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Avatar f tn I guess what I'm asking is that do any of you think that these symptoms could be caused by extreme hormone imbalance? No one has ever tested my hormones before. I find it weird that they all started almost a month to the day I quit birth control. Also, my period was never regular when I was younger, I matured late and would sometimes go 6 months without getting my period. I was also anorexic during high school which didn't help. But I am no longer and eat very healthy.
1134902 tn?1296069744 anywho my question is...could this be caused by a hormone imbalance brought on by my intense workout? even tho Im only spotting, Im still cramping. My family doc is booked up until the new year, so I can't see her anytime soon.
Avatar m tn I had an IUD (Mirena) removed a year and 8 months ago. Went several months with no period then had a short period at about 8 months and then had something between spotting and a period but only for 2 days and since have only had a little spotting after sex. I have had severe hair loss, weight gain galore (I believe my hormones have been out of balance for a long time but never considered menopause b/c wasn't anticipating for several more years).
Avatar f tn 5 -2 months) untill dec-2010 and again i have no period since dec untill now. doctor diagnosed that i have hormone imbalance. in my blood report progesterone is 0.5 nmol/L ,iron is 13,TSH is 10.99 mIU/L only these are abnormal.others are ok. and ultrasound report is normal. I want to know that how can I back to normal is there any natural therapy for it and for thyroid disorder should I start medicine ?
Avatar f tn I started a new job april 4 and within those 2 weeks I was drinking coffee in the morning and some afternoons. when I thought I got my period it stopped but my official period never started,then I started bleeding light and heavy with some clotting from time to time.there is no pain back in 09 I had a Cyst rupture and had surgery I hadn't had any sexual activity in months.I plan to. Go. To the doc but is this just a imbalance?
Avatar f tn It was suggested by a friend who has had similar symptoms after having her child that it is a hormone imbalance similar to menopause, that my hormones might be fluctuating badly. I have noticed that these hot flushes occur a week before and during my period, but that has been for the past two months, that might change It has been 3 weeks between both periods (I came on a week early this time), one period I had lasted 2 days. During the past year my periods have been on and off.
Avatar n tn I've been doing some research, and it seems like all directions are pointing towards a hormone imbalance/deficiency. I did take the Plan B emergency contraceptive back in September when everything started. I'm thinking maybe it threw me way off .. since my life was already relatively stressful with work, school, and everything else. Any feedback you could give me would be soooo appreciated! Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hi i had many issues with anxiety etc u just described... i taken several different pills, nothing seemed to help, finally i was on citalopram for 1.5 years, and slowly cut them out, but put on 3 stones...
431151 tn?1204128482 Recently we found out that I have a blood clotting disorder, and i can no longer take the birth control. I am back to being irregular. My question, though it may not sound serious, is serious to me. Is it possible to have a sort of bloodless period? Every month When I should be having my period, I have all the aches, pains, breakouts, everything but the actual period. I am 100% sure I am not pregnant. Is this something I should be worried about? Is it a cause of imbalances?
Avatar n tn (mask of pregnancy is something that can happen during a hormone imbalance). Do you have a doctor that you can see to help with this issue to determine why you don't have a period and ways to get you going again?
Avatar f tn All is negative. I go 4 months no period , 2 months med to heavy period. Is this a hormone imbalance?
Avatar n tn I really have no idea what to think, besides possibly a hormone imbalance? Premature menopause (I certainly hope not, I'm 24!)? Vulvodynia? Anyone have any advice or can maybe help me shed some light on this? I really appreciate any help you might have! Thanks!
Avatar n tn (No family history) Would birth control pills be a good course of action? Which hormone(s) are likely unbalanced here? No hot flashes but occasional mild night sweats.
Avatar f tn I have had no period for 5 weeks and four days and I still have cramps. I also have pain on my sides. Should i be concerned?
Avatar f tn If there is no pregnancy, you should make an appointment to see your doctor. It may be a hormonal imbalance, polycystic ovaries or other problems. The doctor can arrange for a blood test to be checked for a hormone imbalance, and can arrange for you to have an ultrasound scan. Over the age of 40, missing periods could be from starting on the change, or some of the problems mentioned above. It would still be a good idea to make an appointment to see the doctor.
446896 tn?1237806342 I had gone 2 years without a period so I believed that I had sailed into menopause with no problems. Well, after 2 years I got a full blown period and that was 2 years ago this coming July. Nothing in my life has been the same since. I was always a nervous Nelly and always a worrier, but nothing like what I'm going through now. I joked with my Dr. that I feel like a fell off the hormone cliff or was pushed.
Avatar m tn Some irregular periods are due to hormone imbalance. So this causes difficulty in the fertilized ovum to implant in the uterus. Hence it is important to find the cause of irregular periods and treat them if you want to conceive. High level of stress, dramatic changes in your life style, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalance as seen in thyroid problems and PCOS, chain smoking, may be some of the common causes of your irregular periods.
Avatar f tn If you are concerned and haven't had a period since Jan then I would definitely say it is time to see a doctor and have them do a blood test... It could be caused by a hormone imbalance among other things... When was the last time that you took a pregnancy test? If you are still having neg tests and they are recent then it is unlikely that you are pregnant, but there are some women who can go their entire pregnancy without a pos test...
Avatar n tn Hello, You seem to be having the symptoms of metrorrhagia(heavy periods).Various factors causing it are endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, IUD’s, hormone imbalance, endometrial hyperplasia, polyps, sexually transmitted diseases, PCOS and benign and malignant pathologies of the uterus. You’ll need tests like an USG of the uterus and pelvis and possibly an endometrial biopsy along with hormone levels assessment to ascertain the cause of the same.
Avatar n tn I have been cramping for the last few weeks on and off and I keep thinking my period is coming. I have no morning sickness, nausea, nor sensitivity to smells. I have noticed white creamy discharge in my panties when I go to the bathroom but I've always kinda had that. I also have bloating and I feel like my stomach is fatter or more distended than normal but it could just be from all the junk food I eat that is catching up with my slowing metabolism.
Avatar n tn I was having regular period for about 4 months after I got off of the pill. It has beeen almost 3 months since and still no period. I am not pregnant. I have taken 5 tests and all negative. I want to go to the doctor but we can't afford it. What is wrong with me?
Avatar m tn So calculating the fertile time becomes difficult. Some irregular periods are due to hormone imbalance. So this causes difficulty in the fertilized ovum to implant in the uterus. Hence it is important to find the cause of irregular periods and treat them if you want to conceive. Wait until the maximum number of days after which you have had a period in the past. If you still do not get them, take a pregnancy test, preferably a blood HCG estimation as this is more reliable.
Avatar m tn I heard people tell her because of her imbalance of hormones and the fact that she used skipped and then used birth control again, it made her hormone levels go nuts and this may lead to a late period. Is this true? At that stage we were a bit nervous, because we took it that the period will be skipped. So with the symptoms mentioned above and the "missed" period... we waited about 2 weeks after her period was supposed to happen and got a pregnancy test, it showed up negative.