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Avatar f tn As I've gotten older, my periods did the opposite and got more regular and stay at the same number of days cycle to cycle. When I had the gap widening of my periods was in my 20's and it happened as my hormones shifted. I had a hormone imbalance of producing too much estrogen and also a slow thyroid at that time. I'd schedule a pelvic exam and ask your doctor about this. They can maybe check your levels to ake sure all is well. A slow thyroid is problematic.
1287560 tn?1272220121 Yes I will, a locum dr rang back this morning and said these levels are of someone late in their cycle and that I should have a period soon , these bloods were done 5 days ago and no period. I havnt had a menstrual cycle for ages but do produce eggs and must ovulate sometimes hence having our son. havnt taken a hpt as really dont think i could be pregnant and would be too early to show anyway. will wait another 10 days and see if i get an af.
3124261 tn?1342220659 I've already taken hormone pills to regulate my period, but all that did was cause me to have heavy periods for 2 weeks straight so I discontinued taking them. I do want to have kids in the future, but in the meantime, what do I do to solve my problem?
Avatar n tn That's really hard to say because how do you know for certain when implantation has occurred? I mean, there is implantation bleeding but that can always be confused with period spotting. When I underwent my first IUI I was given 14 days from that time until I could with certainity be administered a blood test at the doctor's office to see if I was pregnant. Because even though they knew the exact time I was inseminated they didn't know exactly when fertilization would occur or implantation.
1134902 tn?1296069744 My November to december cycle then lasted 32 days. The days leading up to my period I was a ticking time bomb of anger, and would blow up at absolutely every minor thing, then I started getting cramps for a few days before menstruation (which I never really get), I have been so full of big under skin zits on my jawline, neck and back of neck.
797256 tn?1237640068 Hello, I am writing because I have lots of symptoms of PCOS and 5 years ago I went through fertiltiy and found that I have PCOS, but now 5 years later I had my hormone levels taken just by family doctor and they say they are normal but what is normal. Can anyone help me? I don't have periods, I grow hair in places you don't want and more here are the lab results from lab. Estradiol (estrogen) 26 pg/mL FSH 5.0 mIU/mL LH 12.2 mIU/mL These are the ones they have done. What does this mean?
Avatar f tn I've also had a whole load of negative blood tests all negative except B12 is above normal FSH is 46 u/L and LH is 44. u/L. Are these hormone levels odd? I am a late 40's female. My periods have been like clockwork but they stop dead when I get these symptoms. Has anyone encountered this or can explain what might be going on? The pain is getting worse rather than better and the right ovary area feels as though there is a small lump. Could there be a non-infectious cause for the symptoms?
Avatar f tn I'm also having sleep issues lately, for years I've had a strange insomnia 4-5 days before my period starts, I just accepted that as normal for me. But this months cycle was worse, plus for about 5-6 days I was waking up after only 5-6 hours of sleep, and being jittery and unable to go back to sleep, the day my period started I woke up and my heart was racing, lasted for about 5 minutes or so. And if I force myself to stay up I am very fatigued that day.
Avatar n tn If you're trying to say that this is your first period in six months, then the main two causes could be a hormone imbalance which means you weren't actually going through the full menstrual cycle (in terms of shedding the lining of you uterus) which would be due to not having enough hormones to stimulate your body TO actually shed the lining; this can signal a problem with your pituitary gland.
Avatar f tn I have always had a reg. Cycle. And last month I had a normal period in time and then a week after I was spotting for three days. And my period was due in the 3rd of this month. I have had pms normal but nothing. Wat could it be. I'm not sexually active.
Avatar n tn But, I am concerned about the light bleeding I had between this months cycle. 13 days after my last period I began to spot. For three days I had light bleeding. I am 2 days late for my normal cycle. Two false pregnacy test. And I seem to have all the symptoms of pregnacy. Also I have had unusual cramping off and on.Is this just a sign of my body getting back to normal from the miscarrage or could I be pregnant.
Avatar f tn very light periods, heavy periods, missed periods, sometimes light and sometimes heavy periods, irregular periods. After the start of periods, it may take up to 3 years for a girl to get a very regular cycle. So, it is normal to miss periods. Also the routine the girl maintains during this time, her diet and family history of settling into a regular cycle of periods plays an important role.
