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Avatar f tn That makes no sense for them to do that based on he starting at that age! My mom started at age 10 and I started at age 11. Some girls develope earlier and that is nothing to worry about. I woudl not ahve her go to a gyn either as that will be tramatising for her! She still has a hymen too. I think she should go tfor her first visit aroun 16-17 or sooner of she becomes sexually active. Hope not on that. I have two girls almost 10 and one who turned 11 in Dec.
427097 tn?1210954367 Also, from personal expierience, it is quite possible that the ultrasound is wrong on the age and weight of the babies. I was told that my daughter would weigh somewhere around 7 to 7 and 1/2 pounds when she was born and she was 8lbs. 14 oz. Good luck with everything and I hope I was somewhat helpful.
Avatar n tn if, at any point, they are rude about your weight, they make you feel shamed about your weight, etc. - walk out. There are plenty of doctors who know how to be respectful and you don't need to take any rudeness or lack of professional tact from anyone. Don't let them bully you into a million tests because they assume everything must be wrong strictly based on your weight. My mother has been through so much of this over the years! I wish you the best of luck!!!!
180483 tn?1229532768 Her bone age scan in July had her w/ the bone age of an 8 year in Feb of that of a 10-12 year old. Her endocrinologist and I have discussed Lupron but not in any great length (my next appt is in April). Can you tell me the benefits vs. the risks for this drug. Thank you!
Avatar m tn We are not sure, but it is possible that my dad had an aortic aneurysm from what I was told. Mom had stroke at age 71, then heart attack took her at age 73. Both parents had high blood pressure where mine is fine at 115/75 average. My weight is fine at 5'5" and 135 lbs. I do take after dad as far as dental health (periodontitis) though I'm getting that addressed this week after years of ignoring it. I am aware of increasing evidence with oral health and heart health.
Avatar m tn It seems to me that losing weight should have positive effects on suppressing virus replication. Then all hbver should try to lose weight if BMI is not below normal range.
186166 tn?1385262982 Allergy problems, increase in allergies (number, sensitivity, reactions, lengthier reactions) Back pain, stiffness, tension, pressure, soreness, spasms, immobility in the back or back muscles Blanching (looking pale, loss of color in the face or skin) Blushing, turning red, flushed face, flushed skin, blushing, red face or skin Body aches, parts of or your entire body feels sore and achy, feels like your body and muscles are bruised Body jolts, body zaps, electric jolt feeling in body, in
10256164 tn?1408984841 Breast-fed children are more resistant to disease and infection early in life than formula-fed children Breast-fed children are less likely to contract a number of diseases later in life, including juvenile diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and cancer before the age of 15 Mothers who breastfeed are less likely to develop osteoporosis later in life, are able to lose weight gained during pregnancy more easily and have a lower risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer Breastfeeding
Avatar m tn I've had arrhythmia's since I was young along with fainting and been told everything was fine normal, nothing was wrong until 2009 at age 42 - my my pvc's seemingly "morphed" into malignant arrhythmia's - which can't be explained - and is very confusing' I haven't read or heard they change - I've read whatever you have is what you have.
Avatar n tn I never tried Inderal because I heard it causes weight gain more than Toprol. No one here has had weight gain with it? I just want to make sure because I'm a former anorexic and weight gain would be catastrophic for me even if my palps were better. Has anyone been on Toprol and switched to Inderal? Did it work better? Thanks!
Avatar n tn 73 and that falls on the low end of the normal TSH range. He is having T4/T3/antibodies tests done this week. His question is whether or not he should have the entire thyroid taken out or simply the ride node and the isthmus. He is 26 year old and very healthy and active and is worried about the effects of having a total thyroidectemy at his age.
Avatar n tn I have experienced very heavy periods since csection, was told weight related, lost weight and it worsened. Dr. recently discovered my iron levels are extremely low (7). After doing stool sample to check for intestinal bleeding believed it is related to menstrual cycle, I agree because from the start of period for about 10 days (typical extent of period) I am very tired, unable to concentrate/focus/think etc.
Avatar n tn ok, now it is every other beat to every 3 beats. called my doc and she said not to worry, not dangerous. emailed my former EP doc ( he has moved away, we are still buds) and he e-mailed -- go have fun stop worrying. egaaads! am i crazy to be @)$*#& uncomfortable and scared with this level of PVCs! ????
