Period cycle after coming off the pill

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Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I came off the pill just over 4 months ago after being on the pill for 7 years. My period was irregular before going on the pill but never more than 3 months between. It has now been 4 months without a period and after having blood tests done, the doctor says all of my hormones are perfectly normal.
Avatar f tn Hey I came off the pill after 6 years I had uaual withdrawal bleed. One normal period cycle day 26 then next cycle day 26 I bled for 16 days. And iv just started my 3rd period on 33 this month... so god knows what's going on here! Think you can never guess whata going to happen!
Avatar f tn It is best to wait a month off the pill to start trying i think this is mostly so you know when your actual last menstural period was for dating purposes. I saw my Dr when i went off the pill and she did a lot of blood work, i got pregannt the next month and then did not have to get anymore done.
1343283 tn?1300901864 My clycles have been all over the place and I have only ovulated 3 times since coming off the pill. It is so frustrating and my doctor is saying it is because of the pill. I can't believe that it is the pill that is making my cycles so crazy but I guess it does happen to some people. Doctor won't test for anything or give me any pills until we have been TTC for a year I have to keep trying and waiting.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure about Yasmin in particular, but from what I've learned the average time for a body to regulate itself after coming of a BC pill is about 6 months. I came off the pill and haven't had a regular cycle since and it's been 2 years now. That's likely just that my natural cycles are irregular though... I hope your issues resolve soon!
Avatar f tn I've been off the pill for 3 months after 9 years of taking it (I'm 34 years old). My first menstrual cycle was 40 days, then 33 the next month, then 34 the next--much longer than I'm used to. So here are my questions: Does this mean I ovulate later than if I had, say a 28 day cycle? I'm using a fertility monitor that said I was most fertile on day 13 but this seems wrong considering the long cycle. If I am ovulating later, will this hurt my chances of getting pregnant?
Avatar n tn Before going on the pill I always had my period every 28 days. I went on the pill for three years and stopped taking it three months ago. Now I have been getting my period every 26 days. My last period was very heavy and I needed to change my tampon every hour for the first day. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn Mine are still crazy after going off the pill in March, but I was on them for almost 8 years... My Dr. says after the pill it could go either way, either right back to normal or take up to a year to regulate again...
Avatar f tn My cycles used to be every 28 days like clock work but since coming off the pill its been all over the place. I even had a 59 day cycle which isn't great when I'm TTC!! I actually came off of the mini pill because I had a 6 week bleed whilst on it even though I'd taken it for 7 years and not bled once?! I guess my body decided I needed to have a period after so long without one. I'm really hoping I get my 28 day cycle back soon as predicting ovulation is a nightmare!
Avatar f tn hellooo im just wanting some advise ,iv been on the pill 8 years and come off the pill 4 months ago i have been having unprotected sex and in last few weeks thought rite need to go doctors to see wot is happining to my body as no period still, day before appointment i started spotting and have been for 4 days not alot so just using pantie liners ,iv had sex durring this time just want to know wot my body is doin could i be pregnant wen should i take another test
Avatar f tn I came off the pill roughly 3 months ago, I have been on it since I was 16 (now 24) I understand that after coming off the pill it takes a while to get back into the swing of things, my first period after coming off was late by about 10 days and I took a pregnancy test which came up negative and lo and behold my period started the next day!
Avatar f tn I stopped taking the pill after 18 years back in June and had 3 regular periods. I'm now 2 weeks late with all the symptoms of a period (cramps etc) but no bleeding. I did 2 pregnancy tests and they were both negative. Shoud i be worried or is the pill coming out of my system?
Avatar f tn hi ive been on microgyon 30 for around two and a half years, i recently have come off the pill on the 1/10/2011, i am usually regular on the pill and have a period every 3 weeks having the 4th week on my withdrawl bleed, however i was due to have my withdrawl bleed on the 1/10/2011 and havent had anything yet. i have been sexually active with my long term partner.
Avatar m tn I decided to stop taking the birth control for good once I finished that last pack that I was on and I can't remember the exact day of my last pill when I got off, but I haven't had a period since. Lately, I've been having temporary pain (sting) in the vagina and my abdomen has been hurting. Last night, after using the restroom, I saw a spotting on the tissue and today it appears that I started my cycle but Im also feeling nauseated. ANY Help On What Could Be Going On?
