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Avatar m tn I took a blood test and everything is normal. My LDL is low and HDL is on the higher range of normal. I have started eating right and exercising for a minimum of 150 min a week. Kindly let me know if this should be enough to make changes to my health in terms of not being a victim to certain illness in the future.
Avatar f tn immediately. They can aid you in overcoming the depression of pregnancy weight gain and guide you in normal pregnancy weight gain (maybe refer you to a pregnancy nutritionist). Congratulations on the pregnancy, and good luck!
2044355 tn?1330034267 or shorter you are obese (BMI of 29.8). Normal weight is typically said to be between a BMI of 18 and 25, overweight is between 25 and 29 and obese is over 29. I'm unsure of where the line is exactly but I know at 40 bmi you are considered morbidly obese. Now because of your young age you are probably still growing, so it's best to not be at the lowest normal wieght possible.
Avatar n tn I think that what your mom is going thru is pretty common as in the fear taking over when people have angina and they do anything they can to avoid get the symptoms of angina which in her case is staying sedentary to avoid the angina. Gaining weight is never a good thing unless you realize that you are underweight and need to put on a couple of pounds.
Avatar m tn i'm 19 year old boy.. my weight is 79 & height is5.10 ,, i want to loose my weight..
Avatar m tn I am 21 years old and have struggled with obesity since I was a kid. I am 274 lbs as of right now with high blood pressure. I want to get in shape and lose the excess fat. I dont look healthy at all and my family has a history of obesity and many health problems come with it. I want to prevent these health issues and start living/eating/working out right. I have watched the biggest loser and have always tried to lose weight but I can't or I don't know how.
Avatar n tn fast food, too muich sugar and portions that are waaaayyy too big. I think most people would be surprised to see what an actual serving size looks like Plus, a lot of people live a fairly sedentary life which is unhealthy for lots of reasons. So I believe it's lifestyle and eating habits. People need to wake up and realize that if you take in more calories than you expend you will gain weight. It's really simple.
Avatar n tn Due to the probable inactivity as a result of the numbness and /or pain in limbs and other parts of the body, is morbid obesity one of the symptoms of Chiari, and what would one do with it. Would PT place the patient at risk or would it be to their advantage? What would be the course of treatment, Pt and or diet?
Avatar n tn You can call your insurance company and probably ask this question. I know a fellow employee (obese and hypothyroid) looked into this with our company provided insurance and that particular company requires people to attempt a hospital based weight loss program before they will approve gastric bypass.
634733 tn?1316625992 My neurological symptoms started when I was still on the edge of normal weight, well, maybe starting into the overweight category, but close to normal. Fatigue has made it almost impossible to exercise, but didn't take away my appetite. I gained weight.
Avatar n tn Need to lose weight can't lose weight don't over eat. On fixed income so can't afford weight loss surgery, don't know what to do. I have tryed everything, nothing seems to work. Do you know anyone who helps people with this problem who are poor. I have lots of medical problems due to my weight. including breathing issues.
Avatar n tn (the first time on my honeymoon) The public health care doctors(I have no medical insurance) told me I weight too much and my hormones go crazy and my brain rejects the pregnancy. I weight 250 and Ive been obese my whole life and I just started a diet program to lose 100 lbs. I was just wondering why is it that My body is micarrying my babies...I know Im obese, but they didnt tell me what exactly happened.
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Avatar f tn Japanese researchers have discovered that regular cocoa consumption may prevent obesity and weight gain by regulating the genes involved in fat metabolism. The researchers fed two groups of rats different high – fat diets – one high in real cocoa and the other without the cocoa supplement. After 21 days, the researchers measured the white adipose fat weight and blood fat levels of each rat, as well as the gene expression profiles.
Avatar f tn Obese patients can get Graves and there is not always weight loss. The Free T4 looks to be high-normal but the TT3 may be low-normal -- would need to look at reference range for that lab specifically. TPO is not specific for Graves, would suggest confirmation with TSI blood test and or I-123 uptake scan.
574118 tn?1305135284 s valve, cardiomyopathy or fluid retention. As for weight problems, there is a forum for weight loss but I think that would have to be up to your Mom to face that. Unless you're fixing all her meals she'll have to reach a point where she's ready to take care of the extra weight and hopefully improve her health. The extra weight does put an extra burden on the heart however. I hope she's being treated/monitored regularly by a cardiologist now.
Avatar m tn your just growing but i suggest you slow down and find something else to pull you away from constantly eating. there is medication for this. but this is normal is obesity runs in your family. so chill out. your fine. but you need to learn to contain yourself or you'll end up hurting yourself and not know it. life will get hard. but whatever. good luck!
Avatar m tn My wife and I want to begin trying to get pregnant, but she is currently obese and I am concerned about the health risks to her and our future child if she were to get pregnant at her current weight. She has struggled with excess weight her whole life and is skeptical that she will be able to lose much. I think at this point she would have to lose about 30 pounds to have a BMI below 30.
703031 tn?1398963307 In my case, as far as I remember, the docs never directly related thyroid issues with PCOS, but thyroid issues to hypothyreosis; hypothyreosis to a slow metabolism, a slow metaboism to weight gain, weight gain to obesity, obesity to pre-diabetic issues and PCOS. The thyroid issues have been an incidential finding; I was diagnosed with Hashimoto and was put on L-Thyroxin 50µ. That was 10 years ago; I weighted 50kg, had a small thyroid and no PCOS.