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Avatar f tn during ovulation your chances of conception are highest. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn According to my period/ovulation app, my cycle duration is 34 days. Can someone break that down for me in detail? What are my chances of getting pregnant? Would the extent of my average cycle days throw off my ovulation track that's in my calender? I don't know what else to do without visiting a doctor!
Avatar f tn -The average duration of a cycle is 28 days but any cycle length between 21 and 34 days is considered normal. -The average duration of flow is 4 days but anything from 2 to 7 days is considered normal. -A woman is most likely to get pregnant on the three days preceding or the day of ovulation.
Avatar f tn Hello, I would like to share with you that the week before menses and week after menses are considered as safe periods. The duration of menstrual cycle varies from person to person & is usually between 26 to 31 days. Ovulation approximately takes place in the middle of the cycle, i.e. duration of the cycle - (minus) 14 days .A week before and a week after the approximate day of ovulation is considered as fertile period.
Avatar f tn Hello I am desperate to have a baby someday (we have not tried yet) and my period has gone down to three days instead of five days....what is wrong with me...we do have sex quite a bit just not trying all the way yet since we are not married yet and I need to get off my meds first...and go on new ones...
631676 tn?1333718203 More so than ever when I was younger. I have friends who have a slowing down of their cycle with lighter periods, shorter duration. However, in all honesty, if I were you, if you are skipping cycles but still having them, I'd ask for blood work and get your thyroid checked. I had this issue years ago with periods every 3 to 4 months because my thyroid is slow. At your age, this is much more likely than full on menopause. Let us know how the doctor's appointment goes.
Avatar f tn I had my period on 21st July which lasted 5 days which is normal for me I have an average 35 day cycle so I ovulated round about the 30th July. My next period was due 14th August. It has not arrived I'm now 5 days late I've had no bleeding, minor cramping and a touch of backache. A online pregnancy calculator calculated if pregnant I would be 4 weeks pregnant by now. I've took numerous pregnancy tests, different brands and all have come back negative. Any one else had this problem?
Avatar f tn Its easy just tell me when you had your last period and what is the duration of your cycle; for eg if i had my periods on 1st of january and my next period on 1st february the duration of my cycle is 30 days. Just give me these information and i can tell you the time you concieved.
Avatar n tn Subtract 18 from the number of days of your shortest cycle. For e.g. if your shortest cycle is 26 it would be 8. Subtract 11 from the number of days of your longest cycle. For e.g. if your longest cycle is 32 it would be 21. Circle the dates on your calendar that fall between the first and second cycle days you calculated. For e.g. in this case it would be the days from 7 and 22 i.e. 7th day after your periods to the 22nd day of the cycle.
Avatar n tn IF you were my patient, I would advise you that typically the duration of the period (the number of days of bleeding) does not impact the length of the cycle. So probably the correct answer is "NO" Good luck!
Avatar f tn I used to be a regular 5 day cycle. Easy to to spot and tell how my cycle would be(heavy, light,spotting) I'm TTC #2 and paying attention to my cycles I became more aware each cycle has been regular in timing but flow has gone to three days, obgyn is not worried about how long period is lasting as much as at least I am having one. Which was important. always good to see a Dr if you need the reassurance. Every woman is different.
Avatar f tn Sorry for the late reply I'm new to this and didn't get a message to say someone replied to me!!...
Avatar m tn My gf and I had protected sex during the SECOND day of her period. I took out the condom and put it in TWICE inside, but I didn't ejaculate in her. Period duration was FIVE days. She has had a 35 day cycle for the past two months. She's been having on and off headaches, but says it's from her glasses. I am super paranoid. Could she be pregnant? What are the chances?
Avatar n tn Hi. About 7 days after the finish of my girlfriend's last menstrual cycle, we had intercourse during the night, after which she started bleeding and exhibiting the symptoms of an early period the morning after. We had intercourse again about 36 hours after, unprotected, with ejaculation. She was supposed to have taken an EC pill for safety, but for various reasons, that didn't happen.
Avatar f tn The only problem is I don't know my cycle duration because I have irregular periods.
Avatar f tn I'm 16 and have been having my period since I was 12. In the last 2 years I've really began to track my period and have noticed that it's extremely irregular in length. I'll get it for an average of 7 days but have 45-55 days between periods. I remember being told periods are irregular at first but I'm going into my fifth year having periods. Is this something I should be worried about?
Avatar f tn If so it is unlikely that you would have concieved then (The 12th of July would have been about day 26-27 of you cycle) If you did have a period on the 15th then Take that as day one of your new cycle and expect (if your periods are as regular as you say) to have ovulated around the 14th day. So around the 26-30th of Aug.
Avatar f tn I'm still getting used to using the "My Cycles" app and I'm wondering how I can change my average period duration and cycle length under "Analysis". I need to adjust the number of days for each from what I originally entered went setting up my profile.
Avatar m tn More than likely you just messed up your cycle by stopping your pills mid cycle. Your period was probly not due when you thought. Stopping the pills will change when your period is due. Being you dont know when you ovulated you could have gotten pregnant and it may be to early to tell since your period may not be late yet.
Avatar n tn my period duration is very abnormal and can last to almost 2 weeks, is that normal? should I be concerned? how can I fix it?
Avatar f tn Do you often have break through bleeding,are your periods pretty normal as far as the average length and cycle duration. I have always been 28 days like clockwork. I am 30 and ttc as well.It is possible that your hormones are a little weird this cycle.the 1st half of your cycle your body releases estrogen which gets the folicle ready to release an egg and then midway through your body produces progesterone which thickens the lining of the uterus waiting for a fertile egg to implant .
Avatar n tn s unlikely that you would be pregnant since you started you period today. Anyway, that pill is only 85% effective and can mess up your cycle pretty bad..
Avatar f tn I had it in for 1 year with regular periods the whole duration i had it in. I got it out on the 19th of feburary and am 5 days past my normal starting day of my period. Could my periods be messed up because of getting my mirena removed or could i be pregnant already?! It has only been 3 weeks and i have took 3 pregancy test and they have all been negative. Should i wait it out some more or call my dr.
Avatar n tn d get pms at the regular time as if I were going to have a 28 day cycle and it would last until I got my period 2 months or so later. Whew, what a huge pain that was!! So, I feel for you. Mine righted itself but I was seeing a doctor throughout the duration of that time. You should too.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies, I have had one cycle post miscarriage and during this first cycle I started spotting 7dpo and then started my period "on time" 7 days later. This is my second cycle and I am now 7dpo. Yesterday I had a progesterone test done (@ 6dpo) and the results came back at 26. According to my results page the range should be between 1.7 - 27 for the leutal phase, so I am 'normal' right? However tonight I noticed the tiniest bit of spotting again, arggh!!