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8824415 tn?1409177244 Its normal IMA having a boy and in the beginning I couldn't gain weight then lost weight but as soon as I hit 8months to me now being 9 months I gained 30 pounds like fast lol
Avatar f tn ) Blessing in disguise!!
Avatar f tn and that my son will prob be around 6 or even 7. I thought that was fine and she said back in the 1980s that would be normal but not anymore...and your baby's size kinda goes by yours when you were born... I wouldn't worry too much. As long as he or she is healthy in there that's what matters. I was small when I was born and all throughout life till high school...I finally had a growth spurt and went from the shortest and smallest to one of the tallest although I'm still skinny.
10391713 tn?1417827668 I got back to my normal weight after 4 months with my first! I gained 30kg! Now im due in 2 weeks with my second and i gained 22kg so far.. Im going to try and be in my skinny jeans in 2 months this time. Wish me luck!! Lol. Btw Breastfeed, it really helps!
Avatar f tn ) they might take the growing easy now haha, but who knows, maybe they'll also come a couple weeks early.
2083688 tn?1334601661 m super tiny for being this far along. Is it a normal amount of weight that I gained for being this far along, or should I have gained more by now?
Avatar f tn I lost 20 pounds the first trimester with my first. Stayed the same weight this whole pregnancy. Then again I'm only 10 weeks.
Avatar f tn At my most recent doc appointment I was told I passed my glucose test but my sugar level was really low and my doctor asked me if I'm eating properly and if I'm skipping meals. I told her I eat good and don't skip meals. She then checked my baby's weight and looked shocked. She said he weighs 3 pounds four ounces, I asked if that's normal she didn't really give me an answer. Im going to be 31 weeks tomorrow.I'm very concerned, has this happened to any other mom's?
408496 tn?1269603350 and it is typicall for me to gain/loose water weight of 5 pounds in a week. I have stayed around 157 for the past few months or so - but no real weight gain. I do have a belly bulge though. Is that normal for first pregnancy? How about everyone else?
Avatar f tn I gained 7lbs in 2 weeks. My Dr said that it happens when the baby packs on weight. I haven't gained anything else since the 7lbs. I actually lost a lb. I'm 38 weeks and 2 days. Also protein can be caused from losing your mucus plug. Or at least that's what my Dr told me.
Avatar f tn My doctors arent concerned ad i have had to change my diet drastically. I think weight gain can really vary. Some people only gain 5 to 10 pounds and most of that is baby! As long as your doctor isnt concerned you are fine. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I don't understand. I have not been having feasts of food every day, I don't get how I gain weight this fast, this is not normal. I don't have gestational diabetes, and this is not the first time there's a jump in my weight like that. I been having trouble all pregnancy keeping control of my weight but this is insane! I think I need to go on a diet right away....I'm 36 weeks I just feel like crying. I'm already over 50lbs....
Avatar f tn My baby weight the same , so I'd say perfectly normal I'm 38 weeks and my baby is a full 6 pounds :)
1948771 tn?1324402334 Its really early in your pregnancy to be gaining weight... lots of woman lose weight in the first trimester from nausea and morning sickness, ect... expect to gain more weight into the second trimester but even more so into the third... think of how small everything inside you is still... if you are taking your vitamins, and eating a well balanced diet(as much as can be expected in the first trimester) then dont worry about your weight...
Avatar f tn Is that bad? My shoes still fit. I haven't gained any weight in my fave or anything. I started at 157 with a lot of muscle. I've had 2 people in 12 hours ask how much I've gained and didn't respond very nicely. Please be honest.
Avatar f tn Amen!!!
Avatar f tn I've gained 2 pounds my whole pregnancy I'm 37 weeks right now and the only reason I know is cuz my ob walked in the room and told me with an that is so awesome attitude so I'm guessing it's normal.. Lol my son is measuring right on track... So I wouldn't worry too much about it...
Avatar f tn Alot of the books say you should bearly gain any weight in your first trimester , well, i gained all that weight back, its not just additional weight it actually turned into fat fat! :/ I lost the weight by not doing anything at all! Didn't change my diet or nothing and i still havent besides trying to eat healthier for the baby... So is this normal? I dont know how i can lose 15 pound and gain it back over a couple of days.
Avatar f tn I started by losing two pounds in the first couple of months and since then I have only gained 1 pound. Is this normal? I'm sure I look a little bigger (more like bloated), but shouldn't I have gained more weight by now? Is the baby ok that I haven't? It's my first baby and I have no clue. By when should I start really worrying if I don't gain weight or should I even worry at all. Thank u.
Avatar n tn I normally only gain 20-25 pounds each time the normal drs say is 25-35 pounds amd yeah thats with ur water ur baby all of it included. I normally have like 10 pounds left over to work off over time.
4331946 tn?1355816857 I'm 27 weeks and have only put on 2lb. Been losing weight throughout the pregnancy, but little man is growing fine.
Avatar f tn Everyone is different! :) I wouldn't worry about weight gain/loss so early in. I'm 13.5 weeks with my send and I've lost 8 pounds!! How much weight you gain depends on your body type. 20-25 pounds is normal for an average body type. The baby takes so much from your body while its growing its unreal!
Avatar f tn It's okay I'm in my 27th week and I'm actually still 10 pounds less and my doctor says its normal as long as me and baby are healthy nothing to worry about ( which we are) so just try and eat healthy and if your naucious ask your doctor for meds to help that's what I'm on
Avatar f tn Hi ladies! I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and I've lost 5 pounds since finding out I was pregnant. Like clockwork I lose a pound a week, it stays the same weight for the week and then the next Sunday, again, a pound less.
Avatar f tn So at my last Dr appt I was 17.5 weeks and I hadn't gained any weight. This time (4 weeks later) I'm 22.5 weeks and I gained 7 pounds! Eeek! I'm a normal weight so they said 25-35 pounds. They said I'm still a little below the average weight gain for 22 weeks but geeze that makes me nervous. The nurse said just dont gain 7 pounds every month... Anyone else gain weight similar to me ?