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11403762 tn?1417928078 Not taking a pill either.
Avatar n tn Spotting between periods could be caused by uterine polyps. You should ask your gyno to do an ultrasound to rule that out before you get the IUD. The IUD helps for bleeding but only if your uterus is clear of polyps and/or fibroids. Otherwise you'll still have bleeding issues anyway even with the IUD.
Avatar n tn Hello, Intermenstrual spotting may be due to many causes. If it was after intercourse or masturbation then chances of genital infection or cervical polyps are there.They are tiny, harmless growths on the outer surface of the cervix and can bleed after intense sexual intercourse.Stress and anxiety can also cause intermenstrual bleeding. Other causes may be uterine fibroids,miscarriage after a pregnancy, fluctuation in hormone levels, use of anticoagulant drugs and hypothyroidism.
1675351 tn?1310666606 Hi, thank you for your advise.. well i was over 8 weeks pregnant its been 3 weeks now i had my miscarriage.. i'm waiting for my periods so i can start trying again for a baby..i hope i start soon.. zoe congratulations on your pregnancy.. i pray its a sticky bean this time!!!
Avatar n tn I writing because i have a question or shall i say several questions about periods after having a miscarriage. I'm 21 years old and in need of major feedback. I had a miscarriage on Dec. 2, 2006 at 10 weeks. It was a complete miscarriage. No d/c was required. my hkg levels were low (around 5) the night i left the hospital. I bled for 4 weeks after my miscarriage. Two weeks went by and now I'm bleeding again. It's very heavy with clotting and it's has been 11 days non-stop.
Avatar n tn I had my second miscarriage over a month ago. My periods are usually so regular! I am on my 31st day and my periods have still not arrived. I am worried! help!
1414894 tn?1288772640 Headache Nausea Dizziness Bloating Skin reactions such as rash and itch Breast tenderness Menstrual spotting between periods The side effects listed above may not include all of the side effects reported by the drug's manufacturer. For more information about any other possible risks associated with this medicine, please read the information provided with the medicine or consult your doctor or pharmacist.
Avatar n tn S/P miscarriage last Saturday and the last three days my vaginal area is very itchy and today I noticed discharge mixed in with blood. Is it possible I have a yeast infection or bacterial. I have been spotting the whole time. I saw my OBGYN Thursday and since she did the exam with ultrasound I felt and Irritation down below that now feels like a yeast infection????????????????
Avatar n tn I blame myself because i had been taking free form amino acids at the time of conception and because i read on the internet that they can raise homocysteine levels and cause miscarriage! This is a heavy burden for me to bear as i believe i caused the miscarriage. It gives me hope that somebody out there can help me. Please help me if you can. I'm finding it very difficult to put closure. lots of love.
Avatar n tn This may seem cold, but I was wondering what people have heard about getting pregnant right away after a miscarriage....I have heard that when docs recommend waiting a certain number of months, it's so that dating the pregnancy would be easier, but that you are actually MORE fertile the first 3 months after a mc....and I have also read that there seems to be no corrolation between getting pregnant right away and having another mc. Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn She had some sharp cramping on the left side from a cyst she has been having on/off for the past 5 months but that was normal during her periods....Since having the positive preg. test there is no bleeding, have nausea, have cramping, have breast soreness...first pregnancy so unsure of how to feel. We went to OB December 18th bc she wasn't sure of the pain.
Avatar f tn 1 so the test indicates that I don't have hcg left but I am confused why I am still feeling pregnant and the I had a weird discharge 11 days after. I don't normally spot at all between periods and my ob assured me that my period should come on my 27-28 day schedule. Should I still be worried about anything? Could this be something else to worry about. I have never had a miscarriage and confused about the entire situation. I would love to hear if anyone else has or had similiar situations.
Avatar n tn after i gave birth to twins at 21 wks, i had my regular periods and i did have some spotting/bleeding in between as well. all normal. and after my mc i bleed for about 2 and 1/2 wks, and still my periods lasted a lil bit longer as well i went to the doc both times about this and it was all normal, and my doc never told me to come back after a week, he said that since my bleeding lasted so long that was good, he checked me and no d and c.
