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Avatar f tn Hey guys! I'm 164 cm and 57.5 kg, I want to lose some weight and tone up. Is 52.5 a good weight for my height? I don't wanna be too skinny either! I lost about 4.5 kg before but I've gained back another 1.5 kg because I slacked off as my study load increased. Any tips would be great!
Avatar m tn IMHO it would have been helpful that in addition to sharing how many lbs. you lost , what your tx starting weight was. My tx start weight was 175lbs. and I have lost 42lbs. after completing week 40/48. I have considered changing my nickname from Big Al to Costillas ( spanish for Ribs) because that's all you can see when I remove my shirt. Best wishes to all and have a Happy Christmas.
Avatar m tn Hi there, What is your height? 100 kg is excess at any height. You should aim to lose your weight slowly and steadily. Firstly rule out conditions like hypothyroidism which can lead to excessive weight gain. A person wanting to lose weight should do so in a scientific way for long term benefits. A healthy diet and regular exercise or incorporating yoga into your daily regime can help to lose weight. Eat more of green leafy vegetables, fruits and protein and less of fats, butter and potato etc.
Avatar f tn I have began losing some weight. I think I have lost around 5 lbs. I am mmore worried about putting more and more weight on than losing what I have. Alot of the medicines they have put me on have weight gain as a side effect. I guess I am just trying to prevent that from happening. Thanks again and I love almonds.
367974 tn?1286554758 i tired lood=sing wight is just very difficult, before my miscarried pregnancy I weighed 95k ( 209 lbs) and when I was 12 weeks and already miscarried became 105 kg (231 lbs), since then I have been trying to at least loose the weight gained in pregnancy and managed to come down to 97 kg ( 213 lbs). I am still exercising and cut down on fatty food etc but would take me for ever to loose another 5-10 kg. My hubby is desperate to try for another but Im so not ready for another miscarriage....
Avatar f tn I had another growth scan today i'm 36 weeks, and they told me baby had jumped from being in the 14th percentile to the 24th percentile, so they don't want to see me again until i deliver. Right now estimated weight is 5lb 9oz, and doc predicts a birthweight of about 6 1/2 lbs. But now i'm getting scared that he might get too big!! But he is all healthy and they're not worried anymore, so now its just a waiting game.
Avatar n tn i was diagnoised 8/14/07 with T=2 because of rapid weight loss was 116 at the time. put on metformin 8/14 weight myself today lost 4 lbs. I don't need to lose weight little scary. i take 500mg 1 per day. would appreciate your thoughts. my gloucose was 120 my a1c was 6.2 random test no fasting at diagnios. excuse miss spelling.
Avatar f tn Second, I've been on Lithium for years and never had problems with weight gain from it - honestly. Now, I did have giant weight gain on Remeron- almost 40 lbs. Went from 115ish to 155 lbs. This was three years ago. I started exercising and doing a diet plan and lost 19 lbs a few months later. Then I became hit-or-miss with my exercise and I've remained at 140. I'd still like to lose 20 more.
Avatar n tn , etc., nothing works like Metamucil BUT I am gaining so much weight. I am now12 lbs. heavier than in Nov. None of my clothes fit me anymore. I am a whole size bigger. No one can explain what my problem is. I have had every test possible the only change has been in taking Metamucil. I absolutely MUST find something else to take. I think it has slowed down my metabolism. Does anyone have any suggestions????
119874 tn?1189759429 5 or so mg per kg of body weight. Generally, I think you want to be over 15. Divide your weight in lbs by 2.2 to get kg. 165/2.2 = 75kg 75kg X 15.5 = 1,162.5 mg or supposing you were taking 800 mg for 165 lbs: 165/2.2 = 75kg 800kg/75kg = 10.6 (quite a bit outside of our 13.3 - 15.
Avatar f tn BMR = 655 + (9.6 X wt in kg) + (1.8 X ht in cm) - (4.7 X age in years) Note: 1 inch = 2.54 cm. 1 kilogram = 2.2 lbs. Example: You are female You are 30 years old You are 5' 6 " tall (167.6 cm) You weigh 120 lbs. (54.5 kilos) Your BMR = 655 + 523 + 302 - 141 = 1339 calories/day Now that you know your BMR, you can calculate TDEE by multiplying your BMR by your activity multiplier from the chart below: Activity Multiplier Sedentary = BMR X 1.
Avatar f tn Small Frame Medium Frame Large Frame 5'4" 114-127 124-138 134-151 Be sure that you really need to lose weight. It may be that all you need to do is tone your muscles. For that, yoga is one of the best exercises you can do, plus as ducky says, it helps manage stress.
579258 tn?1250652943 In entering your current data, it provides you with a chart to monitor your progress, allows you to establish weight loss goals, tracks your measurements and clothing size, and records your exercise and daily activities. Using the Weight Tracker also gives you the ability to email it to your doctor as a point-of-reference before or during your appointment so he/she can see your progress. Take a look at it – I guarantee you, you will start using it!
Avatar n tn Hi all, I've been on Effexor for about 8 years now. I tried others, including Lexipro. I literally went to bed weighing 145 and woke up a week later weighing 170. My second Dr. showed me in his palm pilot that the #1 side effect of Lexipro (and Celexia) is WEIGHT GAIN. I took myself off of 225mg/day of Effexor and experienced HORRIBLE side effects, however I had no choice, my insurance ran out and we all know that's not cheap.
