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Avatar f tn my last period was in nov. 2 and i haven`t got my period until now. my partner always use condom and i had a hpt yesterday and it was negative. i experienced all the symptoms when you are about to get your period. could i be pregnant? btw my cycle is 28 days.
Avatar f tn i just have my last period on april 9-13,then this month my period didnt come im so worried so i buy a pregnancy test and its positive,..then i try another one and its i take my urine and give to the hospital and its really friend tell me to use cytomis can i take it oral?im so worried pls...
Avatar n tn If so, there could be many reasons for that. Sometimes ovulation is delayed and when that happens, your period will be delayed too. It could be because of stress, too much exercise...or you could have been pregnant and had an early miscarriage (but if it was a miscarriage, I think you would have known). There are a number of other reasons too why ovulation is delayed sometimes. Are your cycles normally regular?
Avatar m tn In second month period was delayed for 2 days and in third month she hasnt got her period till now its 13 days already... is she pregnant..she is getting many symvtoms of tiredness abdomen pain etc...
Avatar f tn I saw my period for 9 days after an abortion,had sex around my ovulation period but took postinol instantly.i am two days late,having all the signs of menstration but my period has not still started.please i need an answer instantly,my fiancee and i are not ready to have a baby now.
Avatar f tn My period is delayed for 1 day i had sex last april 9 and my last period was lasy march 15 am i pregnant?
Avatar n tn Hello.
Avatar f tn Hi. My last period was from 4th May to 8th may. I had protected sex 3 days after my period. My last period arrived 3 days before the previous one. This month, I haven't started my period. I checked with a home pregnancy kit on 21st may but it was negative. Could I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn ve had my period for 7 years now and it never comes on time, always late. Now my period is a week in a half late, I took the home pregnancy test and it came out negative. I dont feel nausea fatigue or anything like that. I have been streasing a lot lately. Could I be pregnant or am I just overly stressed or is it uust cause I've had a history of late periods? I really need advice cause im really scared!
Avatar f tn Pregnancy, stress, dietary changes, a lot of exercise, illness, and hormonal issues can all cause a delayed or missed period. Reasons for a delayed period are certainly not limited to these, though. To determine the exact cause if pregnancy is not a possibility and you are still waiting for this missed period, you may consider going to the doctor to get some tests done.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with Prostatitis about a week after I had 4-5 times of unprotected vaginal sex. I was put on Cipro for 30 days. About two weeks later I started having some flu-like symptoms. I had a CBC done about a month after my last potential exposure and everything was within normal range (WBC 5700). Two questions: 1) Everyone says your WBC/CBC does not reflect HIV status at all. How could that be true? If your body is fighting a viral infection wouldn't the WBC be elevated?
Avatar f tn Early pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms are the same, so there really is no way to know if your are pregnant or not without taking a test. Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn Hello, im 27 years old female. I have never got my period. I have no signs of breast development. I just wanted to ask, is there any chance to get normal if i would start seeing doctors and getting treatment? I been hiding under too large clothes all of my life, i have no friends and no normal life...
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 24 year old, married and just graduated from dental college my periods are usually more or lesss regular (around 28-29 days) and usually I can tell when it's going to start due to moderate-sever PMS symptoms me and my husband usually use condoms for birth control but in the past two weeks since I finished college we've been less careful...
1553997 tn?1294305348 I have been delayed for 9 days now, during the fifth day of my delayed period, i had my pregnancy test and got a negative test result. I noticed that my body temperature is rising at night time, Ive never been delayed this long and i really what to get pregnant.. some help pls?
Avatar m tn She generally has it between 20th-24th. We have had physical relationship in between once. This month also it got delayed but the period did come. But the period was only for 1-2 days. Why is this happening. She sometimes takes a bit of stress. Now why is this irregularity. whats going on.