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1327431 tn?1327075704 There is no normal range with thyroid, every person has an optimal range where the have no symptoms, the problem today with thyroid is that many mds still use an old reference range for TSH as an example, some go by .05 to 5.5, some 0.4 to 4.5 and the better one use .03 to 3.
9038886 tn?1402129326 This app is always telling me that my weight is "below normal range" and i hate it!!!! It makes me feel bad. I eat healthy and i feel like I finally got my appetite back and started gaining some weight.
Avatar n tn my TPO level is 282.3, T3level 1.26, T4 9.64, TSH 0.440. what is normal range of tpo and give seggesion for tratment for this condition.
640719 tn?1277143630 If you need some ammunition in that fight, you might get some use from this email that I sent to the ATA several times. After having gone through years of not being treated for hypothyroidism, because my TSH was 4.97 and thus "normal", I was very pleased to note that the AACE had finally recognized that the range was incorrectly determined. After removing some suspect hypo patients' data, and recalculating the range, they recommended it be lowered and narrowed to .3-3.0.
Avatar n tn Normal readings are different for everyone. I fell into the normal range and NORMAL wasnt working for me. My body needs to be slightly hyper, SLIGHTLY to make me feel good. I have a Dr that listens to my symptoms and not my numbers!! I feel good at a 1!
1580318 tn?1550258081 So i've decided that i'm going to ask to get my thyroid checked. I was doing some research on thyroid disease, and curious what you ladies were told was a "normal range" for it. I see that most doctors say a normal range is between .5-5.0. But i found an article that says the "new normal range" is between .3-3.0. I realize i'm probably jumping the gun here for myself. But i want go in being prepared and informed.
Avatar f tn My bloodwork done by an endo is in normal range TSH 1.3 (0.3-4.2) T4 1.0 (.6-1.6) and T3 2.7 (2.0-4.4).....I have a large goiter also. In my quest to find out why I cannot lose weight I have discovered all of this as well as a trip to the rheumotologist for a + ANTI CARDIOLIPIN, + ANA double strained which indicates lupus without a real diagnosis. My vitamin D is low (taking 2 supplements per day) and my cholesterol is high. (taking fish oil to try to control the cholesterol)...
Avatar m tn My question is now what? The doctor says my thyroid test was within normal range. But I know this has to be my thyroid. What test can i have him run on me that might tell us the bigger picture of what's going on with me. Thanks Tina H.
Avatar f tn We one is fully living one’s life, the body naturally goes to the appropriate weight range. To learn more about anorexia and different treatment levels of care, visit the bella vita website. Best, Dr.
Avatar n tn And non water drinks should be watered down. You've gained 24lbs and the usual recommended weight gain range is 25-30lbs Gaining more weight and at a faster rate can cause complications for both you and baby. You risk getting diabetes, and having more complications during delivery.
Avatar n tn Hi... my recent thyroid test results are: Normal range as mentioned by lab T3 6.02 pmol/l 3.1 - 6.8 T4 13.61 pmol/l 12.0-22.0 pmol/l TSH 5.85ulU/ml 0.27 - 4.2 ulU/ml I am 26 years old female. This is the first time i noticed imbalance in thyroid. Dr. did not prescribe any medicines as he wants to watch for 2 more months.
Avatar f tn I had my A1C tested the other day right at my doctor's office - it was almost an "instant read" type of thing - nurse put the sample in a machine and had the reading in about 5 minutes. (I have no idea what type of machine i twas though, sorry). She said my A1c was good - it was a 6. What is the "normal" range for an A1C? I've recently been diagnosed with T2.
Avatar n tn But, Oct 2004 despite my levels being within the normal range, my weight began to rocket. In one year I have gained 42lbs all on my abdomen. I have the appearance of being pregnant but I certainly am not. I must state that I am no couch potato and I am extremely aware of what I eat and I exercise regularly. I have plenty of fresh veg, chicken and fish, homemade veg soup and salads, no alcohol, no cakes or cookies. As you can imagine I am not a happy bunny.
Avatar n tn I'm five weeks along (will be six on Monday) and was wondering if it was normal to lose that amount of weight within a week? I eat heartily and it's about every 4 hours that I eat unless I'm sleeping. I did experience my first round of actual vomiting from morning sickness today at 1pm, my sickness seems to hit me then, so I'm still showing pregnancy symptoms. Should I phone my doctor and try to get my appointment moved up? It's on Wednesday the 9th of this coming week.
Avatar f tn The key is percentage of body fat, not weight, as muscle is heavier than fat.
Avatar f tn I lost 4 pounds first trimester and gained it back plus 14 more. Now its in the normal range. Just started my third trimester and am 14 pounds heavier than pre pregnancy.
Avatar n tn The TSH reading is high (normal range is 0.3-3.0) and if used alone, would indicate hypo; however, the FT4 would depend on the reference range used by the lab, which as magpieannie said should be on the lab report. What about FT3? Does that get run? If not, it would be a good idea to ask for it next time as that is the main thyroid hormone that the body uses and that, along with the FT4 will give a much better indication.
Avatar n tn Hi i am a 43yr old female and have been taking 125mcg thyroxine since 1999 with no problems in 2005 i lost 2 1/2 stones in weight and improved my diet and exercise - my thyroxine was still 125mcg but i started getting ectopic heartbeats (atrial only)in the hundreds a day and eventually some short runs of atrial flutter - constantly felt like i was buzzing and had frequent loose bowels doctors reduced my thyroxine and it is now down to 75mcg - my symptoms have all disappeared except i still get
Avatar f tn Last year, a month after having a baby, I lost over 2 stone in weight within 8 weeks, I got palps, elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, sweating, intolerance to heat and cold, anxiety & general jitters for no reason.
Avatar f tn The range of normal vitamin B12 is from160-950pg/ml. Reason for such wide range is due to vitamin B12 is in our tissues plus in the blood so it is difficult to have a true reading. Suggest eating protein containing foods (60-70gms a day) at each meal which may help you with the issues you stated. Protein comes from animal and plant sources. From animal sources it comes from all meats, chicken, fish, beef, pork, etc.; and dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheeses, pudding, and ice cream.