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Avatar f tn I'm pretty certain that 120 pounds is within the normal healthy weight range for someone of your height. You could try to make your calves a little leaner by doing exercises that target strengthening them, but it sounds like you are beautifully healthy and are just caught in the trap of the modern beauty myth where the media (celebrities, models, etc) are telling you you need to be thinner and smaller everywhere when that's only healthy for the minority of girls.
620923 tn?1452919248 Water is a great idea -- I don't drink enough and I can feel the difference in my weight and I just feel heavier. My weight went up about 15 pounds from my up and down prednisone and not being active and feeling so miserable all those months -- because I didn't eat food, only sweets and sugary snacks. That's all going to change for me too!
1626068 tn?1303760162 5 * 2.7889 Weight (minimum) = 51.6 kg 24.9 = weight / (1.67)^2 weight = 24.9 * 2.7889 Weight (maximum) = 69.44 kg So the healthy weight range for someone with 1.67 m is between 51.6 to 69.44 kg. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Yes that's how my cousin was until she realized that she's still very attractive. She just told me that of I get stretch marks to smile because I've know become a tiger. Something like that lol.
Avatar n tn It is much harder to keep normal weight with thyroid condition. You need to accept that maintaining weight is going to be much harder for you now than it was before. So you need to work much harder at it. Also make sure your thryoid levels are optimal. This should be TSH about 1. If your doctor is ammenable, try adding T3 or using natural thyroid. Some people find this helps with weight management. I have complete thyroid failure and weigth management will be my lifelong battle.
767148 tn?1257306151 I also know that I can't look that bad because my weight is normal and I'm in a normal clothes size. You could ask your doctor what weight he thinks would be good or what he thinks is the minimum you should weigh. Sometimes you have to ignore yourself and listen to others. That is hard too because sometimes you need to ignore others and listen to yourself. I have my good and bad days just like everyone else but lately I'm having more good days than bad when it come to liking my body.
12773 tn?1328916786 WBC 5.1 RBC 3.86 HGB 13.4 PLATELETS 211 ABSOLUTE NEUTROPHILS 2030 I guess all of that is back to normal. It sure feels like it. I feel great and can sleep all night. Next week I go to see the New GI and will see if he will run tests to check levels and maybe a PCR.
Avatar n tn hello, am 5'6 and weight 160.. i need to lose 30 to 40 lb.. i really need to lose weight... is there any diet pills that help me loose all the fat? i dont know any of them... please give me advice..
Avatar f tn I am 21 years old, 5'1", female, and I am desperaltey trying to loose some weight. Before moving to New York two years ago, I weight about 110 lbs. After starting a job that keeps me seated for most of the day, I have gained some weight and currently weigh 133 lbs. My unhappieness and insecurity about the weight had led me to wanting to change my lifestyle... and loose about 30 lbs. I am going into my 7th full week of going to the gym in the morning before work.
Avatar f tn u can go on Face Book and check out the babygaga and look at the pregnancy models for week 17 and you can compare bellies...
Avatar n tn everybodys are certainly different there is no normal looking vagina those ones you see on the movies are porno stars they have everything perfect other wise they wouldent be in the job beleive me more people then not have this problem not that its a problem your not the only one that thinks that though.
Avatar m tn org/home/pathogenesis/vitamind/metabolism wonderful article which explains why vid25oh is low on chronic diseases and 1,25d is high and how this correlates with chronicity of diseases, suppression of vdr and suppression of immune system and antimicrobial peptides this applies to hbv too, a normal level of vit25oh reflects a normal vdr and a normal immune response or production of antimicrobial peptides and so a higher chance of hbsag clearance.
142722 tn?1281537216 I gained more than you. My dd is now 7 mnths, still need to lose 20pounds, my suggestion, breastfeed for as long as you can, I stopped losing when I stopped breasfeeding.
Avatar n tn Antibodies aren't necessary to clench to diagnosis of Graves Pharmacologically 3-5 grains of armour would usually be considered a high dose while 1-3 grains may be normal full replacement based on pharmacodynamic models of thyroid hormone physiology in humans. Studies are still lacking on the exact answer here.
Avatar f tn It is just slightly above the upper normal range. The RBC is also just slightly above the upper normal range and it could be explained easily by you being dehydrated or having excess RBC production. There are other various causes for this as well. The neutrophil count is slightly elevated and consistent with the inflammation/infection possibility, but further microscopic analysis and symptom evaluation is probably needed to verify anything.
Avatar m tn 38) in obese men (BMI ≥ 30.0 kg/m2), compared with normal-weight men (BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 kg/m2). Liver-related mortality had adjusted hazard ratios of 1.74 (95% CI, 1.15 to 2.65) in overweight men and 1.50 (95% CI, 0.36 to 6.19) in obese men. Excess BMI was also associated with the occurrence of fatty liver and cirrhosis detected by ultrasonography, as well as elevated ALT and γ-glutamyltransferase (GGT) activity during follow-up.