1378884 tn?1315509445 Usually wake up fine ( as fine as a 55 year old can be) and by the end of day or frequent use (walking/weight lifting) I am in extreme pain and no flexibility. My Doc had me try some Celebrex which took the edge off the pain and allowed me to be more active but I was far from pain free. Going in for an MRI. Will that tell me which type of arthritis I have or if I have both and what exactly are they looking for?
Avatar n tn The biopsy you had previously was examined by a pathologist,a different pathologist may have interpreted the slides differently. Fibrosis speeds up with age and length of infection. The only worthwhile input is to advise you to make an appointment with a hepatologist specialising in viral hepatitis and get down to a proper examination of your condition.
Avatar m tn Also if viral load is und, can we consider the damage to liver cells in minimal vs uncontrolled viral load?
Avatar n tn My daughter picked up her new RX a couple of weeks ago and didn't notice that it was generic levox vs. her normal synthroid. I called the doctor once I saw that and asked if she was supposed to have the generic. He said no, but he forgot to mark the box that says "no generic" anyrate, she developed this intense facial rash this weekend - itchy bumpy face, neck and ears. I am pretty sure it is the levox, as that is the only RX she is taking!
Avatar f tn this doesnt mean i m stupid dear... i m reading for a Ph.D so i really dont think my IQ is lower than normal... i just hv different interests from u... but yes, when i was very very young, i used to think the world was stupid if they cld not share my interests, so i DO know where u r coming from... just that i ditched that limitation about 30 years ago...
Avatar f tn The endocrinologist I saw after about a month (it took that long to get an appointment), had said that he usually starts people on very high doses to get a quicker control--that scared me and being a nurse and knowing what I do I would never have agreed on that high of a dose. I tolerated the 100 mg three times a day which was the normal max dose ,I think the endo said he uses much higher doses than the 100 mg initially. I would never agree to that.
Avatar n tn Ask a PharmD to calculate the maximum safe dosage for your weight, and RCA7591 obviously doesn't understand that dosages are directly proportional to weight. If you ever take that much, call 911 and/or a friend to drive you to the ER and have your stomach pumped and/or ingest large amounts of activated charcoal. He must have gotten all of his information from wikipedia or the like, or really mixed up his research. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!
Avatar n tn I was once afraid, and still am of not having it as I have sometimes reached a point of choking and gagging from the dust particles and what they do to my breathing. My age now is 56. I was told by an allergist to stay in doors using the AC or heat, remove the carpet and drapes and when driving to leave the windows up and also use the AC or heat. My regular Doctor said the cure was to move.
599170 tn?1300977493 Oh, ok, I guess I read your answer the wrong way. Sorry about that. It's is a controversial subject as it should be.
402702 tn?1325891412 He can also do things to help his sperm like eating a high quality diet (lots of fruits and veges and no junk foods), keeping his boys cool, regular exercise, making sure his weight is normal, no smoking. Taking a good quality antioxidant.
Avatar f tn He is on Biphentin 40 mg. A small dose for his age/weight but I dont want to over dose my kid. Is there a better type of ADHD medicine to maybe sugget to the doctor?
Avatar n tn Well, there are so many multifactorial issues involved with age management and weight loss. Carb junkies need to be evaluated for gut flora issues. Craving sweets and carbs may be a sign of a gut overgrowth of a fungus called candida. Also, adrenal fatigue can be an issue as can issues with a hormone called leptin. You may have heard of this discovery in the 90s touted as "the obesity gene.
Avatar n tn I treat the disease like a chronic condition, agressively control my blood pressure and lipid readings (cholesterol) with drugs, watch my weight, and exercise every day. After three years, I feel perfectly normal and have more physical capability than I did when I was 35 years old. Ulike in your father's day there are drugs available today that can stop coronary artery disease in it's tracks.
Avatar n tn echos, stress, Holters all deemed normal except for PVC activity on the latest holter which showed 10 PVC in 48 hours, no runs, and one couplet. 2. Doctor has me taking 12,5 mg of atenenol when required for onset of sinus tachy which later degrades into PVC activity when nervious or when I get an episode of PVC's.
Avatar f tn Have more 'fluffy' fat around my tummy but the weight gain is all over. Is this normal? What do I have to do to lose it - starve myself?? I am thinking of adding a few extra workouts per week to my schedule and try cutting back some calories. I've never had to deal with this before and just wondering if this is a normal part of coming closer to menopause. Help!
Avatar f tn at the time of the baby's death, did the baby appear to be a normal size and have normal nutrition and development? 2. did the placenta seem like a normal size, and did it appear normal in every other way? Best wishes. I agree that you deserve more answers than you're getting.