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Avatar f tn How many days that is from the first period to the next period will tell you your cycle days.
Avatar f tn Because the time between ovulation and getting your period can only be 14 days. If your period is ever late. It's because you ovulated late.
Avatar f tn Usually you ovulate 14 days after your 1st day of your period than thats when your egg is released and there is a window for max of 7 days when your unsafe.Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I have always had regular cycles every 28 days this month I started at least 6 to days early.
Avatar f tn My cycle is usually every 30 to 34 days with my period lasting about 7 days. My last period ended April 27th. Can someone please tell me when my ovulation occurs and when I am highly fertile. Thanks!
Avatar f tn As I've gotten older, my periods did the opposite and got more regular and stay at the same number of days cycle to cycle. When I had the gap widening of my periods was in my 20's and it happened as my hormones shifted. I had a hormone imbalance of producing too much estrogen and also a slow thyroid at that time. I'd schedule a pelvic exam and ask your doctor about this. They can maybe check your levels to ake sure all is well. A slow thyroid is problematic.
Avatar f tn Ovulation usually occurs halfway through your menstrual cycle but there’s a wide range of normal anywhere from 23 to 35 days, and your own cycle may vary slightly from month to month. Around the time of ovulation, the cervical mucus becomes clearer and more slippery than at other times of the month. Egg white cervical discharge is one of the indicators of ovulation and you can try around this time. This is the time when a woman is most fertile.
Avatar n tn How long is a normal cycle. Do I count from the first day of my last period to the next time I start?
Avatar n tn Ovulating usually occurs halfway through your cycle, approximately two weeks after your period ends. Many women find that they produce a clear discharge when they are ovulating, but not everyone. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!
390645 tn?1233372037 My period cycle is regular and i have my period on the 19th of every month. that is 31 or 32 days period cycle. My question is when is my ovulation day???? Thanks....
Avatar m tn progesterone phase/luteal phase this is the what we all call the 2 weeks waiting (2ww) cause on day 28 (for most women) you get your period again and start your cycle again, or you test and find out you are pregnant.
Avatar f tn My cycle lasted for 3 days with a regular flow. My cycles are typically between 4 and 5 days. I am now on day 15 of my cycle and have noticed some spotting. I have never had mid cycle bleeding before. Has anyone goe through this before? When I was 13 days late last cycle I took like 3 pregnancy test and they were all negative.
Avatar n tn M period isn't here yet when I usually have a 28-35 day cycle. Are 6 tests that are negative in a course of a month proof I'm not pregnant? I got my period Feburary 1st and the last test I took was on April 11th and it was negative like the other 5 i took before that date.
Avatar n tn I had a cycle April 10 end April 14 I Dont think I had any cycle in may!! I had sex may 10, would I be pregnant by my ex in April or the guy in may???
Avatar f tn Best way to keep Track is to get an opk but I usually O 15 days before I get my period
1712422 tn?1443341101 After I had my miscarriage back in April I THINK my Cycle days have gone down from 28D to 26D. When I count up to CD28 to calculate when I start my period I usually start 2 days before CD28, so does that make me on a 26CD???
1516014 tn?1290644498 Today after sex i began to spot, normally that wouldnt be a problem, but my period isnt due for another 10 days. Could something be wrong?
Avatar f tn I am very much confused with calculating no. Of days in period cycle. If my date is 17 and every time I get two days late period than should I add those two days or not.
Avatar n tn If I took them starting today, it would be for cycle days 8-12 instead of the prescribed 3-7. I had been having irregular periods with no ovulation since March of this year and this past period (October 22nd) seems to have been my first normal period since it was 29 days since my last one and all the others had been as much as 40 to 44 days apart. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Is that the day one starts bleeding or the day one stops? Is Cycle Day 1 the day one starts bleeding or the day one stops? Is Mid-cycle the 14th day after one starts bleeding? Thank you.
Avatar f tn A negative urine test 12 days after you missed your period means NOT PREGNANT.. POSITIVE means PREGNANT i think chances are you are not if you were the test would of been positive most urine tests meansure 25ml of hcg (pregnancy hormone) which is less than the amount of hormone you have the first day you miss your period when you are pregnant... If you are concern i think you should go see a doctor i think it might be something else.