Avatar f tn However, I had a last menstrual period in the middle of May. I still did not get the next period. I had a pain in the uterus from the last period, but only every few days and like always before the start of the period. Breast pain also occurs every few days but again not as much as ever before menstruation. What could be the reason for the delay over a monthly period? I have always had a problem with a period from 15 years but there was no gap greater than 3 to 4 weeks.
Avatar f tn A calender can't tell you when you ovulate - it can guess but it's not 100% accurate. Our bodies change each cycle and hormone levels fluctuate and so you don't always ovulate on the same date each month. With regards to whether to mark this as cycle day 1, I would wait and see what the bleeding does. If it stops then it's most likely just caused by the sex. It has to be an actual flow (light, medium or heavy - not spotting) to count as the first day of your period.
Avatar f tn You didn't say in your post how old you were, did you just start getting your period? IF yes, then it can take a while for your period to become regular. You may get it one month and not get it for another two or three months. You are right that you are young for birth control pills and your period is probably irregular because you just started getting it.
Avatar f tn Hormone fluctuation. It's normal in some people but as long as it doesnt last months on end because then you have to tell a doctor.
Avatar f tn Hormone fluctuation. I've missed some before. If it happens every month though, visit a doctor.
Avatar f tn Okay I never use to get cramps with my period but now I can't stand them and I bleed a ton with really big blood clots!! Its scares me is this normal?! I get night sweats and get extremely bloated and exuasted to no end everyday.,.
Avatar n tn so my nipples were extremely sore then i got my period im now into my third day of my period and i have felt sick like vomiting all day. does anyone know whats wrong.
Avatar f tn If you missed your period for a month and a half but you take a pregnancy test but it come up negative. What do you do?
Avatar f tn Hello,I am 20 years old and I have recently noticed that the day before I start my period I spot very lightly and then the following day I get my normal heavy period.Why does this happen?
Avatar f tn I'm just wondering because a younger woman often times has a more irregular period cycle than an older woman. An irregular cycle can also be a result of a hormone imbalance, so if this "unsual" cycle (for you) continues, you may want to check with a doctor about getting your hormone levels checked - it's a simple blood test. Try not to worry - I think you're fine.
Avatar f tn Some women are irregular and their cycle does not come every month, or at regular intervals. If you started your period on Oct. 8, you should get your period soon. How long is your usual cycle? Are you regular? If you are sexually active, and do not get your period, you should take a pregnancy test. They are most accurate 1 week after the first day of your missed period. There are reasons other than pregnancy that can cause a woman to miss her period, or be irregular.
1722885 tn?1309478256 The most common causes are usually problems with the reproductive organs or problems with hormone levels, though it seems your hormone levels are fine as they already checked that. Some medications and birth control can cause you to not have a period as well. A low body weight or obesity can cause your period to cease or never even begin. Excessive exercise can cause this as well. PCOS, thyroid problems, and issues with your pituitary gland can cause Amenorrhea.
Avatar f tn It's been ten years since I've had a child. I'm currently trying to conceive. My period is always 30 to 31 days apart. I was due on the 16th of this month my period came on 7 days after that. The first day was a lot of mucus and brownish blood the days after were bright red with dark red clots. I've taken two test at home both negative but I have pregnancy symptoms. My period went off two days ago and I've been having minor cramping and back pain and my breast are extremely sensitive.
Avatar n tn After having a regular 28-day menstrual cycle for years, my period came back 7 days after my last period. But not full flowing, I guess you can say it is spotting every once in a while for the last 3days. I have to wear a pad constantly. I am 44 years old and I am sexually active. With the same man for over 5 years. What could possible be the reason(s) for this sudden spotting? Can someone reply on this question as soon as possible please?
Avatar n tn I had my cycle the week before memorial day at the begining of that week I stayed on for my regular five days it is now the 15th of june and I started bleeding again yesterday really light could there be something wrong?
Avatar n tn Since miscarriage in July I have had irregular spotting 3-5 days before period, and then I only have bleeding for one or two days. Is this hormobal imbalance I had progest level in November and it was 17 my doc said normal. What is causing this?