How long should a period cycle last

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1181031 tn?1286629549 ve had a MC n my partner n I want to try again.... How long should we wait and how long has it takin sum of u ladies TC... THANKS...
Avatar f tn You can test now with First morning urine :).
Avatar f tn woops, i was so upset that he said last cycle that i just realized that i just walked out and didn't wait to "check out" and pay for today's u/s. HA!
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage at beginning of 5th week. How long should I wait to try again?
750981 tn?1301583682 I heard that clomid changes you cycle today is my 28th day but nothing should I take another pre test or when should I test. anyone had this and was pregnant or is it the clomid that is prolonging my cycle?
Avatar n tn If you take VITEX it will make it normal again. Its safe an cheap. You can get it with out seeing a DR.
1636043 tn?1328204968 You can take one now if you want. Should come up if you are. BUT IF it's NEG and you don't get your period a week from now take another test.
Avatar n tn you should take a test if you miss your period
1679244 tn?1375241559 First off, sorry about the m/c. I know how hard they are. After a natural m/c, my doc told me to wait one cycle and then I should start TTC. After a D&C, my doc told me to wait 3 cycles. So I would say that if your m/c was natural, then you're probably good to go! Good luck and wishing you get that BFP really soon!!
1248522 tn?1278065709 You due date would depend on how long your cycle is and when in your cycle you ovulate. In MY case, based on my LMP I would be a week ahead of where I actually am, but becuase I have longer cycles I'm actually a week behind. BASED on your LMP you would be 9 wks this fridon thursday. That means you will have completed a FULL 9 weeks and Friday would be the first day of your 10th week. When they do a dating ultrasound you will get a better idea of how far a long you actually are.
1566213 tn?1331000962 When all was said and done, I called my doctor to see when I should go in for a follow up, but he told me one was not needed since it seemed as though everything went fine (as if anything about a miscarriage is fine!). He never once spoke as to how long I should wait before trying to conceive other than saying that I shouldn't have a problem getting preggo again. My hubby and I decided to not wait and started trying to conceive immediately after I was no longer bleeding.
Avatar m tn So at the end of June not having my period for the longest time I get it and it last for a month and a half. Now it is September and I got it a few days later then normal but nothing to bad and now its the eighth day of my period and I am worried something is wrong because I keep having very long periods. Can anyone give me any advice? S.N. I am only eighteen and been having periods since I was eleven I think.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 17, and a female so it's easy for me to relate to where your at. Though I don't have this particular problem, I know a couple girlfriends do. Usually most girls agree that it takes a while to develope a regular cycle. I got my period at 10 and I didn't develope a regular cycle until I was atleast 14, so this isn't too unordinary. Anyways, so you could just suffer though it until your hormones kinda regulate.
Avatar f tn s for testing to see of there is a reason behind your miscarriages? Did you doctor suggest how long you should wait? Most of the time it is safe to try again when you feel emotionally and physically ready.
Avatar n tn Hi I had a miscarriage in march i was only 6 weeks. We got pregnant really fast about a month after we got married so i thought that after having my miscarriage i would just get pregnant again easily but its now been two cycles and not pregnant. We only waited 2 weeks after my miscarriage to have unprotected sex again. I just brought some opk's and am going to start trying that way.
1815473 tn?1336171200 I've had 3 m/c's and the bleeding was different each time. My doctor told me that after a natural m/c I should wait to have one normal cycle and then start trying again. I've read about women who get pregnant right away after a m/c and do well. I do agree that it's a good idea to get checked out by a doctor after a m/c. I just had a m/c and went in for an ultrasound and blood work.
Avatar f tn So long as it is protected (properly used pill or other medically-prescribed method and/or condom), you can have sex at any point in your cycle, including during your period unless one of you is grossed out by that. I would always use a condom and not a "well, how long until I ovulate?" method as not every woman ovulates the same day of her cycle.
562874 tn?1221011159 I had a miscarrage in may and this was my 1st baby, and I so dearly want another child. I'm wondering how long do you have to wait to try again for another baby. My doctor said I should have three full periods before I should try again, has anyone else waited this long? By the way I'm on period #2 now......
954098 tn?1246390739 My last real period was May 8th, 2009. My question is how long should i wait to take a HPT? its been 5 weeks since my miscarriage. should i wait or take one this week and then one next week?
Avatar f tn Did you stop mid cycle or at the start/end of a cycle? Everyone is different, it could take a few days or a few weeks for your period to start, just depends where you were in your cycle. If your keen to get pregnant asap then just start having sex but make sure you note down when you stopped birth control so just in case you conceive before your next period then you will have a rough idea of how far along you are.