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Avatar n tn When you're a teen, periods can be irregular sometimes. You can keep a calendar where you mark when you start your period and what symptoms you have beforehand. Also mark when it ends. Do this every month and you should start to see a pattern. You might notice that you get a cramp or two the day before your period starts, or maybe you notice that your pants are tighter because you're a little bloated a day or two before. I always keep one tampon in my purse just in case.
Avatar f tn Today is day 3 of my cycle. I am REALLY tired, like I cannot function. I have a really bad migraine today although not as bad right now. All I want to do is sleep but I am still very tired after I sleep. It has been a rough cycle this month. On Wednesday, I felt really weird and went to the Urgent Care, they said just a panic attack. Then I started later that night. On Thursday, I was okay but very anxious and dizzy. Friday was okay but I got naseaus during dinner and then panicked after that.
Avatar f tn Absolutely my cycle contributes to my symptoms. AND my MS nurse said most women she knows have a flare when their period starts. ROLL ON MENOPAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
1703607 tn?1307408945 I have NEVER had that type of pain during my menstrual cycle, and I've been regularly having my period since I was about 9. This cramping continued until half way through my period, three days in, and my period went for far longer then it normally does (3-4 days, I had it for nearly 7 days). It was a dark, disgusting colour aswell. I went to the doctor, and he just put it down to irregularity.
228463 tn?1216765121 Funny, cause now that they took me off NuvaRing, I don't know when I get my period, except by the exacerbations in my symptoms (my period is no longer regular). I spoke to both, a gynocologist and my neurologist about this. I got very similar answers, except when it came to the hormones. My nuerologist said that the doestrogen (something like that, the ingredient in NuvaRing) was actually exacerbating my symptoms, and took me off birth control entirely.
Avatar f tn period? Last cycle was 3 days late. I took a pg test, it was neg, period started that afternoon. BUT it only lasted until the afternoon the next day. Nothing the day after that, then very light spotting the next, then completely gone. Then I had a lot of cm day 8, but have been wondering if possible that early or something else... Maybe it's just wishful thinking but I don't usually have such short cycles and my belly is somewhat bloated all of a sudden.
1763947 tn?1334058919 Yes, when my symptoms began, they would cycle about every 4 weeks. I remember symptoms like sore throats, swollen glands,nausea and joint pain which seem to disappear then appear again a few weeks later. Now that I have had it for a few years, my symptoms don't seem to cycle and remain pretty consistent.
Avatar f tn Can your cycle create indegestion later too? I've started experiancing that, but it happens the week before and the week after my period as well.
Avatar f tn Because of them I have been taking muscle relaxants and a short 5 day cycle of a steroid. I’m having all the symptoms of my period, but had no bleeding. I have yet to take a pregnancy test. Could I really be pregnant?? Or are their other concerns??
Avatar f tn I don't have insurance coverage and don't know what to do. Second of all my cycle has on for all most a month now it starts to flow heave then stops. When I think it's gone off it comes right back on. What should I do?
Avatar f tn Thought it might be good for me to journal my symptoms throughout the day so I/we all can keep track. I am also listing (for me) what day I am in my cycle, this helps me some. So, day - 26 - feeling very tired, out of it, anxious, tingly, off balance, had head pressure this am but it went away. Hada headache earlier but took a bayer and it is gone. I have been feeling well but closer to my cycle and I get off. Will update in about an hour or so.
Avatar n tn Grateful for any advice. I'm on day 16 of my cycle and my last period arrived on time, lasted 5 days and was what my GP would describe as a 'good bleed' as in fairly heavy. The period before it was exactly the same. I had periods for the first 5 months when I was pregnant with my son and they were very light and short. I can't believe that any pregnancy could have survived either of my last two periods but... From day 1 of my cycle this time my breasts have been sore.
Avatar n tn I have lupus/sjogren's syndrome, and I've noticed that my joint pain, headaches, and extreme fatigue and weakness increase during my menstral cycle. These symptoms are normal with lupus, but seem to worsen monthly. Is there a link?
Avatar f tn Of course, there is nothing to stop you taking a pregnancy test to see what it says, but like I said - it's very unlikely you're pregnant since you're still getting your period. Symptoms don't determine a pregnancy. They can be symptoms of so many other things as well. How late was your cycle? If it's been doing this past 2 months then maybe it's just your period has a new 'cycle'. That can happen from time to time for no reason at all.
Avatar f tn I last sawy period on the January 25 and we mow in Feb and I am feeling the symptoms of another cycle which was supposed to come on the 5th.. as of today no period ..
Avatar f tn I missed my last month (June) period, and my periods are usually regularly. So this month (July) I took a pregancy test but it came out negative. I have all the PMS symptoms , bloating, cramps, mood swings but no periiod. Should I be worry?
Avatar f tn Hello, so last month my period came around two weeks early 9-20-12. My period normally comes on the 2 or 3of each month. This month my cycle came on 10-28-12 and only lasted for 3 days. The last time i had sex was on 9-7-12 (unprotected) . My periods normally last about 5-7 days. And latley my eating and sleeping patterns have been off like today i woke up twice once to use the restroom and once to eat a bowl of cereal. I dont think im preganant but im scared..
Avatar f tn I have always had a reg. Cycle. And last month I had a normal period in time and then a week after I was spotting for three days. And my period was due in the 3rd of this month. I have had pms normal but nothing. Wat could it be. I'm not sexually active.
1430704 tn?1306391107 can cause a disturbance in a menstrual cycle. Do you have any other symptoms, though? Any funny feelings of pressure or pain? If so, go see a doctor- you might have a cyst. If you feel like something more is wrong, then definitely get it checked out for sure- there are many causes for a skipped period, and while it's most likely to be something harmless, if you're worried, you should get checked just in case.
Avatar n tn I'm 14 and had my period for about a year my last period was in April and I haven't got it since I am not pregnant I know for sure should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn i got my last period on 18th october and i was supposed to get my period on November 14th or 15th.Then i got period symptoms but i didnt get period.i took home pregnancy test on 24th and it was negative and also i got my period that day itself. 25th was my second day n there was no bleeding all(normally2nd of my periods it bleeds )why is this change so ???what should i do ???
Avatar m tn She said bleeding and flow was normal and not spotting, and cramps felt like a normal period. With her period ending on the 8th or 9th, on the 10th and 11th she experienced morning sickness and phases of feeling really hot which she has never felt after her period has ended. Even though it went away now, should we be worried about pregnancy? Thanks for the help.
Avatar n tn If it's normal in length and heaviness then it's most likely just a normal period, if you think it's not as long as usual, or heavy as usual, take a pregnancy test. Pregnancy symptoms are pretty much identical to period symptoms. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I used to have all those symptoms until I got on birth control . Now my period is lighter, and no blood clots. Talk to your ob/gyn about getting an ultrasound to see if u have fibroids though. a heavy period is the worst.
Avatar m tn I'm thinking highly that she could be prego because I'd the period is late and only 1-2 days...then it may not just be a period or a short one due to pregnancy. Its way to early to test and I know it ***** to wait for an answer. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn When should i have my period I had a baby 3 months ago last time I had sex was maybe a couple weeks ago he didn't ejaculate in me after that I took 2 pregnancy test came out negative but I'm stressing because I'm not nursing and wondering when my cycle would start.