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552853 tn?1278405903 I got my first period 11/1 and it was normal and lasted 7 days. I got my 2nd period 11/28 and I have had it for 14 days now. Is it normal to have a period last 2 week?
2100308 tn?1388496839 Have you heard of such? My doctor told me I have mild PCOS, but I have a regular cycle.
Avatar f tn My cycles are anywhere from 33 to 36 days. Is there anything that can help get a more normal cycle like 28 days?
Avatar f tn Marshkash,if you are experiencing monthly period. That is a regular cycle! Even if its a late or earlier date!
Avatar f tn My cycles are regular and I haven't missed one in years. My cycle did not arrive on its schedule due date of 1/7. I recently began an antibiotic Clindamycin on 1/1. It is now day 12 of my missed period. I took a urine test at my Dr's office on 1/15 but it was negative. Could the antibiotics caused me to miss my cycle or could I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn My cycle lasted for 3 days with a regular flow. My cycles are typically between 4 and 5 days. I am now on day 15 of my cycle and have noticed some spotting. I have never had mid cycle bleeding before. Has anyone goe through this before? When I was 13 days late last cycle I took like 3 pregnancy test and they were all negative.
Avatar n tn I have always had regular cycles every 28 days this month I started at least 6 to days early.
Avatar f tn I have Pecos but ovulate- opk , and dr tests- and have my period every 28-30 days. Previously I had a 35-37 day cycle. After the 2nd miscarriage I have a 28day cycle , at most 30days now. But still no pregnancy, and I am even tired of sex now as seems futile. Anyone with pcos and regular cycle? I have not been prescribed clomid.
Avatar f tn Ok so I last had my period on the 24/04/18 - 28/04/18. .I haven’t had sex after my last period.The past month I had a 45 day cycle (before that it was a normal regular 28 day cycle),.Haven't been on medication, I'm not on the pill and I have never just 'missed' a period.
Avatar f tn Like I said my cycles are normal n last 7 days December was not normal 1 1/2 days of light and in January 1day of spotting WY question again is (Which cycle will a doctor count as my real last menstrual cycle -November (regular 7day) or December (light 2 day not my regular)
1270806 tn?1270570687 You are most fertile during ovulation, which is 14 days (if a regular 28 day cycle) BEFORE your period. There is usually an ovulation window, which can be 5 days before to 5 days after ovulation as sperm can live that long in the right conditions. The best time to NOT get pregnant is either right before or right after your period, though no time is absolutely safe as you may ovulate early or late in any given month.
Avatar f tn Dear All, since my mutual masturbation with a guy friend in July, I had my period regularly (accompanied with PMS, cramping and last for 5 days or more) and got a negative pregnancy test using PREDICTOR. My period does come but sometimes a few days late or sometimes earlier. I will spot for a day before regular normal flow is established. IS THIS NORMAL? But i've put on some weight (possibly due to my stressful varsity life and i do admit i've been indulging).
Avatar f tn i have had a regular period for about 6 years now and for the first time i am spotting. i had sex on the 4th of july and started my regular cycle on the 5th. i have been spotting (a light pink/red) for about 3 days now. what are some of the reasons for this?
Avatar f tn I had sex April 5 , my period came April 16 lasted about 7 days , first three days of my period was heavy regular period flow with blood clots or 4 days was light w/ blood clots , so I know I couldn't be pregnant because implantionbleeding doesn't have blood clots right ?& normally my period doesn't start on the 16th but it did . But so on my period was suppose to start yesterday , had no sex the past few days , now I'm getting worried . Help please ?
Avatar m tn progesterone phase/luteal phase this is the what we all call the 2 weeks waiting (2ww) cause on day 28 (for most women) you get your period again and start your cycle again, or you test and find out you are pregnant.
Avatar n tn I just had a beautiful baby girl in October. I have had a regular period December through March supposed to start April 20 and nothing no cramps spotting etc extremely nauseous cranky tired moody tender breasts and nipples I'm not breastfeeding last year when I was pregnant with my daughter I took a test 4 days after missed period and now I have taken about 8 tests all negative went to doctors and they said negative on pee test I feel that I am and no positive test.
1644849 tn?1301040874 imɪ 19 and i started my period onɪ march 9th and ended onɪ march 15th imɪ taking birth control pills but haven't been taking them since i started my period me and my husband had sex 3 days after my period ended and now its march 25th and i started bleeding about 3 days ago and its like ifɪ imɪ having a regular period what can this mean sorry about my sloppymess just really worried
Avatar f tn Another update. Got my period 3 days ago. Couple pills into the 3rd bottle. Don't know if it was the FertileAid or what. But I do know I have not had a period on my own (without the help of meds to bring it on) since May 2009 when I had my last Clomid pill. Normally my periods are 35-60 days long. But ever since I stopped the Clomid I haven't had any cycle without taking Progesterone by the 100-120th CD. I got my period on CD 102 or 103.
Avatar f tn Okay, my period was supposed to start nine days ago, but it started today. this may sound stupid, but i get the whole "missed" period concept. is my period actually skipped for a month, or just late? if it's just late, should i still take a pregnancy test?
Avatar f tn I have one child who just turned 14! Today 01/23! I am married and do have unprotected sex. I had a regular period last month! But this month I was 5 days late, had a brown discharge spotted for a couple of days then the discharge, then I started on the 10th or 11th. I stayed on 4 days. Today I have a darker color Brown discharge! What could this mean? I've been emotional, and having light abdominal cramps, and slight back pain! Doesn't hurt or burn when I pee!
Avatar m tn I got my last period on July 13, which lasted for 5 days. My cycle is not very regular as I get them around the same time of the month, but a couple days off. I was expecting my period on the 13th, but no blood appeared. The only symptoms that I have been getting are very mild cramps on my back, and nothing else. Last month, I fooled around with my bf on July 15th and 17th, but did have vaginal sex. He did not have a condom, and he did not ejaculate on me at all.
851130 tn?1238964578 I usually have a regular period, give or take a day or two. I used to be on Alesse but have been off of it for four months now so it should no longer be affecting my cycle (and it didn't in the first place). I am under no extreme stress and am not ill whatsoever to my own knowledge. I have taken two First Response pregnancy tests (one at 17 days late and the second at 20 days late) and both turned out negative. Why am I 23 days late (and counting!) for my period?? What is going on here???
Avatar f tn My last period was 24th of july and ended 5 days later, on the 19th day of my cycle i had some fresh red/orangey bleeding, mostly when i wiped not enough to fill a tampon or towel which lasted a day. A few days before this bleed i had a peachy coloured discharge.