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Avatar n tn Irregular periods and spotting in between can be a sign of a hormone imbalance. If you are not eating properly and may be anaemic that too can throw your menstrual cycle off balance as too can stress. It was wise of you to do a pregnancy test, because sometimes you can get a light show of spotting. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Spotting between periods could be caused by uterine polyps. You should ask your gyno to do an ultrasound to rule that out before you get the IUD. The IUD helps for bleeding but only if your uterus is clear of polyps and/or fibroids. Otherwise you'll still have bleeding issues anyway even with the IUD.
Avatar f tn I am a 20-year-old female. About 7 months ago, I began spotting between periods. It would happen once or twice a month, in the middle of my menstrual cycle, and would last 2-3 days. The blood was light brown in color. After this happened a couple times, I went to see a gynecologist. When I described it to her, she said it was normal and that it was because I was ovulating, and that it may have been caused by stress.
Avatar f tn It is not uncommon to have some breaththrough bleeding while on birth control. Your spotting could be related to a number of things including stress, weight change, change in exercise routine, etc. You should contact your ob/gyn and let them know what is going on. IF you take your birth control every day, at the same time and have not missed any doses, it would be unlikely that you are pregnant.
Avatar f tn Mine started in January, the whole month, but only with spotting. But this month, starting 3/15, I started spotting. And today I am bleeding but not heavily with some small clots. I am not on any medication just multivitamins. I do work graveyard shifts as a nurse and thought it could be stress or not eating right. Someone please help in answering our questions. I can't explain not having intercourse with my husband because I am having this problem.
Avatar n tn I have had no bleeding since and I am at 23 days. I will def go see my gyn if it occurs again between periods.
3233839 tn?1346539588 When I get my period I am really heavy like two pads. But I am being really light and it only lasted like twe/three days. My periods usually last between 5 and 7 days depending on if I am under stress or what not.
Avatar n tn Well I've been on the pill for awhile and haven't had any spotting in between periods... I have been under some stress though.. my parents just told me they were getting a divorce... So its been pretty hard on me. But then again 2 days after they told me that I had sex... So it could be anything.... My spotting has been going on constantly for a week now.. I am starting to get extremely paranoid.... I am getting a test tonight and hopefully all will turn out well!
Avatar n tn The last two months I have had spotting almost constantly between periods and both months right around the time I am suppose to ovulate I have had sharp pains in my perineum (area between vagina and rectum) that only last a few minutes, usually at night and only one or two days. I have had a pap in the last year and have never had a bad one come back. Has anyone had similar symptoms??? I have a gyno appointment in 2 1/2 months, but I wonder if I should go sooner.
Avatar f tn I had a normal period afterward sometime in April, then a weird spotting ish one at the end of may. Is it spotting? It lasted 5 days and I cramped a little like usual periods... Any help with what's going on would be appretiated.
653388 tn?1227907736 Well, kinda embarassing, but i just went to the washroom n noticed that i have really light spotting. I'm at day 14 in my cycle, so i was just wondering if it could be associated with ovulating. I haven't had sex since june n as far as i no i had my last period, though it was lighter than normal, and i took a test the day after my period was due last time cause i was late, but then i thought i got it. sory if im rambling but i was just wondering if anyone has heard of bleeding wen ovulating...
Avatar f tn I have vaginal bleeding and spotting in between periods. Its been going on for over 3 years. My gyno doctor just keeps changing my birth control pills. I'm very frustrated at this point. Is this something that you experienced?
Avatar f tn sometimes occurs days before ovulation, sometimes after). It is heavier than the light, brown spotting I have experienced between periods in the past, but not as heavy as a period. An ultrasound and a blood test showed no worrying results, I am not pregnant or on the pill, and the gynecologist I visited dismissed it as stress (I have in recent months moved to a new country with a different language).
