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Avatar n tn Anyone told that their placenta blood distribution to the baby is a bit low? 0-4 is low and I'm at 3.33. How to improve it?
Avatar n tn Baby plus placenta, so something like twenty pounds?
Avatar f tn ) But remember weight gain is not all you putting on weight.. bub, fluid, placenta all add to it.
Avatar f tn en now im 14wks im not gaining weight .but i have a normal pregnancy . Do u drink milk wch is reduced fat?
11367320 tn?1421803559 Don't stress of weight you gain unless doctors are concerned. You also have to factor in the weight of the fluid , placenta and anything else that goes along with it !
Avatar n tn It's possible, but a full term baby usually weighs around 7-8lbs, your placenta weighs about 3lbs and your additional blood weighs a load too, so a total gain of 5lb is definitely low. Having said that, if you were overweight to start with, you may have lost weight whilst baby gained. I assume you've been having regular check ups and the baby is measuring normally.
Avatar f tn Im 25 weeks and I havent gained any weight isthat normal?
Avatar f tn I feel like just dieting or working out ro loose the weight gain but i know im not suppose to. How did anyone deal with thee weight gain? And what is the normal amount of weight gain?
Avatar f tn Ok that's good I'm glad it's nothing to he worried about, and I'm thinking that if it keeps up I might actually loose weight when I finally have him cuz I'll lose his weight and the fluid/placenta, but that would just be wishful thinking lol and I'm finally starting to show too!
730826 tn?1317946934 My doctor (not ob/gyn) said for some loosing weight in the pregnancy is good because they are over weight to start with. As long as Im eating right. Im eating all the food groups and good amounts so I know all is good. So for a shorty like me at 15 weeks, how much is an appropriate weight?
250155 tn?1485299539 my doctor told me that i have a higher risk this pregnancy of developing placenta previa or placenta accreta b/c of the # of c-sections i've had (3) already and how close together they are. what are the chances of this happening and do you know if it has any effect on the baby. i know the placenta can move on its own, but if it doesn't what happens then?
Avatar n tn The baby is thankfully growing well and is considered age-appropriate in size and weight, and my amniotic fluid levels are also normal. I am not a smoker, drinker, do not have diabetes and have low blood pressure (always at 110/70), although I am 37 years old. This is my third pregnancy, with the second one ending in an early miscarriage. At 19 weeks, I was diagnosed with a low lying placenta resulting in some spotting, and was placed on bedrest.
Avatar n tn The doctor said that at 20 weeks it should move to its normal spot as the baby and placenta grows. My best advise is to relax because stress does nothing well for the baby. I am scared but i know the baby is fine. I have started to feel mine move. If you have not you will soon. I didn't feel my first move until after 20 weeks.Believe me i thought this would be a walk in the park since it was number 3 but what they say is true. Every pregancy is different.
Avatar n tn I really prayed about the whole thing and asked God to move my placenta and fibriods out of the way so that I could have a normal delivery. When I went for my ultrasound follow up exam at 32 weeks my doctor had informed me that my previa was completely cleared up. He also ifnormed me that my fibriods were in the upper area of the uterus and therefore would not cause any obstruction for a vaginal delivery. PRAISE GOD! Everything was resolved.
Avatar n tn of down syndrome respectingly decreasing our risk to 1.4% What they did find however was an abmormally large Placenta and a reportedly small for gestation age baby.. A large number of blood tests are being run, but ultimately we were told we are at a very high risk of needing to deliver the baby very early (22-28wks).
Avatar n tn I lost my baby at 8 months due to a silent Placenta Abruption. It was silent because it did not show on a ultrasound, I had no pain or bleeding. The blood was hidden between the placenta and uterine wall. There was no cause found. I had high blood pressure, but it was controled by Aldamet. My sugar levels were slightly elevated, but not extreme. I had increased amnotic fluid. I also went into DIC. I had four pints of blood and 4 pints of plasma.
Avatar f tn Not breast feeding
Avatar f tn I was just wondering how long it took for any other mommy with an anterior placenta (placenta is in the front of the baby) to feel Baby kick from the outside. I feel my baby lightly on the inside, but I can tell that her kicks are being muffled by the placenta. Do I have anything to be worried about when it comes to counting my babies kicks, or delivery??
Avatar f tn He also picked up sugar in my urine which I am having double checked for gestational diabetes, should know in a few days. I just wanted to know is it normal for the placenta to start calcifying at 32 weeks? Seems a bit soon doesn't it??? Thanks a stack!
Avatar f tn I don't think anyone should tell a pregnant woman what is normal weight gain or not every ones body is different and as long as your are healthy and your doctor agrees! Women are already self conscious as it is while pregnant I know I was and still am...
Avatar n tn Um 17.3 weeks pregnant. So far I have gained 2 kg weight. Is this normal. I remain a bit concern about my baby's growth. My baby moves very few times a day. How can I assure about the growth of my baby is alright and as well the baby is safe. I don't have any medical complication. This is my first pregnancy. Please anyone can tell about the baby's movement.
1092756 tn?1257027809 If not pregnant, weight loss would occur, but with the weight that's normal to add during pregnancy it can even out.
1911870 tn?1345422609 My pregnancy has been pretty normal and i've gained a lot! Baby weight for me is probably only 15 to 20 pounds.
Avatar f tn Your baby is going to gain the most weight in the last trimester plus fluid and placenta. Its normal to gain weight.
Avatar f tn I had a doctors appointment yesterday and my doctor said everything was normal/healthy. Is anyone else slowly gaining weight? Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn Babies gain about 1/2lb or more a week, so if your little one gains that and is 4lbs, he/she will be about 6lbs at birth, which is a very normal average weight, so don't stress!
Avatar f tn and my doc informed me that as long as I'm healthy and the baby is ok then it doesn't matter how much I gain cause it will all come out cause most of your weight gain is the placenta
Avatar f tn He also told me to stop trying to put on weight that the baby had plenty to eat/drink due to my placenta holding extra vitamins and nutrients that the baby could access.
Avatar f tn I'm 23wks and hv gained 16 lbs I was 128 before now I'm 144 doctor said I'm normal weight but I can do better if I don't want to hv a hard time after the bby to lose the weight. Abd I do feel over weight its do hard to eat healthy w a busy schedule this is my 2bd bby. W my first I weighed 152 full term!