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Avatar n tn So I'm142lbs and in my 27th week. Is that normal/good to be that weight? I feel as if I shouldn't weigh that much yet.
1894182 tn?1324273379 From your measurements, his weight is between 10-25th percentile and his height is just above the 25th percentile which indicates he is normal for his age.
Avatar f tn My weight is flutuating. I was 187 two days ago and today im 181. Is this normal. I havent been eating as much but still all day every couple of hours . Any thoughts or experiences ?
Avatar m tn t a absolutely needed thing, especially if your over weight at all. I am over weight now and 18 weeks. My doctor is good with my weight not changing or even going down. As long as baby is getting what it needs and still getting bigger, its not something to worry about. Good luck!
Avatar f tn My first trimester I lost weight, this is my first kid so I was kind of worried but my dr said it's normal. I might have lost 10 lbs also. But surly gaining it back plus more.
Avatar f tn Normal.
Avatar n tn Definitely want the case for me but my midwife told me once that some women gain a lot, some gain a little, and some don't gain at all. There are a lot of women on here who are in the 30 week range who've only gained 6-8lbs so you're prob fine. If baby's growing that's all that matters. Definitely mention it to your doc though just to be sure.
Avatar f tn I lost almost 10 pounds in my first trimester due to morning sickness, so it is normal to lose weight in the beginning but you should be gaining weight in 2nd tri but if your doc says its fine, then no need to worry.
Avatar f tn Her face looked white rather than pink as normal. I touched her forehead, no fever. But her hands and legs were warmer. It last half an hour and then baby waked up, Baby seems going back normal. I have no idea what happend, shall I send the baby to a doctor to do some testing?
Avatar n tn Yes it's normal. Each pregnancy is different. They usually say you gain more or show faster with each kid you have.
Avatar n tn Hi TonyaR, You're right, I'm no doc, but I do know that an A1c of 5.4 is normal, so I wouldn't worry. You say he's always been a thirsty kid, so that's normal for him-- if his thirst suddenly spiked, that would be different. But of course keep an eye on it, hopefully without pricking him too much for no reason. If he starts losing weight, that's an issue.
7876352 tn?1403092459 Is it true that having more then one kid it makes you gain more weight. This is not my first so I have gained more. How can.
Avatar f tn Rabeccarie thank for the kid words im just glad everything is normal and healthy with you
Avatar m tn reading your post I would say she could be learning some 'stuff' from the older children so It may be a good idea to keep an eye on whats happening especially as she is 3 years old and the others are older .I actually dont agree its normal when 9 year olds may be teaching smaller children the kind of precocious behavior you describe ,who do you think is teaching 'humping'.
Avatar m tn Too much talk about it all have said their piece its time to let it drop..It may have been the noise ..I doubt he has anything wrong but check with your Doctor if you are concerned .
Avatar n tn Don't worry. I'm on my third kid and started showing at 6-7 wks. I'm 12 wks now and have gained 5 pounds. I eat so much. Each pregnancy affects the body differently.
Avatar f tn My son is 12 and my son talks negative about himself all the time, especially after getting in trouble, when he thinks he should be getting in trouble, or when he does poorly on a school test. He even can't eat with lots of noise during lunch hours at school. My son is ADHD and has been picked on from his teachers since JK about potentially being ADHD.
Avatar n tn You are very tall so it might be normal for you. The BMI calculations is good for a lot, and many use this to say if someone is over weight or obese. Using it alone, you would probably be considered overweight. BUT it doesn't work well for everyone and fat percentage (how much muscle to fat you have) need to be taken into account. I would go with what your doctors are telling you on this one. Mine had no hesitation to tell me at 10 that I needed to start loosing weight and eat better.
Avatar n tn ) and I have always had a large head. My daughter has been in for several blood draws, all of which are normal...Well, some came back as kind of low and such, but nothing that alarmed the endocrinologist. As my daughter has developed she has maintained the fact that she is always at 95% or above according to those stupid charts. And I say stupid because you cannot predict how one kid is going to grow more than another...
Avatar f tn Ladies, is it normal to not leak colostrum before baby is born? I'm 36 weeks and I'm starting to worry considering I really want to breastfeed. Has any already moms experienced this and able to breastfeed once baby was born?
Avatar f tn At 28 weeks my ultrasound estimated my baby's weight as 2 lbs 9 oz. My doctor didn't seem concern so I figured it's normal.
Avatar f tn My resting heart rate is around 58 bpm. It's been ~60 bpm since I was a kid, but I'm also pretty fit (being fit lowers your heart rate). I feel fine at 60 bpm. It doesn't make me feel foggy or lightheaded. As far as I know 60 is considered normal, but if it's not normal for you you may want to consult a doctor. You may also want to check your blood pressure. Abnormal BP (high or low) can also cause the symptoms you described above.
Avatar f tn Is it normal that my baby boy is so active I can already see his kicks and feel him like crazy?? I'm only 21 weeks.
Avatar f tn Even at Christmas she would come downstairs, see her presents and just sit down without reacting like a kid on Christmas. I always thought that was odd. She was a good kid, tendency to be overweight (while eating a really good diet and not overeating). As she got a little older, I noticed she took things people said literally a little too much. I always had to teach her in that area.