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Avatar n tn So I'm142lbs and in my 27th week. Is that normal/good to be that weight? I feel as if I shouldn't weigh that much yet.
Avatar m tn Weight gain isn't a absolutely needed thing, especially if your over weight at all. I am over weight now and 18 weeks. My doctor is good with my weight not changing or even going down. As long as baby is getting what it needs and still getting bigger, its not something to worry about. Good luck!
1894182 tn?1324276979 From your measurements, his weight is between 10-25th percentile and his height is just above the 25th percentile which indicates he is normal for his age.
Avatar n tn That's a hard thing to tell a kid, but it's their job. So if you were in danger with your weight they probably would tell you. It's still important to eat healthy though- no getting out of that one.
1019167 tn?1315591948 I feel like I am gaining too much weight, but I think my weight gain at the normal range? I weighed 125 and have gained 16 pounds so far... I am 26 weeks.
Avatar m tn 31 pounds Your current weight is in normal range As Trudie says as you are still growing up and am not sure why you want to lose so much weight. It is always good to talk to your physician regarding this.
Avatar f tn not because he as doing poorly in school or because he was hyper and a normal busy kid, but because he couldn't focus on anything. His once told me "he was tired" - I asked why- he said "BECAUSE MY BRAIN FEELS LIKE THE TV WHEN WE CHANGE CHANNELS OVER AND OVER AGAIN I CANT STOP MY BRAIN IT'S ALWAYS LIKE CLICK....CLICK...CLICK..". His words not mine. At that moment, I knew I had to give medicine a try. Please note we did try lots of things.
8054430 tn?1397144214 46 kg (101 pounds) Height: 4 feet 11 inches (1.49 m) His habits of going to the bathroom are such that defecates from once a day to once every 3 days. He has been like for more than 6 years. But the problem is that very often when he defecates his stool is huge, from my point of view. I mean really thick. I am 42 years old and his stool has a diameter 6 times wider than mine. And I think 5 years ago, when he was very young, the size was the same.
Avatar f tn She takes a boat load of medication and due to her weight and needs assistance walking and traveling up and down the stairs. My boyfriend even gave her his kidney because she was on dialysis. Now here is the problem! The mom depends on him for basically everything and its kind annoying. She lays in the bed all day and watches t.v. and calls him throughout the day reminding him for food and other task I feel like his sister can do. I feel like she depends on him more like a husband than a child.
Avatar f tn In my opinion these things are normal and your body is just trying to cope with all the added weight and stress.
193609 tn?1292183893 Would you ladies take your kid to this specialist if they gaged every time you put anything in their mouth that was not pure liquid???? I am at my wits end....!!!
Avatar m tn I am a freshman at The College of Charleston... Over Christmas break, I threw out my back causing a tingling sensation up my spine and pain in my jaw; in hindsight, I think it also triggered the first panic attack I've ever had. However, I have felt extremely stiff and tight ever since (making it extremely challenging for me to play sports without getting a new injury every time). I arrived to school after christmas break ready to meet girls, go out to parties, and of course study hard.
Avatar f tn My weight is flutuating. I was 187 two days ago and today im 181. Is this normal. I havent been eating as much but still all day every couple of hours . Any thoughts or experiences ?
457438 tn?1302072007 Hi all My kid(girl) is now 7 months old. She is born on 2nd week of april and weight was 2.400 KG. Due date was May 2nd week and she came before one month.Now she is 5.800 Kg. Is this a normal weight for this age?
Avatar n tn Definitely want the case for me but my midwife told me once that some women gain a lot, some gain a little, and some don't gain at all. There are a lot of women on here who are in the 30 week range who've only gained 6-8lbs so you're prob fine. If baby's growing that's all that matters. Definitely mention it to your doc though just to be sure.
Avatar f tn My first trimester I lost weight, this is my first kid so I was kind of worried but my dr said it's normal. I might have lost 10 lbs also. But surly gaining it back plus more.
Avatar f tn I lost almost 10 pounds in my first trimester due to morning sickness, so it is normal to lose weight in the beginning but you should be gaining weight in 2nd tri but if your doc says its fine, then no need to worry.
7876352 tn?1403096059 Is it true that having more then one kid it makes you gain more weight. This is not my first so I have gained more. How can.
Avatar f tn Rabeccarie thank for the kid words im just glad everything is normal and healthy with you
Avatar n tn 5 years old and ways 70 pounds but he is 4'6 feet tall. Every kid is different but according to the charts my son's weight is on the higher end of normal too but he is thin. My other son, on the other hand, is 6 years old. He is 4'1 feet tall and 71 pounds. He eats healthy and in small amounts and gets plenty of excersize. We have been to every doctor known to find a cause for his weight increase and have come up empty. What we have done is change his milk from whole to 1%.
Avatar n tn We had her thyroid checked just a couple of years ago and everything came back normal. She is a very active child, always outdoors, playing with three to four other children. Rides bikes, walks, plays ball, etc.. but we are at a loss as to help her loose weight. We do not keep any candy in the house, stopped using any sugar at all over two years ago. Limit her intake, and yet she still gains weight. What can I do?
6918915 tn?1395936471 My ob was very harsh with me and my weight gain. This time around I'm 20weeks with no weight gain and my ob is happy about that.. but then worry me about eating enough calories and what not. So it feels like a never ending battle.
Avatar f tn Yes, I put on a lot of weight. Some probably due to being on Florinef, but even when I was only passing out occassionally, and still more active than the average person, all of a sudden I had to cut my calorie intake at least in half to keep from gaining. Now that I've cut back on activity to keep from passing out, it has only gotten worse. My body seems to have picked a certain weight and it won't budge from there no matter what I eat.
Avatar n tn Yes it's normal. Each pregnancy is different. They usually say you gain more or show faster with each kid you have.
Avatar m tn We have been through many tests and they all come back normal. I must do something to get her calories intake higher. I'd love to try doing it with some good tasting shakes. Please share any resources with kid shake recipes and how many calories they contain. Her nutritionist wants at least 1800 a day. She doesn't care for milk unless it's really cold.
Avatar n tn Eight year old kid has Total TRIIODOTHYRONINE (T3) CLIA METHOD 176 (NORMAL 60-200) TOTAL THYROXINE (T4)CLIA METHOD 8.90 (NORMAL 4.5 - 12.0) TSH 7.72 (NORMAL 0.30 - 5.5) TSH is high, Pl. suggest - shall wait for a month and check the TSh once more or visit the doctor immediately.
Avatar f tn I didn't gain weight al all through out my whole pregnancy, actually lost weight. (Not over weight to StarT with) I lost 8 pounds of my pre pregnancy weight during, now, one week after birth I'm down 27 more pounds! WoO. I was so worried about gaining as this is my third and I'm not getting any younger Lol.
Avatar n tn ) and I have always had a large head. My daughter has been in for several blood draws, all of which are normal...Well, some came back as kind of low and such, but nothing that alarmed the endocrinologist. As my daughter has developed she has maintained the fact that she is always at 95% or above according to those stupid charts. And I say stupid because you cannot predict how one kid is going to grow more than another...