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552853 tn?1278409503 I got my first period 11/1 and it was normal and lasted 7 days. I got my 2nd period 11/28 and I have had it for 14 days now. Is it normal to have a period last 2 week?
Avatar n tn anyway, it is normal to end up totally opposite ends of the month. sometimes my period will come at 22 days. i wouldnt say WHEN your period comes is of issue/concern but ask... is it "normal" when its here? you know, what you typically experience. and as long as nothing is funky in between thoroughout the month( on). have a glass o wine and relax! LOL...i am!
2100308 tn?1388500439 Have you heard of such? My doctor told me I have mild PCOS, but I have a regular cycle.
Avatar f tn My cycles are anywhere from 33 to 36 days. Is there anything that can help get a more normal cycle like 28 days?
Avatar n tn I have always had regular cycles every 28 days this month I started at least 6 to days early.
Avatar n tn Could someone please tell me if this is a regular and normal cycle. My period one month comes within 25 days, then another 24 days, another month 26, another 27 and another 28. Its never regular like every 25 days and it will be there it jumps all over. So the expectation is like well anytime between 24:28 days it will show.
Avatar f tn As I've gotten older, my periods did the opposite and got more regular and stay at the same number of days cycle to cycle. When I had the gap widening of my periods was in my 20's and it happened as my hormones shifted. I had a hormone imbalance of producing too much estrogen and also a slow thyroid at that time. I'd schedule a pelvic exam and ask your doctor about this. They can maybe check your levels to ake sure all is well. A slow thyroid is problematic.
Avatar f tn My cycle lasted for 3 days with a regular flow. My cycles are typically between 4 and 5 days. I am now on day 15 of my cycle and have noticed some spotting. I have never had mid cycle bleeding before. Has anyone goe through this before? When I was 13 days late last cycle I took like 3 pregnancy test and they were all negative.
Avatar f tn I am getting my period regularly(29 days cycle) but its very light which is lasting for 1-2days. I am getting severe backpain 2days before my period. Undergone abdominal(pelvic also) ultrasound which came out normal. This is happening from last 5months. I am trying to conceive from an year but no success. I am tracking BBT and I notice the biphasic pattern after 16days. Could any one suggest me what might be going wrong. Does continuous light period causes infertility?
390645 tn?1233372037 My husband want it to be happened naturally (pregnancy) not with medications. My period cycle is regular and i have my period on the 19th of every month. that is 31 or 32 days period cycle. My question is when is my ovulation day???? Thanks....
Avatar m tn progesterone phase/luteal phase this is the what we all call the 2 weeks waiting (2ww) cause on day 28 (for most women) you get your period again and start your cycle again, or you test and find out you are pregnant.
Avatar m tn I had the regular 5 day flow with the usual second and third day being heavy. My cycle is pretty regular (28-29 days). I was expecting my period the 29th but it didnt come. I had unprotected again fri sept 30th. That sunday i took a pregnancy test because my period still hadn't come, which was negative. Since the time I first got my period when I was thirteen my cycle has been regular.
Avatar f tn i have had a regular period for about 6 years now and for the first time i am spotting. i had sex on the 4th of july and started my regular cycle on the 5th. i have been spotting (a light pink/red) for about 3 days now. what are some of the reasons for this?
Avatar f tn unfortunately if i missed a day w/o taking them it would start right back up before the next day even started, my cycle finally became regular August 4th 2016 (lost my virginity at this time) but it was regular. MAY 2017 irregular cycle started BACK UP and has not ended yet and it is MAY 15th 2018, but THANK GOD that with all that is going on i never ever ever had any pains of any sort throughout my irregular period. Could someone PLEASE tell me what is going on?
325224 tn?1342799514 I currently went off of birth control pills in February after being on them for about 12 years. Since then, my cycles have been averaging approximately 65 days. My last period was August 10th and now it is November 6th and I still have not gotten it. What could be the causes of this? Could it just be from going off of the pills after being on them for so long? I was never regular before I had gone on the pills but it would normally be two weeks late or two weeks early.
Avatar f tn This can be normal when a young girl first starts her period. It's really hard to say when they will become more regular.
Avatar n tn A week after my last period, though, I started to bleed again (more than a regular period), and have been bleeding for over 10 days. Any ideas? I don't have time to go to the doctor's office atm.
Avatar f tn My cycles are regular and I haven't missed one in years. My cycle did not arrive on its schedule due date of 1/7. I recently began an antibiotic Clindamycin on 1/1. It is now day 12 of my missed period. I took a urine test at my Dr's office on 1/15 but it was negative. Could the antibiotics caused me to miss my cycle or could I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn i was wondering if someone could give me an answer. why does my cycle come every 36 days but then after a couple months does it come whenever?? i havent had a 36 day cycle since november 2010.
Avatar f tn My last period was 24th of july and ended 5 days later, on the 19th day of my cycle i had some fresh red/orangey bleeding, mostly when i wiped not enough to fill a tampon or towel which lasted a day. A few days before this bleed i had a peachy coloured discharge.
Avatar f tn period? Last cycle was 3 days late. I took a pg test, it was neg, period started that afternoon. BUT it only lasted until the afternoon the next day. Nothing the day after that, then very light spotting the next, then completely gone. Then I had a lot of cm day 8, but have been wondering if possible that early or something else... Maybe it's just wishful thinking but I don't usually have such short cycles and my belly is somewhat bloated all of a sudden.
Avatar n tn I was supposed to have my period yesterday (according to my pre-pregnancy cycle of 28 days.) I know it has only been a day , but I was very regular before I got pregnant. Does anyone know if it is delayed because of the birth control, the fact that I just had a baby or could it be a possibility that I could be pregnant again???....eeekkkk!!!!!
Avatar n tn Hi there. Well, here is how a cycle works--- day one of your period is your cycle day one. Count from there. Periods last 3 to 7 days normally and we ovulate mid way through our cycle. Then the last day of your cycle is the day before your next period starts. That is the number of days of your cycle. You can begin to track this to see if it is roughly the same most months.
Avatar f tn Since the time I started, my period has obediently shown up every 28 days exactly, and has lasted for four days. Every four weeks for the last three years (nearly), without fail. Sometimes it's shown up first thing in the morning, and other times close to midnight, but always on the day that it's supposed to. Today, for the first time, I completely forgot that I was supposed to get my period. I didn't feel the usual faint cramps as a sign that it was on its way.
Avatar f tn Post lylly 01/04/08 Is it possible to have regular period and still not ovulate ? I was diagnosed with pcos but my period has always been regular. I even did four separate 21 day progestrone in 2007 and they all showed no ovulationLh urine test (home test) Mittelschmerz. pls shed more light. I've been trying to concieve fro three years.
Avatar n tn The issue here is that i always have a regular cycle its on the day always. The last time i ended up pregnant i had my m.c a week early and then no period the next month so i took a test and it was positive i had all the symptoms. I lost the baby and had a D&C...:( since i have had regular on time M.Cs until now my last M.C was also a week early and lasted 9 days, ive had all the symptoms of being pregnant but today i woke up and bamm i had bad cramps and bleeding but M.