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Avatar f tn This is accurate assuming average/normal absorption -- if you are on a dose 3x your weight, then there may be an absorption problem or interfering medication/supplement. There is not a "maximum" dose -- just whatever it takes to bring TSH into range.
Avatar n tn But a few months ago I added a few kilos, I suppose it's because of my birth control pills and my busy schedule in the last months. I'm 171 cm height, 67 kg. I want to get back to my normal weight 57, 58 kg. Here's my plan for the next month: 7 am: breakfast- whole grain cereals with low fat milk 7:30- 8.
Avatar n tn From last month she was taling 50 mcg dose Today test result is showing TSH more than 150. Still her weight is 46 kg. So Can you tell me the reason for not heaving symptoms of Hypothyroidism & too much fluctuation of TSH Level?
Avatar f tn 7 mcg/kg of body weight is? I am currently on a dose that is 3 times my body weight e.g 3 mcg/kg and still haven't normalised. What about everyone on here?
Avatar n tn From last month she was taling 50 mcg dose Today test result is showing TSH more than 150. Still her weight is 46 kg. So Can you tell me the reason for not heaving symptoms of Hypothyroidism & too much fluctuation of TSH Level?
Avatar m tn HELLO I have 179 cm( height) and 79 kg(weight) .I am 30 years old Is this normal or should I lose some weight? I can not do exercise for 3 months because of recent surgery.....
Avatar f tn Hi! The weight will depend on many factors such as your geographical region, ethnicity, family background, body structure, waist and height. For small frame it should be around 132-145 pounds (59-65 kg) and for medium frame it should be about 142-156 pounds or 64 to 70kg and for large frame women it should be 152-173 pounds or 68 to 78kg. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn It's perfectly normal to lose weight in the first trimester and I wouldn't let it cause you alarm. This is my second baby as well after 10 years. I wish you good luck and congratulations!
Avatar f tn hey m 32 and 85 kg in weight. m on low calorie n carb diet for last 2 month...but dont even do moderate exercise..i have a big tummy...allot of fat on my tummy area. pls give me your suggestion to reduce it.
Avatar f tn I have been told too many times that my weight went down and do far I have gained less than 10 pounds and am 34 weeks already baby's weight is normal for gestional age. Doc is not worried though. Trouble is I don't have hunger cues as such and I don't have any food I like - my taste buds are just terrible.
Avatar f tn I'm all better now and my appetite is down. Your weight change can be water weight making you fluctuate but so far you're doing great!
Avatar n tn ( I'm normal weight, non smoker and non drinker and exercise several times a week. I had a second endoscopy last week that showed the h. ployri is gone and my inflammation is gone. Does it take time for heartburn to go away after the ployri has been killed? if so how long?
Avatar f tn Always listen to your doctor.. there a doctor for a reason.
Avatar f tn upper 1/3 of range and i'm tempted to get her to just increase my meds to at least 100mcg T4 on my next visit as I'm still putting on 1kg/mth. I've read that dosage for normal adults can run from 1.6-1.8mcg per kg body weight. If that's so, my current 107kg is seriously under-dosed. LOL *I have 2 colleagues who are Hypo weighing around 55kg takes the same T4 dosage as me…..
1301836 tn?1305625415 ok so hubby has started thinking about losing a bit of weight...he really needs to but i darent tell him that....when i got onto the scales i was horrified to see i was close to 14st! well ive been deluding myself by keeping it on kg's so i don't know my true to speak...and its nice to see the kg thing on here tells me that ive put on so many pounds...that sounds much nicer than stones! anyhow ive flicked the switch back to kg from stones.....
2028721 tn?1356685603 looking at ur pics seems u r normal , but 205 lbs is never a correct weight. u neet to reduce another 20 kg. do regularly aerobic exercise and go for proper dieting.
Avatar f tn I've gained 30lbs and I am 36w Monday. That is a normal amount of weight to gain as long as you were a healthy bmi pre-pregnancy. 30kg on the other hand seems a bit excessive.
459969 tn?1398173854 I am 17 wks 4 days. I have not gained any weight, Is this normal? I mean I eat, but shouldn't I have gained some weight? I feel my little man moving around so I know he's growing, Im' taking my vitamins. I just was wandering.
Avatar m tn I am a 25 year old man. Height 6 ft. (180 cm). Weight only 51 kg, ie. 112 pounds. So am trying to gain some weight. Is it okay to target 2 kg per month ? I think that is achievable. But what I want to know is - is it okay to do that ? Is it too much to gain every month ? Will that have any other side effects on my body ?
Avatar n tn hi, I’m Male 35 years old [Weight 95 KG – 164 cm Tall] till age 32 I was max 70 kg weight now I’m 35 years old and I’m 95 KG I tried to lose weight with diet, even i used to walk daily 5 KM and I didn’t even lose 1 kg so, I made a TSH test. and results came normal. need to know what I can do now, or what’s wrong why I can’t lose weight anymore. Lab Results is: Ref. Range T3 78.25 ng/dl 60 -181 T4 8.4 ug/dl 4.
Avatar f tn Your baby could put on up to a pound a week. That is upper range, but you should have about a 7 pound (3.2kg) baby if you go to term.
Avatar n tn You didn’t say anything about weight? Lost 3.5 kg in 1 month. Can I worry about it?? Or it is good sign ??
3224201 tn?1380381395 I've gained 1lb since week 13. As long as you and your baby are fine, it's Okayy.. I'm 31 weeks and 3 days..
457438 tn?1302072007 She is born on 2nd week of april and weight was 2.400 KG. Due date was May 2nd week and she came before one month.Now she is 5.800 Kg. Is this a normal weight for this age?
Avatar n tn , My daughter is almost 6 years old, as a height of 1,33 m and a weight of 36,5 kg, which makes a BMI of 20,4. This parameter is normal for an adult (20-25), but is it for a nearly 6 year child ?
Avatar f tn but after 5 th month she started gaining weight and in her 9 th month she was 26 pounds more than her normal weight and we checked to your doctor about this weight gain, he told it is normal. Actually, a pregnant women should gain at least 12 kg more than her actual weight. So eat well, eat healthy and be happy.