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Avatar f tn Do you mean jittery as in nervous? Or jittery as in like you just downed a major dose of caffeine? Either way, it's normal. Just thinking about all the changes that take place in our lives when we become moms for the first time tends to make nervous wrecks out of the best of us. And the chemical reaction, because of increasing hermones, sometimes tends to make us jitter. Set your mind at ease, it's all normal.
Avatar f tn This is making me jitter all over! I am 38 wks as of today & 14 days to go! I want my baby lol (: I hope I go to 40 wks but not over! U ladies that r I am so sorrry!!!
267401 tn?1251852496 Hi, I suffer from Generalised Anxiety and the feeling of a jitter or vibration sounds very familiar, but to look at yourself when you jitter its unlikely you can visually see it, but the more you think about it the worse it feels am I right? You’re not alone, it sounds very much like anxiety to me. Try and ask your Dr for some CBT to change your thinking pattern.
11715504 tn?1422286415 Could this be my baby fluttering? I usually feel it at night laying on my back and in the morning sometimes it's quick jitter and then feels like I have a popcorn machine in my stomach lol I'm very excited!!
Avatar n tn If the peroxide mixed with the blood on my shoe am I at risk or am I just being wierd? please answer. And is it ok to get your eyebrows waxed in public because i know that they clean the tweezers with alcohol but if the tweezers were not cleaned am I at risk? im scared.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, I am on a couple anxiety meds I have struggled with panic disorder and social phobia my whole life. I am on zoloft and klonopin 1mg twice a day My anxiety is really regulated and My doc and I fel the zoloft has done the most for me and I dont plan on staying on Klon. for the rest of my life I dont want to be on a benzo forever I know there are some w/d's but Im not hangin onto this med like a security blanket, I have talked to alot of ppl that do. I take 2 one mg pills a day.
Avatar f tn First movement typically feels like a little jitter or popcorn popping really low. I know there's a major vein down there so if it's a rhythmic beating, its most likely that.
Avatar n tn That is nothing to be concerned about. Muscles sometimes tend to twitch from over use or laying a certain way. For a fun exercise, lay on the floor and prop yourself up on your non-dominate arm. Hold yourself there till the muscle gets very tired, then rest a few minutes, then try to hold something steady, you will notice your hand and arm will twitch and jitter and you won't be able to hold it. Same thing here.
Avatar f tn I've read a few posts about anxiety and tremors. My tremors started when I started medication. I've tried sooo many different meds and get bad side effects. The meds really did a number on me. Now I have the shakes in my hands and left leg all the time. Sometimes it's hard to write. I'm getting an MRI in 2 days to check.
Avatar f tn The main reason I am seeking guidance, is the way I jitter. At first, I struggled to differentiate it from my heart beat is was like a feeling inside, as it has grown stronger it is visibly obvious to myself and others. It is very fast, very rhythmic & it happens when I am at rest or in brief lapses of concentration, if I move or swallow it temporarily stops. I find cbd oil helps keep these under control but I am not sure how long that will work for as they are getting stronger.
Avatar m tn Even though the TSH went higher the T3free and t4free were still in normal range. My cycle failed and I had to stop all IVF meds (estrogen, progesterone, etc.). The nurse had me stay on the 50mcg of levo. In hindsight I think I should have at least gone back to my precycle dose of 12.5mcg right away since I stopped the estrogen shots. After 2 more weeks of staying on the 50mcg levo I began feeling awful.
Avatar f tn I don't really know how to calculate this period thing,I have tried calculating it but I don't know how to. I saw it on the 11th of Jan 2015 I can't tell when am expecting it again.
Avatar n tn I would possibly wait until your period is due based on the July 4th period date, and then take a pregnancy test.
Avatar n tn A cycle works like this-- it is the first day of your period until the day before your next period starts (known once you start your next period). The first day of your period is cycle day 1. Count from there until your next cycle starts and that is how long your cycle is.
Avatar f tn My cycle is usually every 30 to 34 days with my period lasting about 7 days. My last period ended April 27th. Can someone please tell me when my ovulation occurs and when I am highly fertile. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have irregular period cycle. Ave period length is 2 weeks, with 2-3 weeks "break" in between. It causes my calendar to mess up (we're trying to conceive). Is this menstrual cycle normal? Any advice re timing?
Avatar n tn M period isn't here yet when I usually have a 28-35 day cycle. Are 6 tests that are negative in a course of a month proof I'm not pregnant? I got my period Feburary 1st and the last test I took was on April 11th and it was negative like the other 5 i took before that date.
1712282 tn?1308440362 It is never a good idea for a lay person to be buying an EKG monitor. The leads must be placed in the absolute perfect position, you have to be able to evalute artifact and how to correct it if it occurs. It takes years to really know what you are looking at on the EKG and how it relates to the heart itself. Often times what the EKG shows is not the problem that is actually there in the first place.
Avatar f tn HI! I am experiencing a great increase in my period cycle. From 29days-35days and now 40. Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn june 14 ko mera period huwa tha bad may ab tak period nahi aya or and im 27 n 15days ko trip may bhi thi give a sugession
Avatar f tn Pls am Patricia 28 years of age, I want to know my save and unsave period to prevent pregnance for now.
Avatar m tn when you see cm that looks like egg whites (ewcm) that is when you would want to have baby making time with your man cause it generally means you are ovulate, but to be certain the best way is to do a basal temperature chart, there is an app on here to help you do that.
Avatar n tn Last cycle was march 23 no period since then 3 negative tests start spotting today could i be pregnant 1 etopic and 3 miscarriages