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Avatar f tn Dani - my life can not function as I know it without Excel. You remember how I used it to graph out my whole FB farm and calculate what crops would yield the highest profits? I'm such a dork :) Steph - I was right in front of the $ Store last night and it took every fiber in my being to resist going in and buying some tests. But AF should be here today or tomorrow. I'm already spending close to $100 a month on TTC, I'm trying to draw the line somewhere.
Avatar f tn After three or four months, you should begin to see a bar graph that tells you how many days on average your cycle is, and how long your flow usually is. It should start to help you project forward when to expect your next one. Good luck! Frustrating, I know, but it will get easier.
893889 tn?1294280577 Hi Krey! YES YES YES!!!! I have about a 32-33 day cycle!! And yes, totally! I got AF on Feb 18th and should be getting it next (knock on wood that I WON'T) on March 21st! I ovulated somewhere around, well, this week, basically! Could be anytime between March 2nd to yesterday, really! And I got a Positive OPK on CD16 (March 5th)....
1438716 tn?1283900010 The brown is 'old blood,' meaning you've had a bit of the endometrial lining shed off, which is essentially a light period. I would get some graph paper and start charting, putting an x for each day you've had this brown flow, and making a bar graph of the month. Start the next month's line of boxes when more either brown or red flow comes, in about 4 weeks. My guess is that this is your first period and it is really light. It's definitely not an infection.
2207953 tn?1338972741 That would be day 1 of the next cycle. Ovulation happens for many women about halfway between day 1 of one period and day 1 of the next. When we talk about your cycle, we are talking about that time frame; 28 days for many women. But it varies. Some women ovulate as early as day 8 in their cycle. The standard expectation is that ovulation would happen about day 14.
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage in mid May. I am having my first period since the miscarriage. I am having a heavy period with moderate cramping. This is much different then my "normal" periods. It has been going on for a week. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar n tn If me and my wife want to try birth control by watching her periods at what times during the month does she ovulate. i know it is during menstrul cycle but does that mean that the rest of the month we are safe. We are using depo provera but not liking all the irregular bleeding. i have heard that ovulation occurs definately during her period. How many days should we not have intercourse before menstration and after?
Avatar f tn Ovulation is the lead event and the period is the end event, not the other way around. The last period doesn't start a cycle that causes ovulation, instead, ovulation starts a cycle that then causes a period. The body sloughs off its uterine lining 14-15 days after ovulation, even for women who are irregular in their cycles.
Avatar f tn (Ovulation prompts the following period, not the other way around.) If you would like, keep a chart on graph paper of the days of your menstrual months (or use an online chart) -- sometimes women assume their period is supposed to come on a certain calendar day without remembering that it is supposed to come on a certain day based on the first day of the previous period (such as, every 28th day or every 29th day from the last period).
Avatar f tn If you get cramping, Advil or Nuprin are the best. Also, you might want to get some graph paper and start charting. The first day of your period is always "Day 1." Turn the graph paper sideways and write 1 through 31 or 32 across the top of the chart, and then below, write the month and the day (this would be November/December) like this: Cycle day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 etc. ---> Nov./Dec. 30 1 2 3 4 etc.
Avatar n tn The day your period comes, count as Day 1. The next day is Day 2, etc. etc. all the way to day 25, 28, 30 or whatever, when your period comes again. Then your next period's first day is a new Day 1. This is why women watch for ovulation at about Day 14 -- in most women, ovulation comes somewhere at mid-cycle.
Avatar f tn Get some graph paper and make a chart. Write 1 - 32 or 33 across the top (turn the paper sideways). Those are your headings. Every time your period comes, begin a new line under it. Under the 1, write the calendar date when your period begins. Use red ink for the dates of the days of your period and black ink for the dates of the other days of your month, putting the second day's calendar date under the 2, and the third day's date under the 3, etc. 1 2 3 4 5 etc.
Avatar n tn With long cycles like that, she is probably not a candidate to get pregnant when on her period. Ovulation happens two weeks before the period. She might wish to begin charting her periods on graph paper, and counting backwards two weeks from the first day of several months' periods, so she can get a rough idea of when she might be ovulating. Good luck, it doesn't sound like she is pregnant.
Avatar f tn It can be really interesting to chart your cycles on graph paper (starting a new line with each new period). It makes a bar graph of your cycle activity over many months that is useful for understanding your particular body's rhythm. I even used to use a little triangle for the days with clear, copious mucus (indicating ovulation) and a little lightning bolt for days with right ovary or left ovary pain (as I would often have ovarian cysts after ovulating).
Avatar n tn You can use it to tell things like when your period is early or late, and once you see a standard length of your cycle, you can even chart forward on a calendar and see when you might expect your next period. It is good information for knowing when a period is late, for sure. Females of any age who have periods can get a late period for a number of reasons, not just because of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Thats how my cousin fell preg with her second son, bassically you make up a simple graph you can write on IN BED and every morning BEFORE you do ANYTHING you take your temp. The next month you do the same and the mintue your temp rises to the peak like the month before you should ovulating and concive, i may take a few months but my cousin has a beautiful 4yr old now to prove it works lol.
