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Avatar n tn ( I woke up this morning and wanted to do a simple little workout to start out the day. I had some breakfast - two pieces of cinnamon sugar toast, some vanilla yogurt and some crystal light. I decided to do a LITTLE TINY workout since I'm still starting with the exercise thing.... so LITERALLY all I did was 20 situps. And I got a TINY little bit of a headrush. And even though that's all it was...
667078 tn?1316004535 lol Okay kids, lets go get in line for the 7T! Well heck, what is the name of that amusement park over by you? It's going to drive me crazy cause I can't remember the name. lol I went a couple of times before moving out this way, but sure enjoyed it then. I'm sticking my tongue out...can you see the name on the tip of it?? It is there, I swear! Keep enjoying your company!
Avatar dr m tn If you had normal-sized jaw anatomy, then it’s less likely an allergy attack would bother you; in fact, it’s less likely you’ll even have allergies in the first place. Let me explain. Why Your Jaw Size Matters If you have smaller than normal jaws, it means that there’s less space for your tongue, so it takes up relatively too much space, especially when you’re on your back due to gravity.
1684282 tn?1505701570 We drove him back to his father in the hotel. His father was devastated and felt that we should have forced his son to undergo our procedure because, since he was now in withdrawals, he was not himself. The father begged for one of our staff to go to the hotel and talk to his son. One of our senior staff members went to the hotel and talked to both the son and the father.
Avatar m tn A study released a few years ago by the Mayo Clinic revealed the surprising discovery that if the cause of sinusitis is the toxins from the infected mucus in your sinuses, and you remove the infected snot, the problem will go away. There’s two ways to remove infected snot from your sinuses, if long-term antibiotics do not work. The medical way is with surgery—stick an endoscope up your nostril and suck enough of it out to end the infection.
Avatar n tn For the last 2 months I have had a feeling of pressure on the top of my head (the only way I could describe it was by saying that it felt like I have bricks on the top of my head which were pushing down and crunching all the bones in my neck together), plus this weird feeling of pain / pressure behind my nose.
Avatar f tn Good for the soul and the commitment I have made. Just came in, walked my little dog in the park, and getting ready for bed. Big day tomorrow. Finishing my tenth day clean and looking ahead to number 11. God bless you. always love. Keep coming back. Junip, get off your "beach" and update us dear.
Avatar n tn I can still remember the exact date started, I was in Amsterdam and I went on an amusement park ride and during the ride I could feel intense pressure in my head and I knew something was not right. After that I came back with a very bad viral infection that gave me an earache that was unbearable. I took a couple of antibiotics and the pain went away. Soon after that I had fullness of the head ears and trouble hearing for one year straight.
Avatar n tn It can be the color of the sky or a cute dog or anything like that. Get outside. I know the temptation to stay in bed and in the house with the shades drawn all day is tempting but sunlight really does help and it will get better each day. If you're on on one already, talk to your dr about a mild anti-depressant. Remember, we all just have today so try and find something to be grateful for each day. Congrats on getting clean.
648439 tn?1225062462 5 litres and am feeling better and no diarrhea as well. I will keep on upping the water intake in the meantime. I just needed to re- strategise the drinking process and am now drinking nearly 1 litre before I go to work and the rest throughout the day. Never drink cold water - always drink room temp. I am feeling better. Thanks for that advice.
Avatar n tn I feel quite sure this is a symptom of it, but with the pain I am having in that leg at the hip and the vibrations down the leg, I need relief, not diagnosis. I am already taking arthritis medication, though it appears that may need to try another type to address this issue. I am also taking over the counter Glucosamine and chronditin, which are combined supplements that are suppose to help regenerate the cartilage around the joints that causes osteo-arthritis.
Avatar n tn I too have an indention in the back of my head, it is at the top and a little to the left. I started having headaches in October everyday. This is right about the time that I was laid off from my job. I noticed the indent probably about a year ago but it had never hurt and wasnt sensitive. Since October i have had the headaches and my head is very sensitive to the touch. One touch and the headaches start...
3183328 tn?1351187117 We are always here if you need to talk, but none of us has the professioanl credentials to offer you the kind of help you need AND deserve. Please stay in touch, OK?
730826 tn?1317946934 I am also a sweater - I start within 3-5 minutes into a workout. By the end of the workout, I am literally drenched. I don't care if people think it's gross or have an opinion on the fact that my hair looks like a rooster! Keep at it - remember that this is for YOU and no one else!
Avatar n tn Even when we give patients injections we have to be very careful not to cause injury to the patient. For us hitting the median nerve and the sciatic nerve can result in law suits. Just looking out, not hating!!!