Avatar n tn I lost 20 lbs in two months from 189 to 169 lbs, the pace is now slowing down. Dr. Vinod gave you excellent advice. That's what I've been doing. I am 42, 5'7.5".
Avatar n tn I was wondering if ANYONE has any advice for me. I have been trying to lose about 5-10lbs over the last year. I am 31 years old , 4'8" and weigh 101 lbs. I used to weight between 89 and 94lbs at the most! I am pretty atheltic. I ran a marathon a few years ago and shortly after that is when I gained the weight. I have been training for half marathons (I ran one in April 2006) so I have been keeping the cardio up with running 3-4 days during the week and then 5-10 miles on the weekends.
98010 tn?1305903335 I'm coming back with a report. Last Saturday I started another weight loss program. I was 178,6 lbs on 15 Oct (with 4 lbs of gained weight when exercising as i said in my previous post). The new program was: 1,5 minutes of jogging, 3 quick stretches, than 4 cycles of exercise 1 for one muscle group 12 reps and exercise 2 for another muscle group 12 reps. That all took 10 minutes I think.
Avatar n tn what helped her to lose some lbs. She was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 24, 8 years ago. I am not sure how much weight your daughter has to lose, but my sister wanted to drop a couple sizes to get down to what was her usual size. She said she was very frustrated because some days she would eat low carb bars and a normal dinner and nothing else (unless low) and still NO Results. My sister found this very frustrating just as your daughter does. As we know, insulin is fat-producing.
Avatar f tn I can't locate the reference to post at the moment.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure what that means because i dont kno wthe kg to lb formula but they say 2-3 lbs a month is healthy for first and second trimester gain then in 3rd trimester you gain like a lb a week. sorry hope this may help calm ur fears a lil.
4920683 tn?1370199121 Recommended Pegintron Combination Therapy Dosing (Adults) Body Weight kg (lbs) 66-75 (145-166) Amount of Pegintron (mcg) to Administer 96 mcg Body Weight kg (lbs) 76-80 (167-177) Amount of Pegintron (mcg) to Administer 120 mcg http://www.drugs.com/pro/pegintron.
Avatar m tn 1220-8. Your height is 165 cm, or 5 feet 5 inches. And your weight is 48 kg or 105.8 lbs. Using ideal body weight (IBW) calculations: Males: IBW = 50 kg + 2.3 kg for each inch over 5 feet. Females: IBW = 45.5 kg + 2.3 kg for each inch over 5 feet Your IBW is calculated to be 61.5 kg, so you are currently about 22% below your ideal body weight. In addition, your body mass index (BMI) is 17.6, which is considered underweight.
Avatar f tn 5 mcg I have gained 15 lbs while on tx, and my weight is now 75 kg (165 lbs). My doc won't let me increase the PegIntron, since the limit for 120 mcg is 76 kg. Also the dosage of Rebetol is different from Copegus. At 76 kg you get 1200 mg Copegus, but only 1000 mg Rebetol. Why? Does not the lower dosage of PegIntron and Rebetol compared to the dosage of Pegasys (180 mcg for all) and Copegus reduce one's chances of SVR?
Avatar f tn 65 kg – (143 lbs) 800 mg/day 65-85kg (143-187 lbs) 1,000 mg/day 86-105 kg (189-231 lbs) 1,200 mg/day 106-125 kg (233-275 lbs) 1,400 mg/day http://www.hivandhepatitis.com/hep_c/news/2011/0125_2010_b.
Avatar f tn What is your daughter's weight (in kg or lbs) and height so I am able to assess her nutritional state. Was your daughter a premie? Thank you.
Avatar f tn 15 mg/kg/day PO or 1000 mg/day PO given in 2 divided doses (in the morning and evening) every day plus interferon alfa-2b 3 million international units SC/IM 3 times per week. The duration of treatment for genotype 1 is 48 weeks; consider treatment discontinuation if an HCV-RNA value below the level of detection has not been achieved at 24 weeks. The duration of treatment for genotype 2 or 3 is 24 weeks.
Avatar f tn Those weighing less than 143 lbs (less than 65 kg) received 800 mg Those weighing between 143 lbs and 187 lbs (65-85 kg) received 1000 mg Those weighing between 189 lbs and 229 lbs (86-104 kg) received 1,200 mg Those weighing between 231 lbs and 273 lbs (105-124 kg) received 1,400 mg
602261 tn?1252586758 this is an old story in hcv studies : subtler effects are hidden in broad averages. If you are concerned, it's worth getting a copy of "Optimal dose of peginterferon and ribavirin for treatment of chronic hepatitis C." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18637069 and following the references therein. This is a current summary of available data on rbv/peg dosing.
3103006 tn?1414815486 Either way you will be having periodic CBC's while on the Procrit. ____________________________________ FYI I weight 120 and I take 1000 a day but according to the weight based chart for Riba I could get by on 800: Riba Dose 1000 day: 66 to 75 kg: Ribavirin 400 mg orally in the morning and 600 mg in the evening plus peginterferon alfa-2b 96 mcg subcutaneously once a week 66kg = 145.
Avatar n tn DO you know what weight based INF charts recommend? I'd advise you to cut back to the weight based chart recommendations only, and that right there should give you considerable relief from the nausea/appetite issues. That way you wouldn't be risking a breakthrough. Also, you could use some adjuncts to help with sleep and nausea. There are some liver friendly anti-nausea meds, there is also an antidepressant known to help sleep, increase appetite and be liver friendly.