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Avatar f tn Overall, among the entire group, at the end up one year, weight was up by 3.95 (kg 8 3/4 pounds), to 9.91 kg (22 pounds) after 4 years, with a mean weight gain of approximately 3.66 kg (8 pounds) per year." - Dale, J., Daykin, J., Holder, R., Sheppard, M. C. & Franklyn, J. A. "Weight gain following treatment of hyperthyroidism," Clinical Endocrinology , 55 (2), 233-239.
457438 tn?1302068407 She is born on 2nd week of april and weight was 2.400 KG. Due date was May 2nd week and she came before one month.Now she is 5.800 Kg. Is this a normal weight for this age?
Avatar f tn Hello, losing 2-4kg per month is a healthy amount of weight loss. The key is to lose small amounts of weight so the body can adjust and keep it off. 10kg weight loss can most likely be done, but it would involve alot of deprivation which wouldnt be sustainable for long term weight management. so what would happen? youd get the 10kgs off and then your body would want to go back to where it was. so you'd gain the weight back... and often put on more than you were initially.
Avatar n tn Perfectly normal. You will have to gain around 10 kg by the end of your term. So the weight increase should necessarily happen after 20 weeks. Before which its totally fine. Your baby will take all from ur body. Dont skip the prenatals though.
Avatar m tn I was 64kg , after that I was 62 kg ,about 10 days latter I was 63 kg and today I am 62 kg again.
Avatar f tn I also lost weight in the beginning and didnt gain untill a few months. I have currently gained 11 kg which is perfect :) the baby Takes what it needs.
Avatar n tn My 1 Baby is normal healthy with weight of 2.1 kg but my 2nd baby is weak and has 1.
Avatar f tn 27+2 wks and gained 22 lbs. Is anyone's doctor giving them a hard time about their weight? I'm 5' 8 and was a normal BMI and active prior to pregnancy. Mine gets on to me at almost every visit...
7745094 tn?1396429352 Its normal, I gained no weight from the exact same time frame and my doctor said it was fine because the baby is getting what it needs from the placenta,, but from 18-23 what I am now I've gained 8lbs.
Avatar n tn i'm 15 , i weigh 85 kg and measure 171cm . I want to lose about 10 kg in a month or two . What's the good diet for me ?
3224201 tn?1380377795 I've gained 1lb since week 13. As long as you and your baby are fine, it's Okayy.. I'm 31 weeks and 3 days..
Avatar f tn but after 5 th month she started gaining weight and in her 9 th month she was 26 pounds more than her normal weight and we checked to your doctor about this weight gain, he told it is normal. Actually, a pregnant women should gain at least 12 kg more than her actual weight. So eat well, eat healthy and be happy.
Avatar f tn This app says 0-2 kg per week, but todaymy weight was 86.7 kg meaning I have lost weight. Is this a bad or a good thing, because a growing baby should add weight. Or am I losing fat due to eating healthier but gaining less weight for the baby? Im confused..
Avatar f tn Hi m 29 weeks pregnant mashallah and last mnth my weight was 66 and this month my weight is 64 i lost 2 kg .. Has anyone experience this? should i worry ?becoz its my first pregnancy ..plx help is dat normal?
Avatar n tn all my test fasting glucose normal , and test after i eat 2 hour (like 2 Mc donals rice) and normall , hba1c 5,4% ( normally 4,5% - 7%) and still normal.... I am overwight 160 cm and 90 Kg I test IGT with sweet drink 75g ( before i test Hba1c) and : *fasting glucose 93 *IGT after 30 minutes 165 30 minutes 207 30 minutes 205 60 minutes 165 how about me? am i normal??
Avatar m tn Hi, I am from India. I used to suffer from Grave's disease for a long time. I used to be on medication of Carbimazole. Later, while living in US in 2001, I underwent Radioactive Iodine therapy and became Hypothyroid. I was prescribed Synthroid 100 mcg. Since my return to India in 2003 I am on the following medicaiton. Hypothyroid: Thyrox 100 mcg (Levothyroxine Sodium) High BP: Adbeta-25mg (s(-) Atenolol) and Listril-5mg (Lisinopril) I used to weigh 78 Kg (172 lb). I had lost 13 Kg (28.
Avatar m tn 2 kg that he has to gain or win. Now he is 7 kg. He has borne 3.4 kg. We don’t now what to do now. It has supposed that in this period of time he has to eat the cereals but we still can’t do it. Is it normally that he is not taking the milk with the bottle? If not, what should we do to force him to get extra mild form the bottle, if it’s not the time to get the cereals with the spoon? Even the milk from his mother he is not getting like in the begging.
Avatar f tn It's normal to lose weight in the beginning. I am 37 weeks and I lost weight pretty much the whole time. I am only 2 pounds above my prepregnancy weight.