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Avatar f tn I know when my period is coming and these ain't period symptoms but hey u might be right
Avatar f tn I have take a couple of pregnancy tests each time my period came and went, all with negative result. Could I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn It has been almost 3 months since my last period. I have had four home pregnancy tests and They all are negative. I have had a history of IBS, my adomen is hard, bloated, and sore in my ovaries. I also have small ovarian cysts as well in the past. My breasts feel like they getting bigger, but I tend to obcess about things and maybe my brain is playing tricks on me. Maybe my boobs are getting bigger and it's completely natural...
Avatar f tn Ok I was reading and they say that shortness of breath can be an early sign of pregnancy. Also that lower back pain and sickness at night can be signs. I have asthma and it hasnt been bad until a few weeks ago. I have been coughing and having headaches for the past two weeks as well. Could I be pregnant? I have been trying to get pregnant for five months now. Im only 20 and just im hoping to get pregnant soon.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to feel signs of pregnancy just one day after conception? ? The day after i was feeling horrible, cramping, dizziness.. i dont start my period for another Week in a half is there a chance i could be pregnant?? Help please!!!
Avatar f tn ) It could be pregnancy but it could also be pms. Symptoms are not reliable to determine pregnancy. If ur expecting ur period soon, I wouldn't worry too much unless u miss it! If u MISS ur period then I would suggest u take a test at least a few days after u miss ur period. Good luck!
Avatar f tn 8 could this signs or am i wrong plus i itch alot in werid places im bloated no period tho should i preg test plus i feel sore where my breasts are my bowels move alot im peeing every 30 mins or less
Avatar n tn Hi i had my last period was the secod week before may 1st....i had sex May 2&3 and he went inside of my both time and now it looks on my period but its wayy to early and not heavy plus its like a darkish brown color and comes and goes as it please....could tbis b a sign of me being pregnant?
Avatar f tn Well with my first pregnancy i tested too early. I waited a few days after my missed period an i had two negative tests which upset me cos we were trying. After another week i did another test and it was positive. This time i just knew i was pregnant i gave it two weeks til i tested. I think it varys really. Some tests are better than others. Generally u feel crampy anyway an u mite start feeling a bit sick or off certain foods. Or u mite have sore breasts. Hope this helps.
285149 tn?1217046467 hey, im only two days late maybe im just late.. but the only thing i find different is that my breasts are very sore and im using the bathroom more ... usually when i get my period my breasts dont really hurt as much ... one thing that i cant figure out is when im ovulating its hard to track it ugh.. its so hard to get prego now n days.....
Avatar f tn Im cramping, tired, constipated etc all the signs but still no period.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend and I planned a pregnancy and according to my last period I "would" be just 3 weeks long. I feel stupid for asking but what common early signs of pregnancy would I be having right now.
Avatar f tn My Dad was recently put on oxycontin- short term- for hip pain. He is having surgery next week. My Mom called telling me that Dad was having to concentrate on his breathing, was dizzy and having problems concentrating. I told her to bring him to the hospital. I will be leaving to meet them but I thought that these were all signs of a overdose. I really haven't had these signs when I was abusing so I am not sure. Can anyone enlighten me?
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me some very early pregnancy signs they had other then a missed period?
Avatar n tn Thanks you too! I'm really praying that I am. The cramping that I'm having feels more like a period cramp rather than a pregnancy cramp, but when I was pregnant before, those pregnancy cramps didn't happen until I was already 1 month passed my period due date. Right now, I would only be 3 weeks pregnant if the blessing was so. I'm hoping that the period feeling cramps are because of a baby nestling in my uterus.
1038742 tn?1321202084 t show typical pregnancy signs until two weeks after my missed period; nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sore breasts, ect...the only problem with these signs is that they usually mimic PMS signs so you can't read too much into them. The only true sign of pregnancy is to wait until period is due or late and take a test or go to doctor for blood work.
Avatar f tn Like Ashelen said, the only way to know is to take a test and you are too early to do that. All you can do is to wait and test. Sorry we can not help you more, but there is no way we can tell you yes or no that you are pregnant. A lot of pregnancy symptoms can be PMS. I thought for sure I was pregnant last month (trying for baby number two), I was even a day or two late for my period but I wasn't pregnant. I was peeing a lot, my boobs were sore, my nipples hurt like heck...
Avatar f tn Yes most of them are. Most pregnancy test can tell 6 days before your missed period. Ide buy a trest and see if there is a faint line. Also you can go to the er and do a blood test which is way more accurate!
1014822 tn?1338648073 I am wondering if some of the symptoms I am getting could be early pregnancy signs....I have sore BBs and I have also noticed more CM the past few days. It could be in my head but I hope not. Is it too early to notice any signs?
Avatar f tn t know if these might be signs of pregnancy? My boyfriend has ejaculated in me plenty of times before ,but at the end of the month i get my monthly visit..I've never had these symptoms though. I've been so busy lately to go get checked, but I would like to know are these often a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Are these early signs? I also took a test last week which is 2.5 weeks before my period and it was negative.
Avatar f tn What were some of your earliest signs of pregnancy which arent all of your common ones?