Avatar n tn I'm 28 now) - I went on Zoloft in December of 2003 and switched to Lexapro sometime in 2004. I've had the weight gain. When I started Zoloft in December of 2003, I was around 205. I immediately dropped about 10 pounds. But, then it slowly started creaping back, even after switching to Lexapro. I've had moderate success with losing a few pounds; however, I'm ravenous for food a lot of the time and have uncontrollable cravings. Not cravings for sex, mind you, just cravings for food.
Avatar n tn I can't nerrow it down to lack of oxygen or maybe diabeties because I've had high sugar levels in the past. However, its mostly during a change in the temperature cold/hot and mostly in my arms and shoulders and only if I move my arms or shoulders or if I stretch after a run or in the early morning cold weather.
Avatar n tn After stopping running, or other exercise, (because of the discomfort and/or pain), it subsides but leaves the muscles in the front of my neck aching. I'm assuming that it's some kind of liquid build up in my ears. What is the problem and is it serious? Would sudafed or something similar help? It's excrutiating sometimes. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I try coughing or drinking but the throat noise does not go away or even change it. I can tell it is not in my lungs, but in my throat. I can breathe shallow and minimize the noise but I feel out of breath then. My daughters say this wheeze is not my snore.They say I wheeze before the snore on intake and then exhale. I hear the noise during the day but I really have to listen to hear it as there is always too much back ground noise.
975514 tn?1325001538 Until this week when I suddenly got a terrible calf muscle cramp in the night. The pain was so bad it made me physically ill and for the past 2 days my entire leg is aching as if the muscle was bruised. I have been told to take Magnesium and Potassium to combat these cramps. I had them years ago (which confirms my suspicion that I've had Fibro for longer than I thought) but they've been absent for a long time.
372760 tn?1201479497 running at max -with nothing to do. Not unlike pushing the accelerator to the floor in a car that's idling in park. Do that enough, and say "goodbye" to your engine. Drinking coffee tends to "start the heart," which is why we drink it in the morning, to "get going." If we really LIKE that rush, then we drink it throughout the day, and become nicely addicted. Same with nicotine.
Avatar n tn - determined he has an allergic reaction to acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Sudafed, Excedrin, and other over the counter meds); in April 05 a different weird feeling, like gurgling in his chest - acid reflux was diagnosed, and he's been on over the counter Prilosec ever since, which seems to have cured the problem. His chlorestrol is about 158, which was recently taken last mth., and was around that same number over the past few yrs.
Avatar dr m tn A new study confirms these findings again, but points out that the presence of frequent trips to the bathroom is as sensitive in predicting obstructive sleep apnea as snoring! Sleep apnea also makes the body produce more urine, and because you wake up every few hours, you’ll want to go, but you won’t have a completely full bladder. Sudden shifts in blood flow into the heart after an obstructive event increases production of atrial natriuretic peptide, which makes you produce more urine.
233488 tn?1310696703 Almost all retina surgeons allowed full activity after a variable period of time (with the more extensive surgery generally several months). In my practice I tell patients with retinal tears, retinal detachment, high myopia or other risk factors for retinal detachment to avoid amusement park rides (roller coasters and other thrill rides, bumper cars, etc.), boxing, yoga movements where they stand on their heads, gravity boots, and activities that jerk the head violently back and fourth.
1277082 tn?1344061420 my husband says the same same thing when it comes to what we have to do to get pregnant. today I called the fertility clinic and set an appointment for us for a couple weeks from now. this is something that we have been trying for and discussing for a while. three months ago we had a serious discussion about what I need to do to prepair for pregnancy, he repeates what we have heard from the doc several times, I need to loose weight. got it, I need to loose weight or I WILL NEVER GET PREGNANT!
Avatar dr m tn Researchers found that when people with Alzheimer’s and OSA are treated with CPAP, cognition and memory improves. This study was published in the November edition of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. They estimated that about 70-80% of Alzheimer’s patients have at least 5 apneas every hour. The authors concluded that CPAP may be an effective tool to improve cognitive skills if someone with Alzheimer’s also has OSA.
Avatar n tn So this could be a factor. However, a change in metabolism in middle age probably is the real culprit, along with possibly a slower metabolism because you are not eating. Exercise should help both problems. Start walking! Park your car further from the door, take stairs instead of elevators, etc. Or use your lunch hour to do some mild exercise right in your office.
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544292 tn?1268886268 Hi! Welcome to Part 11! There's a huge number of posts on Tramadol recovery here. Please come in and make yourself Comfy!
Avatar m tn pmid=16343787 I saw a neurologist in August. The neurologist performed an EMG, EEG, and an MRI. The EMG measures the electronic signals that are traveling through the nerves after being stimulated by a small electric shock (it's pretty painless). when the muscle is shocked, it should send an electrical signal, then electrical activity should go silent. If the EMG equipment sees ongoing signals afterwards, then that can signify neurological issues.