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Avatar f tn Hi.. I don't know if normal to don't have period after laparoscopy? nearly 4 months after my 3rd laparoscopy but I don't have period? but I have symptoms period like dysmenorrhea,cramps,back pain. I'am scared what if the blood will be endometrioma cyst again?
203342 tn?1328737207 Sometimes, if the cyst is big enough it cause pain similar to a period (i.e. cramps). Also, a cyst can mimic pregnancy symptoms, so that could be why your breasts are sore. I do suggest for you to see your gyn, just to get it checked out.
Avatar m tn i have had mild tummy cramps but i have had a tummy virus 2 weeks ago so im not sure if its still from that? ive had no period at all this month, not even a drop and last month i bled twice. i do miss the pill on occasion and was on anti biotics last month when my husband and i made love. So could i be pregnant and its just not showing (i havent really had symptoms) or can i have an unexplained cyst?
1550178 tn?1294024249 However, this morning I woke up and thought I started my period, but by tonight there is no sign of it. The period that I thought I was having was both red and brown and no very much at all. I don't think I'm pregnant because I've taken a test about every other week because of the missed periods. But I'm very nervous that the cyst the doctor found may be more serious than she actually let on.
Avatar f tn One week ago I had an ultrasound and there was a luteum cyst, which means I had an ovulation and was supposed to had a period in less than two weeks. Today, finally I got my period, 81 days after my D&C :-) I guess everyone is different. Hope you are ok...
1567784 tn?1327054623 I honestly thought I had a huge cyst from it. It can cause cyst so keep a heads up on that. I cramped a little in the beginning, my first cycle. They had me on 50 mg but then the 2nd cycle they upped it to 100 mg and I cramped a little more. This time being my 3rd cycle and still on 100 mg I cramped a whole lot more. I usually cramp leading up to ovulation and during but this time I cramped about 6 days after ovulation. IF I were you, girl I'd be going for a blood test.
Avatar f tn Most doctor usually say after not having a period in 90= 3 months they want to see you. That way they can do blood work and an u/s to find out WHY you aren't having a period. They may start you on Provera to jump start your AF. I am overweight myself, and have PCOS, was DX at age 16 took Metformin for about 6-7 months, then stoped because the side effects were just awful! Now I am 24 TTC and PCOS is not helping at all. Docs put women who are not TTC on birthcontrol to help regulate their AF.
Avatar n tn last november 25 cyst was removed on my ovary, is it normal that there is no menstruation until now?
Avatar f tn But my dr told me its very likely you dont get a bleed or period if you have a cyst, so as you have upted your dose it sounds you may have a cyst, go and have a us/scan and they will take you off clomid to get rid of it either by itself or with the bc pill. I am taking a little risk trying it again but it is at smaller dose and if i don't get a bleed next mth and i am not pregnant will asume anothr cyst and will not be taking clomid again!!
Avatar n tn My question is I had an ovarine cyst back in august that was measured 5.3 I found this out due to late period and pains I was put on yaz but only took it for like 2 weeks that was all that was done. My period than starting coming every month again until now and this is where I am worried on what may be wrong with me or what I should do. I have no health insurence only way get looked at is to go to the e.r.
Avatar f tn If your recent blood test was well past the point where you would have had a period, you might just have an ovarian cyst. If you think you tested too early, test again. By now, any test would be accurate if it was a pregnancy.
1287560 tn?1272216521 For this reason, a pelvic examination is performed at the end of each treatment cycle, around the time of the menstrual period. If an ovarian cyst is detected, Clomid treatment is withheld during the following cycle. The ovarian cyst usually resolves without further treatment.
Avatar f tn got a blood and urine test and it was negative the doctor told me that I should start my period soon that in my urine test there was a slight of blood in it and that I probably have a cyst. well two weeks later pass by and still no period went to a different doctor and he checked me and said I don't have a cyst that the urine test was negative for pregnancy.
Avatar n tn i got back on the pill and im on my third week of taking it and no period but i have very painful cramps? when i first took the pill i got my period the first week with no problem and now it jus doesnt want to come what should i do?
Avatar f tn My cyst went on its own but when I was put back on clomid again, the same thing happened so I think i am susceptible to cysts now . Having a cyst will usually halt your period so check this out with your dr.
1524489 tn?1291406107 Yes,, an ovarian cyst can delay your period. This is what I have going on right now. I had to get a shot of progesterone yesterday and doc thinks this will shrink the cyst and give me a period in about 5 days. I am already starting to spot. I have had lots of ovarian pain, especially mid cycle and this is why. I had cysts before.. what a pain. An ultrasound should be able to determine whats going on.
Avatar n tn I had multiple ovary cyst removed on october 31,08. since them I haven't get my period. I need knowledge about this.
Avatar f tn I only got my period for 2days could I be pregnant? I do have a history or ovarian cyst could that be apart of why I've only got my period for 2days? I have a dr appt next Thursday should I take a test at home or wait for the dr?