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Avatar n tn The other thing is that every morning this month I always had warm water with lemon and 2-3 green teas with lemon but I read that lemon can't delay your period it's just a myth. What do I have to do? Is there any chance I may be pregnant? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I am not currently taking birth control pills, but I have a couple packs left from when I was. I am going a vacation when I am due to get my period. I am curious if I can either take the pills now to get my period a week early, or take them at some point to delay getting it for a week. My goal is to take the least amount of pills possible because they affect my sex drive.
Avatar n tn I usually have my period in 27-28 days and sometimes 1-3 days before. However, This time I had it in day 34. 1 week delay is so strange for me! I don't really care, but is it serious?
473246 tn?1293837273 Can't your doc to an u/s to see if your cysts are gone? If they won't do another u/s, maybe wait a couple more days to see if af shows, and if not call and see if they can give you something to incuce your period. Good luck sweetie!
Avatar f tn The problem realies on the fact that I was supposed to get my period on Jan 1st. (So the days that we had sex on were certainly not fertile days for me) now, my period has not come and I have taken of those pills for the "next day" on Jan 3rd. It is almost Jan 5th and my period has still not appeared. My belly hurts like if I was to get my period but I have read that those are also symptoms of pregnancy. My question is:What are the possibilities that I am actually pregnant?
Avatar n tn Hi there and welcome. Well, not sure. Weight loss is one of the reasons why people are late and presumably you are losing a bit of weight with dietary changes including pop. I was two weeks late a couple of months ago which I think is related to a new work out routine I had started. ??? My period showed up, I'm still working out and healthier. So, just wait and it should show.
5264083 tn?1404669334 June 24-28 i took cloxacilin because I had an insect bites. My period will be around 26-27-28 but i am 2 days delay! On june 29 i took PT then the result is negative. Am i pregnant or it is just a cause of the antibiotics?
4268628 tn?1375044776 I stopped bleeding a couple days ago finally and started bleeding again, this time bright red blood. But no cramps and fairly light. Should I assume its my period or be worried? I go in next week to check the fibroid and figure out about the surgery plan to remove it. Not sure if that changea anything.
Avatar n tn Is there a way to put off a period for a couple of days. I have a big weekend planned with a "good friend" and this is the LAST thing I need.. PLEASE HELP!!! I think it's on the way!!
Avatar f tn either it can delay AF or trigger AF. I started taking it a couple of weeks ago, but I got a BFN today. I'm going in anyways tomorrow for a beta:( I'm anxious for my AF to start right away..I actually feel like it's going to come, but so far, nothing.
Avatar m tn im 13 & a Virgin I was suppose to get my period 4 days ago but nothing. I have the symptoms I get but nothing. I'm suppose to go on vacation in a couple of days & I don't want to get it then. Is there anything I can do?
Avatar f tn so i did get my period, with it 3 days after the ragular 28 days. i just got my period today (the 22nd) but when i took out the tampon it has a little bood on it, and a light brownish color on it too. what is that. could i still have a chance of being pragnet if even if i got my period but its light?
Avatar n tn a few days later I developed neuropathy tingling in hands and feet and week feeling (numbness) from knees down - not so bad now but tingling still lingers - original neurologist told me it was "post viral neuropathy" - I was talking to another neurologist who I told my symptoms to and he said it sounded more like a mild case of Guillan Barre Syndrome which is what I thought it might have been originally but NOBODY believed me including my own PCP and nurse at the ER.
285149 tn?1217050067 then i did an ultra sound and nope i wasnt but i still didnt have my period then around december this doctor gave me these pill that u drink 10 pills and in ten days you get your period .. well i got it on the 16 of december but it was light and not my normal period like ... and now i havent had a period it's been about 4 months and im not prego ...
Avatar n tn ) But I also noticed that they would be on and off for weeks and my period cramps would come for a few days or so and then my period would soon follow. My period didnt come with those cramps. :)...
Avatar f tn i am 6 days late for my period my breast hurt a bit but im not sure if i could be pregnant.x any anwers welcome.
Avatar f tn The more stressed you are, it could delay it more (if you're not pregnant). Give it another couple of days, and take another test if you don't get it.
Avatar n tn Hi there I had my 2nd c section in Nov and still havent had a period but im still breastfeeding which stops your period in alot of womans cases my first child I got period at 6 months when I stoped breastfeeding if your still breastfeeding I wouldnt be too concerned if not its prob best to take a test to see if your preg.
Avatar n tn I recently had a MRI 3 days before my period and have several areas of enhancement show. Could starting my period 3 days later have anything to do with this? Im also about to have a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound right when my period is due again does this interfere with the results at all? Thanks so much.
Avatar n tn Stress can delay ovulation, which can delay your periods. And depending on how old you are, the first couple years of your period can be erratic. But if you got your period more than a couple of years ago and you just went an entire year without it, you should talk with your doctor. You're probably not ovulating regularly, and you should be checked out to determine why.
Avatar n tn Hi I just recently made the decision to become a vegetarian, meaning i have cut any meat out of my diet. I am a couple days late for my period but i haven't been experiencing any symptoms out of the ordinary that could point to pregnancy and i was just wondering if this change in my diet could cause a delayed period? Any info is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Is there a way to stop my period or shorten it at least to just a couple of days? I read somewhere that taking 3 ibuprofen every 3 hours can stop it. Anyone ever tried this. Any advice would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn someone please help, my period is 3 days late. i have never had a late period but yet have had all the symtoms i would have if i was having my period, such as cramping. im not sure as to what i should do. i have never had unprotected sex, always use a condom and i havent had sex in over a month. someone please help. i dont know if i am worring over nothing or if there is really a reason to be worried. any advice that could be given would be greatly appreciated..
Avatar f tn thank you guys! and I got my period a couple days after i posted this.. and I think it was because of stress.. I know i don't have any infections or diseases... but thank you guys so much for responding!
Avatar n tn Prometrium will delay your period. All you can do is wait and test a couple of weeks after ovulation.
Avatar n tn Hi! My last period was Jan 26th and my cycles on average are about 31 days. I think I ovulated on the 12 and had sex on the 7th so I pretty sure I'm not pregnant. I started exercising and doing weight watchers over a month ago! My question is could my period be late because of exercising and dieting? Also is this something I should be worried about 5 days after I ovulated in Jan and Feb I started spotting for a couple of days and then nothing, I have never done that before!!
284690 tn?1191511548 I had a miscarriage the first week of August. I had a period starting 9-8-07. We tried to conceive. I am now 4 days late for my period!!! I have very tender breasts, I have extreme fatique, I have dizzy spells, and hours at a time where I get really hot and then really cold and feel sick as a dog!!! I took a pregnancy test yesterday 10-10-07 it was a Walgreens brand and it came back negative?