4541252 tn?1388922837 People usually say i'm the PROPER weight for my height but being the 'proper' weight doesn't mean i'm going to necessarily look good. I also feel so pressured by the media and magazines to look like the models and if I don't no one will ever wan't to be my friend or think of me as an attractive person. I'll really like to know if these are signs of bulimia and if so do i seek mental counselling?
Avatar n tn weight gain. After a day or two of puffiness the swelling and weight goes down to normal. I guess my question is : Can the edema that comes with this kind of heart problem come and go like mine does? It makes me wonder if I am starting to become symptomatic. Also, I am a thin woman-always have been but I have noticed that since diagnosis of my heart problem(8 months ago) my weight has steadily increased. I have gained 20lbs with no change in lifestyle or eating habits.
Avatar n tn He is in the 1% percentile for weight and has been that low for nearly 2 years. He has had numerous tests but no one has come up with a medical problem or a reason for his disinterest in food. He is bright, happy,and energetic. His height is average, and apart from rather frequent colds is healthy. His mother has been breast feeding him until very recently, but it is hard to believe that her decision to breast feed this long could be the reason for his low weight.
908149 tn?1248719819 Officially over, which is funny cause only after it ended did I realize it had happened, and that I hadn't realized it beacause of my pathetically pathetic libito (right?), which sprung back today. Like I said, I missed him a lot. I woke up late and showered and shaved all and moisterized and hell if I didn't actually feel girly. But for my belly ring is bleeding and I had ice cream for breakfast. I ate so much. ANTM is doing under 5' 7" models for season 13.
Avatar m tn Oh I can relate to "normal". My full blood count was normal, my ANA was normal, my blood clotting test was normal (bleeding for an hour after a small nick). I have four autoimmune diseases and almost died from untreated autoimmune pernicious anaemia. Stress worsens my Hashimoto's thyroiditis symptoms notably. Also vitamin D deficiency is very common with autoimmune diseases. My vitamin D was down to 30 nmol/L (12 ng/mL).
470885 tn?1326332637 DH and I aren't planning on having any more children......
Avatar n tn another thing, i have being dealing with my weight my entire life (have a mom who is bipolar/always called me fat) and yes i realize that i am not fat and that i am pretty normal, but i want to lode weight so im just here trying to find a way to maybe do so. and i exercise daily and all that jazz so i mean its not even that.. i know this sounds dumb but its like ill watch a movie like RENT, and see how skinny "mimi" is and i just want to be "that" skinny.
Avatar n tn ( So I know how you feel! And if I were to gain weight, it goes to hips, belly and butt. I think the only alternative is plastic surgery. I can't afford that, nor do I think I want it. If I were to ever get it, it would be only to a B cup. Just so I would look normal, and more balanced or whatever. But don't fret. I try not to focus too much on it. My husband doesn't care and I shouldn't either. I never get in a bathing suit though! I am definitely self conscious of it but trying not to be.
Avatar m tn Hello people, I just ordered my Cytomel (T3/Thryoid Meds) from Mexico, it's called Tryiotex and people in the net says it's a slow released meds.. the dosage are 75mcg for a pill.. how should i take them? what's sustained release means? will it be ok to take the dosage first thing in the a.m on an empty stomach? or should i split the dosage for 2 times a day? (remember - that's a slow/sustained release pills.. different from other brands out there..
Avatar f tn Though technically, part of the clinical diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa is losing 15 percent or more of what your normal body weight should be, you do not need to be super thin in order to have an eating disorder. Most of what an eating disorder, such as Anorexia, consists of is the emotional/mental aspect.. being scared of gaining weight, thinking you're fat when you really are healthy, starving yourself or severely limiting food quantity or types of foods, etc.
2025592 tn?1348159619 usually whn u get preggo people tend to put on weight u can try a diet or drnk lots of water im 31weeks and have put on 40 pounds doc said its frm cokes meats and sweets i eat im not really concerned w my weight as i knw ill loose it in no time ths is my 5th and i loose all my bby weight within 6weeks but he has told me to try and diet if i was concerned w the weight i also knw is u have gd u will gain alot of weight have u been tested for that..
Avatar f tn I began running about 30-45 mins everyday to every other day again along with strength training again, I dropped weight fairly quickly and started getting back to my normal form and what I feel like is right about a healthy weight for me, and wow do I just feel better all the way around, yet now here i am cd24 and still negative opks when normally I've had +ve's anywhere from cd 14-17!!
Avatar m tn For periods I will sweat profusely and then in a couple months it's gone, bad anxiety, depression, I can go days without food and actually gain wait and then when I eat I lose weight. I'm shaky alot, diarhea almost always, very debilitating headaches with most of the pain being in the center of my head just above my eyes and my eyes, pain behind eyes where it fills like someone is actually trying to push them out. I did a saliva cortisol test that showed I am opposite of a normal person.
Avatar f tn Jude aortic valve (the rest was aortic shunt, coronary y-graft). I have recently developed a shortness of breath, despite being moderately active, normal weight (5'11" and 155 lbs), and without any heart disease. This symptom comes with the mildest exertion, sometimes even when at rest. I had a MRI of the entire length of my aorta last Wednesday, and the results show a leak from my aortic prosthesis, as well as mild regurgitation in my mitral valve (present for many years).