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Avatar f tn Role models are great to have. True role models are people we look up to, someone who posses qualities that we admire or who have affected us in a way that makes us want to be better people. This person(or persons) can be someone we know or someone we have seen, heard, or read about. Do you have a role model, and who is your role model?
Avatar f tn If you are feeling isolated and need positive role models then Weight Watchers is the way to go. After an unsuccessful attempt with eDiets I joined weight watchers and have had success. The main difference between weight watchers and eDiets is the meetings and I love them. No one divulges their weight and nobody gets personal with sob stories and the like. We are all woman (and the occasional man or two) of various sizes and experiences sharing ideas and encouragement.
Avatar n tn people revolve around social media and girls all around the world are judging themselves to models, photoshopped models. you are a gorgeous human being and you should strut what you have. live in the now. be confident and happy because that's how you should live life. stay strong. and don't let people bring you down.
Avatar f tn m pretty certain that 120 pounds is within the normal healthy weight range for someone of your height. You could try to make your calves a little leaner by doing exercises that target strengthening them, but it sounds like you are beautifully healthy and are just caught in the trap of the modern beauty myth where the media (celebrities, models, etc) are telling you you need to be thinner and smaller everywhere when that's only healthy for the minority of girls.
Avatar f tn Yes that's how my cousin was until she realized that she's still very attractive. She just told me that of I get stretch marks to smile because I've know become a tiger. Something like that lol.
Avatar f tn u can go on Face Book and check out the babygaga and look at the pregnancy models for week 17 and you can compare bellies...
9619326 tn?1408913215 I got the Maxi-Cosi Mico AP and haven't had my baby yet but I lovehow light weight it is and how easily it clicks in and out of the base.
Avatar n tn What are some useful ways to keep myself not tempted from eating? I always seem to want to eat a lot, but I want to lose my weight, and it's hard for me as even if I'm really full after like 1 minute, I want to eat again..:( and I really want to lose it fast this year, someone help please!
Avatar f tn You should not have to lose weight. Models of all shapes and sizes are needed. The scars may hold you back from some jobs but they can also be worked around. Do some research for reputable agencies in your area and go for it! You should know though that modeling is a hard job. My best friend modeled for a couple of years and said it was the hardest job she ever had. She also had stretch marks from having two kids was about the same weight as you and 5' 11". Best of luck to you.
4541252 tn?1388919237 It started about a year or two ago i started to feel self-conscious about my body and weight and have constantly, since then, been beating myself up for the way i look. I'm 14 and have no idea what to do. I've purposely tried to thrown up in the shower a couple of times even though i know it's stupid and i shouldn't BE doing it. Whenever I go out i feel like everyones going to be looking at me and thinking " god she's so fat!" or laughing at my figure.
Avatar n tn If the thyroid levels are normal with this replacement, there is not much more to do from a thyroid standpoint. Weight problems are common - for thyroid and nonthyroid patients - good dietary habbits and regular exercise remain the keys to success.
Avatar m tn I am a 25 yr old male 5ft 10in and I weight 200lbs. I'm trying to lose 15-20 lbs but I've been stuck at 200lbs for the past 2 years. I work out 4-5 times a week and I intake around 1700 more than 1800 a day. My exercise involves running 2-3 miles and then doing some strength training (benchpress, curls, lateral raises....
Avatar f tn well im 5'2 but my mom is average size (weight) but she carries weight in completely different parts. i have fat/muscle in my thighs and i have a four pack abs so it looks really wierd u like my mon who gets it everywhere evenly sooooo... and i wanted to know if there was like a certain drink that would boost my matabloism though.
Avatar f tn I thought that was ok, but suggested boxer briefs, as they seem to look so good on male models, lol! (NOT a fan of briefs at ALL! that may have been a deal breaker had he wore those, lol!) SO, he made the switch, and has never looked back! He is happier w/ it worked out!
Avatar f tn So I know you cant really help it if you get stretch marks and stuff.. i started getting them at 32 weeks (ill be 34 weeks tomorrow, it *****) but after my baby is here is there anything I can do to make the stretch marks go away or at least make them not as visible? I have been putting cocoa butter everyday on my belly but clearly that didn't help..
Avatar f tn m no expert but I would say your in the begginging or middel stage. You are one pound under weight and I take you by what you said you want to lose weight so my guess is yes. But I would talk to your doctor because no one online can diagnose you. You need to see a profeshanal doctor. And try posting this in the eating disorders fourm!!!
Avatar f tn Wonderring if any of you gained weight on Vicodins...or get bloated? Think Elvis in his later stage. I have gained wight since taking them but that just could be because I am older now since taking them (for about 9 years). I feel like it made my appetite for everything stronger- especially alcohol. So here i sit, 2 weeks clean and although the scale reads the same my face looks skinner. Did any of you experience weight loss after quitting?
Avatar f tn Though technically, part of the clinical diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa is losing 15 percent or more of what your normal body weight should be, you do not need to be super thin in order to have an eating disorder. Most of what an eating disorder, such as Anorexia, consists of is the emotional/mental aspect.. being scared of gaining weight, thinking you're fat when you really are healthy, starving yourself or severely limiting food quantity or types of foods, etc.
Avatar m tn I have got to my target weight about 4 months ago and at 5 foot 8 im 9 stone and i think this is a healthy weight. I do have a smaller appetite than i used to and i haven't been able to manage big meals without feeling really full and sick but for the past month i have been feeling extremely sick after eating any food, it lasts for ages and i can't do anything until it stops. It's making eating a chore, when i used to really enjoy cooking and food and so on...
Avatar n tn So I'm142lbs and in my 27th week. Is that normal/good to be that weight? I feel as if I shouldn't weigh that much yet.
Avatar f tn we have the normal recalls with the GMC,chevy models, like spark plug wires, or gas caps. but those toyota recalls are going to do some SERIOUS money damage to that company.... ponitac and chrystler have gone out of business....wonder who is next......
Avatar m tn TAF like TDF should have no resistance but ETV may have resistance. ETV in mouse models showed up with tumors but has not occured in humans yet. He said we have more data on ETV than TAF so he rather me be on ETV for the meantime. I also asked him about my mother if we should get her to switch and he feels if ETV has been working since 2006 for her, why change it. I told him I was concerned about the tumors on mouse models so he wanted us to wait until TAF had another year or two of data.
Avatar m tn Oh I can relate to "normal". My full blood count was normal, my ANA was normal, my blood clotting test was normal (bleeding for an hour after a small nick). I have four autoimmune diseases and almost died from untreated autoimmune pernicious anaemia. Stress worsens my Hashimoto's thyroiditis symptoms notably. Also vitamin D deficiency is very common with autoimmune diseases. My vitamin D was down to 30 nmol/L (12 ng/mL).