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Avatar n tn When calculating my cycle duration, do you start on the day of your period or the day it ends?.
Avatar f tn during ovulation your chances of conception are highest. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn The first period I had after the d and c, started may 9th, then 18 days later I had another. Followed by a 24 day cycle, then another 18 day cycle. It's just been truly frustating trying to follow my period, and trying to figure out when I'm ovulating.
Avatar f tn On the my cycles calendar its telling me my average period duration is 1 day... i was supposed to come on the 5th but i came on today ... but its saying average duration is one day. Can u explain what that means?
Avatar f tn Hello, I'd like to ask if it is normal having average cycle length 52days and period duration 9days... Thank you for your answers...
Avatar f tn Hello I am desperate to have a baby someday (we have not tried yet) and my period has gone down to three days instead of five days....what is wrong with me...we do have sex quite a bit just not trying all the way yet since we are not married yet and I need to get off my meds first...and go on new ones...
Avatar n tn The average menstrual period for women is 3-5 days with a cycle occurring every 28 days. The fact that your period is only 2-3 days in duration may be entirely normal. Most birth control pills will tend to shorten the duration of women's periods as well as make the periods, themselves less "heavy".
Avatar n tn hello Dr. my wife's mens cycle date is generally 12- 18 of every month. we did sex without protection but i discharged outside of vagina ,in this duration on 17th & 18th. now till 22nd my wife's mens cycle has not occure. So now is she pregnent? please tell me we both dont want a baby now....
Avatar f tn The sinus congestion and migranes start 2 to 3 days prior to my menstral cycle and last for 2 to 3 days after my cycle, a total of 8 to 10 days. I do not like taking pain pills so I am currently controlling the migrane headaches by using a decongestant nasal spray. The nasal spray seems to work very well, but I have to use the spray for 8 to 10 days in a row. Warnings on every over the counter medicine state I should not be using medications for this extended duration.
Avatar f tn Since I'm on mirena my period as been messed up it first 2days is light d following 3days it flows and another 2to 3 days is,light again. now my period duration extend Frm 4days to 8days. Is that normal. And the first 2days is a little bit dark.
7790419 tn?1394218773 So on Febuary 13,2014 i started my first period in a year before that I didnt have one for 3 years due to my impalnon birth control... my period lasted 15 days and it finally stopped last friday... but today it has started again... It's truly freaking me out, my doctor has my on birth control pills to induce it and maintain it but maybe its doing more harm than good... I wanted to ge tmy body back in order cause i want to have a baby but im finding it impossible now..
Avatar f tn Aileen - yep, I had the cyst cycle with Femara, then no meds, then this femara cycle. When I last saw my RE for the u/s to find the cysts she said it's a common side effect of fertilty meds and that she couldn't promise that I wouldn't get them. I asked a question about it in the fertility expert forum, but haven't gotten an answer yet.
Avatar f tn -The average duration of a cycle is 28 days but any cycle length between 21 and 34 days is considered normal. -The average duration of flow is 4 days but anything from 2 to 7 days is considered normal. -A woman is most likely to get pregnant on the three days preceding or the day of ovulation.
Avatar n tn Hello, If you are having a notable change in your menstrual cycle for more than three months you should present to your ob/gyn discuss this with them and they should then pursue a workup. Some reasons a woman's menses may increase in duration are uterine fibroids, thyroid hormone changes, or endometrial polyps. You'll want to discuss these issues and others with your physician. Best regards, Dr.
Avatar f tn I had my period on 21st July which lasted 5 days which is normal for me I have an average 35 day cycle so I ovulated round about the 30th July. My next period was due 14th August. It has not arrived I'm now 5 days late I've had no bleeding, minor cramping and a touch of backache. A online pregnancy calculator calculated if pregnant I would be 4 weeks pregnant by now. I've took numerous pregnancy tests, different brands and all have come back negative. Any one else had this problem?