Avatar m tn In addition, I have been spotting between periods. It is almost like the start or end of a period. It lasts a few days and goes away. Just a few disclaimers: I am not on any birth control, have not had any unprotected sex (only sex with one partner whom I have been with for years- we have both been tested), and I do not have an exuberant amount of stress in my life to cause a sudden change in my cycle.
Avatar n tn Stress or any change in routine, might be the reason behind such an occurrence. An effective remedy for stress induced spotting, is to do yoga and meditation. Taking adequate rest and sleep might also help. If a particular contraceptive pill is causing spotting in the middle of the menstrual cycle, switching to some other contraceptive method or changing the pill can help the woman in getting rid of the spotting. more reasons... due to various reasons such as sexual intimacy.
Avatar n tn what is the deal with long times between periods? said i ovulated on 20 buut i should have o on 4 or 5 because my last af was dec. 17 - 23.
130265 tn?1450986981 What is the main difference between spotting and light bleeding? I don't know what it is that I'm experiencing, and for me to define the difference would help. I don't have insurance so I can't go to the OB, and it costs $125 for bloodwork. The pink and brown stuff is only there when I wipe. This has been going on for 8 out of the last 9 days. It comes and goes. My period isn't due at least until this friday, and this started last monday. Light cramping, high temps. Coverline is 96.
Avatar f tn For the past 10 months my period has become very Irregular and just recently (4 months) I have started having light bleeding, spotting for one-two days in between periods. For example, I had a period March 3-5 spotted on the 13th then had another period March 27- April 1. I started spotting again on April 22. I got swabbed to rule out infection & also had a Pap Smear done in March and both came back normal.
667409 tn?1309155783 Hi. Since we've been TTC, then m/c, now TWW - I've been obsessive with tracking & especially research, reading everything (credible) that I can get my hands on... Ya know I read something the other day that said stress doesn't effect when you get AF. It can delay ovulation but not cause AF to be early or late. It is normal for your cycle length to vary +/- 7 days. An entire week! Stress CAN however affect your flow, causing what they call a "scanty" period.
5803688 tn?1375015347 Since you are having regular periods with regular cycle lengths (between 25 and 35 days) then you are likely ovulating. Your period can last for up to 7-8 days, and a small amount of brown discharge for a few days at the end of your period is normal. It sounds like you are having some irregular bleeding now. Sometimes women can get some spotting with ovulation -- this is not dangerous and can be normal.
Avatar f tn My periods have been somewhat irregular for the last year, ranging from 28 to 38 days. My question is relating to menstrual spotting. My last periods started October 9th, and were a bit longer than usual. About 4 days after finishing I had 3 days of very light spotting, which is kind of unusual for me. I haven't had a period until I started spotting on Dec. 4th, two months after my last period.
Avatar n tn im very young and i dont know the difference between spotting and my period i used to get it just at random and now for two months i have got it on the 5th and my periods used to last 7 days and now they only last 3, they are still heavy and a dark red but i dont know if they are now spotting or if my body is just changing , please help me figure out what it is and find out if im pregnent or not....
Avatar f tn your having periods so i would say pregnancy is may just have an hormone imbalance spotting in between periods is very common,yes annoying i know.have you taken a this first,if negative,wait to see if this period comes if not then go speak with your doctor who will run there own test.
Avatar n tn I keep getting 2 periods a month and i have spotting in between them the whole time between them!
Avatar n tn February the 7th came and the cycle was brown, but full, “no spotting”, the 8th brown spotting, the 9th spotting, 10 gone? Implantation bleeding maybe 2? How long/soon does this happen if it was/is implantation bleeding 3? I don’t believe in drugs so I don’t take medications/ birth control pills, nor do I smoke or drink. I’m not strict on my diet but I have an ok one. I am healthy and my family has no trace or any cancer.
Avatar f tn I'm 26 and have missed 2 periods so far. In October of 2017 I had a baby and in march got my period again. Then in late may/early june I had a very early complete natural miscarriage with decidual cast. I had a very heavy period in July but nothing since. I've had light brown spotting but that's it. Is this normal after miscarriage?