avatar n tn No not at this time I do not want to be pregnant..
Avatar f tn It only lasted half the day and it wasnt heavy at all and my stomach doesnt really hurt anymore. Could I be pregnant? If yes, then what my conception day be, today? If not, do you have an idea what it may be?
Avatar f tn So, when i missed my period I wasnt worried. I did not even think i could be pregnant until my best friend made a comment about it when I told her i missed my period. However, when she did i began to freak out and become super anxious about the whole thing. I immediately bought first response tests, which both came out negative. I have no symptoms even now. But, I was due for my period today and I am only spotting.
Avatar n tn I took a pregnancy test on day 15 and it came back negative. I usually never have blood spotting in between periods. Did I take the test too early? Could I still be pregnant? Anyone have any insight for me. Thank you!!!!!
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex a week ago, my bf pulled out b4 he ejaculated. When we had sex it was 9th day of my cycle. yesterday and also today I noticed some bloody/ brown substance (quite sticky) in my underwear and I'm not sure what it is? I know there is a possibility I could be pregnant as we didn't use contraception, I know realise how stupid I was. But anyway could this blood be implantation bleeding? and how can I tell if i'm pregnant, and how soon? my next period due 17th Feb.
Avatar f tn I would say its possible. My aunt had hers tied and burnt and she still got pregnant 3 more times. one pregnancy was twins!
Avatar f tn IF I am pregnant, This would be my 6th pregnancy. I had 2 abortions when I was younger, after that I had 1 Beautiful son-who is now going to be 9 years old this year and since him, I've had 2 miscarriages-which needed to be completed using the D&C procedure. So am a little worried that maybe my cervix and uterus are just too weak to handle another pregnancy. But I am really hoping and praying God will give me one more blessing. Keeping my fingers crossed!!
Avatar m tn Hey guys, I would appreciate your help. I am currently on birth control. Two days after last pill in pack (21 pills in pack), I had intercourse with my boyfriend. We didn't use condom as we thought that birth control i am taking would be enough, but he didn't ejaculate inside.
Avatar n tn t had sex since that last time. I have heard stories of people being pregnant and still having periods and I was wondering if it is possible to have a 7 day "period" during pregnancy? Is there a possibility that I could be pregnant or could something else causing my dryness? Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn Good, if you're having no other symptoms then it's not an infection. Sometimes if women have an infection sex can cause irritation and a little bleeding. That's why I asked if you were having any other symptoms. How long did the spotting last, was it just that one day? If so then it was probably caused from you being to dry and irritation maybe. Are you using any kind of birth control? Condoms or the pill? You can have breakthrough bleeding with some forms of birth control.
Avatar f tn I never had any kind of bleeding or spotting between periods before so that is why I am wondering if I could be pregnant after all, cause I have heard of women getting their periods the entire time they are pregnant.
Avatar f tn I have no cramping or fatigue or anything out the ordinary besides I may have slight bloating. Could I be pregnant, or am I just worrying too much because I'm really too young to have a kid! Was that brown discharge implation bleeding?
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if you think i can be pregnant and if implantation bleeding could occur as early as 3 days after having sex. If anyone can please give their opinions i would greatly appreciate it. Im waiting to get a pregnancy test done because it is still to early.
635160 tn?1223164195 on the 8 day it got light without the heavy flow and my back and upper belly was in pain..i went to bed and when i woke up at 7am i was spotting and at 9 am i started spotting and at around 11am i started bleeding again with clots...i don't know whats happening .am i pregnant or what?
Avatar m tn I have been havinf some crampping feelings and also I stated to spot some time last week and then again on Saturday,From what I have been reading spotting would be somthing you see in you underwear but I saw these spotting when I wiped after using the restroom. Could this be implatantaion bleeding also or not and today is day 28 my cycle should start but it has not as of yet. Also I am having some minor cramps like it going to come on. Please help me make sence of all of this.
Avatar n tn Then out of nowhere, I had my period but it was more like spotting... Could I still be pregnant? I have had every symptom except the morning sickness but I heard not every person gets morning sickness...
Avatar n tn 8 days after my period i started spotting accompanied by abdominal pains.
Avatar n tn i have had the odd spotting here and there, but nothing that really even showed up on the pad just showed when i wiped. so could i be pregnant even though the tests are showing negative?
Avatar m tn it could be implantation bleeding. if it is take a pregnancy test in about another week. if it's negative retest the following week.
Avatar n tn test at day 4 late and it was neg. but I took it at night cause I was freaking out about the spotting! When should I test again? and can spotting count as a period, or should I call my dr. asap. Anything will help I am hopefull and concerned.
Avatar f tn by Mikedjill, 12 hours Also I had my last period September 16-19.around the 4 or 5 day I noticed sex felt different like he is bigger but course he's not and he noticed it felt different like a tingling sensation to him. It's been feeling like this ever since. He just a day or so ago said it feels normal to him again but it still feels different to me. About 14 to 15 days after the last day of my period the spotting started light cramping for about 4 or 5 days off and on now.
1180457 tn?1264052091 Me and husband have been ttc for the past 4months and we are having sex all the time on and around Ovulation day. Could I or could I not be pregnant? There is no other signs of pregnancy. This spotting has never happened before. And my periods had been regular all the time.
Avatar n tn 4 days ago, on January 7... I started spotting light brown. Mostly you could only see it when I wiped, but it was also on my underwear. This happened all day on and off on the 7th. On the 8th... there was nothing. On the 9th...spotting again. Today, it was only there (very light) when I wiped. I have NEVER had spotting between periods before. Around the time that the spotting started, so did my lower back pains. I'm having pains in my lower back that wrap around to my hips.
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