Avatar m tn So my first question is whether it's normal for her to still not have her period after being off the birth control for 3+ weeks? Pretty sure she's not pregnant as a home pregnancy test showed negative and we haven't had unprotected sex since it was removed. She's also experiencing several symptoms which I believe are hormone related: night sweats, body aches, headaches. It's not the flu so I'm thinking hormones.
314833 tn?1263263099 ) The Lupron is supposed to help, but it is different for EVERYONE! After I was off the Lupron, I went on Birth Control, and then had a period after that and it was really light. Like 2 days and not very heavy bleeding. Same with the last period I just had. I have had some pain here and there, but I'm on Clomid now to try and get things going for me! Did you take the Lupron for endo. after having a lap?
1286387 tn?1385068846 wish i had never had depo now but at the time did'nt want another baby .i was hoping being on the pill for 4 months after depo might have helped with the regulating but obviously not .
1379008 tn?1284350208 I started Provera (10 mgs) 2 days ago to bring on my period ( I have been told to take this for 7 days) so that i can start my first cycle of Clomid on days 5-9 but i have a few questions regarding the Provera if anybody has any ideas please let me know.... When finished the provera when should i expect my period? did anyone experiance cramps? like period pain, or headaches while on provera? and did anybody not get a period after taking the provera for the reccomended time?
Avatar n tn I was due my period last friday after being off the pill for a month. I am usually EXTREMELY regual, almost to the hour, so when I still had not got my period on Sunday I took a pregnancy test which came out negative. Its tuesday now and I still have not got my period. Is this normal.When i came off the pill at first (Friday the 4th) we wer using condoms but one split. Please help...
Avatar f tn I never got to find out becuase the day after my period ended I got pregnant. The Dr. couldn't explain it, but according to the baby's size it was when it happened.I now have a 22 month old healthy baby boy.
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex twice and decided to go off my bc (loestrin fe) a week after u had sex. The last time I had a pregnancy scare I went off my bc and got my period so I knew I wasn't pregnant. This time is a little different though because last month I skipped my pill two days in a row and got my period twice. So I'm not sure when I ovulated which is why i'm nervous about pregnancy.
368785 tn?1270435883 i stopped bleeding at the end of my cycle, but started spotting a couple days after starting the pill. over the past few days the 'flow' has been heavy enough to need a tampon. but i noticed tonight after i got done feeding the baby (formula, not nursing) that it was a lot more mucous than blood. does anyone know what could cause this? any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn I went off Depo Provera a year and 2 months ago. I started the pill dec 2011 and stopped it June 16. I got a period June 21 and then again on aug 1st (although I expected it July 19th). So this would put me at a 40day cycle I'm thinking. So my husband and i have been active multiple times during ovulation and about every other day otherwise. I expected my period on sept 11th but it is now the 15th and both pregnancy tests were negative. Could I still be pregnant?
Avatar n tn If you are having irregular periods, you might speak with your gynecologist about birth control pills, unless you are trying to make a baby. When I finally got off the pill after 10 years of use, I was regular and had 8 normal cycles before getting pregnant (I only tried to conceive for 2 of those months though, it didn't take me 8 months to do so). Good luck and HTH!
Avatar f tn Hi, i'm slightly confused as to whether or not i am pregnant or if my symtoms are due to coming off the pill. I stopped taking the pill a month and a alf ago. Got a period after taking my last pack during mid april. I have been off the pill for 3 years and decided to come off them due to personal reasons. I am in a very loving relationship with my partner, we are looking to start a family within the next 2 years and when it happens doesn't really matter.
Avatar n tn after depo for me as soon as i missed a shot i got my period right away but for my 2 sisters when they got off the depo it took them a little over a year to get them back so everyone is different.....
Avatar n tn ok so i only had 1shot of depo my period never went away and when i was on the 3rd month i didnt get aperiod when i was do for my second shot i never went back and i got my period now 3 months later i miss a period is this part of the depo can after being off 3 month still mess up ur menstrual and i have had unprotected sex what are the chances of me being pregnant
Avatar n tn -) So you're on the pill but your period is not coming when you take the placebo pills every 4 weeks? Is that the issue?