674725 tn?1367443230 I do not have regular periods and I had been on clomid so that I could ovulate, and I was hoping the miscarriage would restart my system but I ended up having to to Prometrium to induce a period. I don't know if I will ovulate on my own, but I had one more cycle of clomid and I decided to take it again to up my chances! Good luck to you!
233053 tn?1321647421 I have been spottingVaginal bleeding between periods all along, and thought that it would go away after my period but it hasnt. It has got worse in past two days. has anyone experience this after miscarriage? what is the solution to stop the spottingVaginal bleeding between periods? This is making me really worried, especially since I dont have children and would like to try again. please hep.
Avatar f tn I'm a 39 year old woman with irregular periods who's about to contact a doctor about the issue but I would like to know what kinds of treatments are available before I go so I know what to expect. I have had irregular periods for several years. Issues like missed periods, spotting instead of regular menstrual flow, sometimes I get cramps but no blood, sometimes I get a slightly heavier discharge instead of blood, sometimes a small flow.
667409 tn?1309155783 I had a couple of bright red spots of blood. But then I just had brown spotting for two days, and now it's stopped. I'm so worried that this is something to do with my fertility or something. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn After the biopsy my periods were completely normal (no spotting) for a year. In fall 2012 I had one month of continual spotting and passed a large clot. Had another ultrasound and everything looked fine. Again went almost a year with normal cycles (no spotting) when the spotting started again in September 2013. Since then I have spotted off and on between ovulation (comes Ov mucous) and my period. My Dr.
Avatar f tn I often spot between periods. Lately it is very dark brown gluggy phlegm-like clots that dont absorb into a tampon or pad . Is this normal?? Its very gross? What could it mean?? Help??
5803688 tn?1375015347 Since you are having regular periods with regular cycle lengths (between 25 and 35 days) then you are likely ovulating. Your period can last for up to 7-8 days, and a small amount of brown discharge for a few days at the end of your period is normal. It sounds like you are having some irregular bleeding now. Sometimes women can get some spotting with ovulation -- this is not dangerous and can be normal.
Avatar n tn im very young and i dont know the difference between spotting and my period i used to get it just at random and now for two months i have got it on the 5th and my periods used to last 7 days and now they only last 3, they are still heavy and a dark red but i dont know if they are now spotting or if my body is just changing , please help me figure out what it is and find out if im pregnent or not....
Avatar f tn Recently had natural miscarriage on Nov 9, still am spotting some. I am wondering when its ok to start ttc again. I was told 2 different things....1) its ok after 1st period and 2) wait until I've had 2 periods then start trying. What have others heard? Is there an increased risk for another miscarriage or other complications if we get pregnant after my 1st period?
Avatar f tn After my fourth miscarriage (I had my first son after my third loss), my doctor administered several blood tests as well as a sonohystogram, yet nothing appeared to point to a cause. I went on to have two more sons and one more miscarriage in between them. A cause was never given as to why I lost five pregnancies and had three healthy boys. So when you are told that sometimes the answer cannot be found, it is true.
117065 tn?1280878007 of 05 I had a very early m/c, and after that I started spotting from a day or so after 0 until my af arrived, would stop for about 7-10 days and than as soon as I O'd I would start spotting agian. I went through this for a few months, and had a SHG (sonohystogram) and HSG (hystosalpingogram) and both were normal. Well, I had my third miscarrige in June of this year, and have had the same problem.
Avatar m tn So I was the ER this morning because I had really light spotting and with my blood sugar and pressure being high my doctor's office said just go to ER. This is the result of the Ultrasound. The ER Doc said I will most likely miscarry and that if I haven't started bleeding by Saturday to come back to check my HCG levels. He said there's a small chance that I wont miscarry. I'm only measuring 6 weeks when I should be 7 weeks 6 days.
1275969 tn?1540648384 how did you not know you had a miscarriage ?