Avatar f tn HI, I just started my period on December 1st and finished December 4th 2015. it's been 33 days since my last period. I've noticed I've gained wait. I've been dizzy, tiered, not hungry, headaches and a little bit nauseous. I know I'm not pregnant cuz I've never had sec so I'm worried. Is 33 days normal. Please help me. Is something wrong???
Avatar n tn You will see abbreviations like CD 12, and that means Day 12 of your cycle (i.e., Cycle Day 12). Your cycle might not be exactly 28 days long; many women have longer or shorter ones, and often women's cycle lengths change over the years or in response to stress. For the sake of medical discussion, a woman is assumed to have an "average" cycle of 28 days, and a presumed ovulation date of Cycle Day 14. (This is called ovulating at midcycle.) Again, every woman is different.
Avatar f tn I'm fourteen years old and I don't know a whole lot about my body.
Avatar n tn Which day on this graph is the one that period starts? (blood start flowing). Is it day 1 where it is highlighted red and says conception is not possible?? If this is the case.. this means that approximately 10 days prior to the actual period (blood) starting, during the period and 1-2 days after the blood stops it is infertile. Right? Use the days # under it please to tell me which day is the actual day that blood (period) starts and explain me. http://www.arborita.
5150005 tn?1366429987 If you want to start charting when you see the clear mucus, if you keep several months of data on graph paper (there are also aps for this), you will be able to get a good idea of when in your menstrual month to expect ovulation and how far from your period it happens. Don't worry, clear is normal, as is thin and milky white.
1195411 tn?1277331933 take your temp and record it.. when you get your period.. mark an X on that date, at the temp on the chart.. when your period ends, put dots at the temp you get each AM. you will notice that for teh first week or so, your temp will bounce very little.. when you see your temp increase .4 degrees F or so.. and its increasing more and more for 3 days straight.. that means your ovulating!.. that will last for only a few days..
864502 tn?1382644299 I am going to a specialist and he told me that I have high FSH and I am taking Prometrium to get my cycle back together. But he also told me that If my cycle do come on...I still may not ovulate. I am just wondering who is going thru the same thing I am and what advise you can give me. I have finally got a man that loves me and we are thinking about getting married......PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME OUT AT LEAST GIVE ME SOME ADVISE AS TO WHAT YOU DID OR DOING........
370779 tn?1209337688 I will have cm up to my period date. I am only on day 12 of my cycle. I usually ama bou 97.7 and today I was 97.2. Not really low but still the lowest I have had it. I also got a new thermometer. Would it be okay to switch and use the new one? Thanks!
Avatar f tn It's just a sign of your arousal at some point during the day or what phase of your cycle you are in. There's no guarantee birth control will lessen or relieve the amount of discharge.
Avatar f tn But the ovulation leads the next period (rather than following the last), so if a woman has, say, a 35-day cycle, she would ovulate around day 21. It's a good idea to keep a record of your cycles, when they start and end (I used to use graph paper) and note any cramping or twinges at mid-cycle. You'll be able to tell your doctor "my cycles are 29 days long" or whatever, and should be able to tell from your changes in cervical mucus, roughly when you ovulate.
1214653 tn?1266362467 (I even used to shade in the boxes, as it made a handy little bar graph of how long the flow was and how long the whole cycle was.) Once you have this information for two or three months, you will have something to show your doctor, (and your mom if she's skeptical), and also a lot of things will be clearer. For one thing, you can tell at a glance if you have a really regular cycle, since the bars on the bar chart will be exactly the same length if so.
Avatar n tn Hi first of all the best of luck to you! We used the OPK Clear Plan Easy. The electronic tracks your cycle from the 1st or 2nd day of your period until you ovulate. It shows on a "bar" type graph and the final one shows an egg in it will start going up as you get closer. We went through the whole process of clomid and shots etc. I found this predictor test to be pretty accurate. If you look on ebay you can usually find it cheaper.
Avatar n tn Have any of you experienced mass ferning right before and during your period. Since I started using my ovulation microscope and "searching for ferns", I ferned only on 1 day (day 13) until right before and during my period. I know that hormonal changes (an increase in estogen I think) can cause ferns, but several days in a row? And, by only having ferns on 1 day, I am assuming that this was NOT ovulation. I also chart my BBT, but have also had NO luck with it either.
Avatar f tn Plan B is available at the drugstore, in the U.S. Given that you didn't know what ovulation is, just to add to what pens said, look at the material she wrote and understand that the first day of your bleeding would considered Day 1 of a menstrual month, and around (approximately) halfway or Day 14 is (theoretically) your most fertile time, and then around Day 28 or 29 you would start bleeding again. That 28-day cycle is your "menstrual cycle.