Avatar f tn I'm 16 and have been having my period since I was 12. In the last 2 years I've really began to track my period and have noticed that it's extremely irregular in length. I'll get it for an average of 7 days but have 45-55 days between periods. I remember being told periods are irregular at first but I'm going into my fifth year having periods. Is this something I should be worried about?
Avatar f tn It starts a day or two before and lasts throughout the duration of my cycle. It comes and goes in waves,From my hip bone all the way down to my ankles. best way to describe it would is like the bones are being stressed and about to snap,It's extremely painful. Along the lines of Arthritic patients. It lasts for hours sometimes,Like EarlybirdMama says,It makes it hard to walk anf function.
Avatar f tn At second week of January 2017, I met my husband again, and we had condom-protected sex, 5 days later my period finally came. The duration stopped after 5 days, but came back again after a week later. The period was unusually lighter, with no pms symptoms like cramps (usually I have every month) and it keeps like dripping everyday for almost a month ( duration was last week of Jan 2017 ongoing to last week of February 2017).
Avatar n tn So I had sex with my girlfriend during her period yesterday. It was her 6 of 7 days and there was minimal bleeding. First time doing it in her and now I'm worried. She tells me the egg came out and there should be nothing to be worried about. Is there still a possibility of still getting pregnant?
Avatar f tn It may not be exactly correlated with your previous cycle, and you may start a new schedule ( eg. period comes in the middle of the month instead of the beginning, or whatever). If you do go in for a check up, they will very likely repeat the pregnancy test and will possibly give you a prescription for progesterone to bring on your period. Very often when the period is overdue, the PMS symptoms mimic pregnancy. They usually subside when the period comes.
Avatar f tn Now about 2 days before my period I flare up all over my arms, chest, neck, face, and back, with no relief, and it lasts the duration of my period plus a few days. I also flare up when I am stressed out, or have an anxiety attack. All my doctor's are baffled, and I can't figure this out. Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to be thorough. Can anyone provide advice? Please and thank you.
Avatar m tn One can calculate the ovulation date (approximate) by subtracting 14 from the average duration of cycle. So in a 28 day cycle the ovulation occurs on 14th day from start of menses, in a 30 day cycle the ovulation will occur on (30-14=16) 16th day of the cycle. The day is counted from the first day of the period. 3-4 days before this day to 2-3 days after the day is the most fertile period. Having intercourse during this time can result in pregnancy.
Avatar n tn We love to have long love making sessions- he seems better if he can prolong ejaculation but if he ejaculates he is unable to obtain another erection sometimes for long periods of time. What is a normal erection cycle/recovery period and does it sound like we have a problem- or is this normal? I should mention that we are currently living apart but not by our choice.
Avatar m tn Emergency pills can sometimes have no effect on the duration of post treatment menstrual cycle but the second periods can be prolonged. Hormonal imbalances, stress, eating disorders, too much of exercise all can cause irregular periods. It is suggested to see a gynecologist and get evaluated. She may need evaluation to rule out above mentioned possibilities. Do keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
1985137 tn?1326530812 It is very difficult to say what's going on. Implanon can cause change in cycle after use for any duration of time. Hence this decrease in periods can be due to Implanon. However, yes, Implanon failure is known even though the rate is low. So since you have these other symptoms, I suggest you take a pregnancy test and see.
Avatar n tn I'd get pms at the regular time as if I were going to have a 28 day cycle and it would last until I got my period 2 months or so later. Whew, what a huge pain that was!! So, I feel for you. Mine righted itself but I was seeing a doctor throughout the duration of that time. You should too.
Avatar n tn Back to immune cycles - these are just starting to be understood by the medical research community. Like the menstrual cycle there is an immune cycle - but it switches on and off over 6 to 8 days not the 28 to 30 days of the menstrual cycle. if you are having symptoms of skin and other irritation/inflammation then the Inflammation will mainly occur as it switches on and build its activity over about 3 days.