Norethisterone to delay period side effects

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Avatar m tn This medication should not be requested more than once in 4 months as it is only recommended for occasional use. Side effects of using Norethisterone tablets to delay a period are uncommon but can include; bloating, upset stomach, breast tenderness, nausea, headache, changes in weight, disturbances in mood and reduced sex drive.
Avatar n tn so i guess it could be possible that i may be pregnant, however, the side effects that everyone is listing is similar to pregnancy. i've taken the pill and been off, but i've never really noticed these symptoms before, and i am EXTREMELY regular. any one?
Avatar f tn Hi I'm going on holiday in about 4 weeks time and my period will be due at the same time. I know I can take primolut n to delay my period, but after reading about the side effects it sounds like I might have Pms-like symptoms while I'm taking it, so i dont really wanna be moody, bloated with pimples on holiday either. Does anyone know if once the period I'm on now finishes I could take the primolut n tabs for about a week or so, would this bring my period on early?
Avatar n tn It obviously makes you VERY fertile afterwards, because I got pregnant a couple days after my period ended. We are going to try not to get pregnant when we go to the doctor this time for my ten day pill supply, because my son was born with a birth defect called gastroschisis (his bowels were on the outside). I think that the pill might have caused it!
Avatar n tn I want to delay my period for November. I want it after 17 November and similarly I don't want it in December because I will be occupied with activities and holidays after the wedding in December too. I don't want the periods in December. I want to know which medicine do I take and how to take and the side effects if any. Kindly explain in detail. Thanking you.
280700 tn?1210287416 3 rounds of 50 mg were unsuccessful, to start 100 mg in a few days- I'm pretty worried about the side effects. Hope that you get your pregnancy!
Avatar n tn I'll let you know what my results are and let me tell you, I have felt little to no discomfort and no side effects. So good luck and don't give up, we're all in this together. I'll keep you in my prayers.
318181 tn?1336447096 I have my baseline sono on Wednesday, whether I've started my period or not, and then I'll start the FSH meds next weekend. Can't wait to get this show on the road. I kinda freaked out a bit yesterday, though, because I totally forgot to take my lupron at 7 and didn't remember until 10:30! I really hope that won't mess anything up. Jessime: Sounds like you two had a great time on the cruise!!! Best of luck testing tomorrow! Wannahaveababy: Thank you so much!