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Avatar f tn The barbell bench press will help you gain weight in your chest by working the pectorals. Lie on a bench press machine and grip the bar at wider than shoulder-width. Take the weight of the bar, and slowly lower it to about 3 inches above the chest. Feel the tension in your chest muscles, and then quickly power the bar back up to full extension. Barbell squat is one of the best muscle-gaining exercises. Take the weight of the bar on the back of your shoulders.
Avatar m tn Anyway, hate to have to stop, thinking of maybe trying out the dumbell bench press instead, that way my wrist is a bit less rigid.
Avatar m tn These are the exercises I use to build chest/arms and I gain great results from them. Chest Incline barbell press - 3 sets, 6-10 reps Incline dumbell press - 3 sets, 6-10 reps Chest dips - 3 sets, 8-12 reps Biceps EZ bar curls - 3 sets, 6-8 reps Hammer curls (dumbbell or bar) - 3 sets, 8-10 reps Preacher curls with EZ bar - 2 sets, 6-8 reps (be careful on how far you extend your arms).
530544 tn?1212919974 The serratus anterior muscle is used strongly in doing bench press or press ups, in particular the last 5 to 10 degrees of motion Exercises for the serratus anterior: Press ups against a wall Stand just over an arms length away from a wall. Lean into the wall, bend the arms and push away. Repeat 10 times. Aim for 3 sets of 10 repetitions. To make it harder perform more repetitions each set and / or stand further away from the wall.
Avatar n tn Severity went away after a couple of weeks, However pain still surfaces w/ bench press activity. Isolated on RIGHT side in back of head/neck. Pulsating throb. Continues until excercize complete. dissipates after 1/2- 3hrs. Is this blood pressure? Is it a bad back? Lack of hydration? Seems at its worst when liftin gon my back, however comes on sltightly when upright. I eat, drink, breathe properly; have been lifting for years, never had this before.
Avatar m tn I am a 22 year old guy and i joined the gym 4 months ago and I have been shedding weight. 4 days ago My trainer made me do bench press for the first time and since that day my armpits have been a lil swollen and are hurting when I press that there. Could it be anything serious or muscle swelling? I have also read it could be a fat accumulation. just trying to be safe here. Thank you! Also I am smoking for the past 4 years.
Avatar f tn Think chest press/chest flys with dumbbells, bench press, and good ole pushups. Also shadow boxing with small dumbbells can help too. Tweaking your diet and getting at least 20-30 mins of cardio will also help shed fat there eventually because you cant spot check fat. It has to leave in the order it came for the most part but weight training those areas can help build muscle which in turn aids in burning fat.
Avatar m tn Hi all, Thanks in advance for your help with this, I'll try to keep it short. I recently posted re problems with posterior vitreous detachment. I went to see an eye surgeon who confirmed PVD in my left eye but not my right, which was strange as my right eye was where the flashing lights and debris in my vision started. Anyway, he advised just to live life normally and let him know of changes in my vision.
Avatar f tn As for weight training I would start with squats bench press and dead lifts if your back is in good condition. You have to make sure your diet in in check though if you want your legs to lose fat. If your intake of calories is too high and your not exercising enough then you wont get the results you want.
Avatar m tn my height is 5'8 and my weight is 95 kg (209.5 lbs).i want to lose weight particularly from my thighs.i read over internet todo squats and running.But my brother recommended me not do fast running or squats as i am overweight and it can damage my brother has knee problem so he has some good knowledge.
Avatar f tn I am 41 and had a SILS hysterectomy (still have ovaries). I have gained 10 lbs. since being put on hormones to stop bleeding up untill my surgery. However, 6 months after the surgery I still can't seem to loose the weight. I weight train 4-5days a week, do a little cardio and diet like crazy. Will this weight ever come off?
Avatar m tn I am not experiencing pain while bench press, shoulder press, etc. ; yet my doctor has told me not to do any weight training for 3 to 4 months. I am really confused over here..
1415174 tn?1453243103 I lift free weights with a trainer and when I do chin ups, plus prone rows with dumb bells or bench press. I wake up with a stiff neck and upper right trap area or that area and just below that area. It takes a few weeks to go away and then I do other kinds of weight lifting for several months and nothing else seems to cause a problem except squats with a bar on my back. I think my form is good. But these two things cause a problem.
12981378 tn?1440334797 I had to stop weight lifting as a) couldn't lay on my back without passing out and b) my midwife strongly advised against it as you can easily pull something with the relaxine in your body. She also said you could easily get a hernia doing that so I didn't bench press at all. I am sure others have with till success and please let me know if you do.
Avatar m tn Hi i recently went to clinic for blood test and dr pricked my finger with lancet to take blood sample. While going out of dr cabin i forgot to take cotton to press on my bleeding finger and went outside. While sitting on hospital bench i pressed my finger on bench and realized later that its still there any risk of hepatitis considering there might be dried blood on bench since it was of black color im not sure.
767434 tn?1234824957 Yes, doing bench press can improve the looks of your chest.
Avatar n tn The pain was/is mostly on the top and front of my shoulder and most noticeable when say doing a bench press like activity. I then tried to return to weight lifting but the pain was still there. I then took a break to try and let it heal completely on its own for 6 months. After 6 months of rest and only slight improvement I went to a sports medicine doctor who told me to rest it for 3 more months.
Avatar m tn Lie on bench, grip bar, lower bar to chest, and so forth. But few pay any more attention to their foot position during bench presses. Try this: Imagine that you're doing the exercise standing up. Set your feet in a wide, athletic stance. And push out the repetitions as if you were throwing the bar to someone standing in front of you, rather than lifting it off your chest. The extra vigor in your execution will result in extra inches on your body.
Avatar f tn Weight loss is burning more calories than you consume, and exercise helps speed up your metabolism, so you can burn more calories even while resting. Obese men can lose weight by exercising, which will also reduce the risk of many diseases and conditions. Exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, diminishing your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. A regular workout routine can also help you have more energy, tone up and feel good.
Avatar m tn One day I got on the bench press I stretched before but not long. I went to bench 225 I got it 5 times and when I got up from the bench I was very light headed and felt a pressure on my chest. The pressure lasted for a week... Then when it healed my sternum gets really sore depending on how I sit..I can't lift heavy any more and when I lift now (lighly) I'll feel my chest tighten up and I'll get lightheaded...I took 3 months off before trying again and it's still like this.
Avatar m tn At one point, I was maxing out at 495 lb on the bench press and 315 lb on the military press. I started having trouble with my left shoulder, and it got so bad that it would have me in tears. After therapy and injections, the ortho decided to scope it out. He said that I had some calcification of the tendons and some bone spurs, and based on the condition of everything he said it was a miracle I was able to function at all. He also said I had the largest shoulders he'd ever worked on.
Avatar f tn I also have random pelvic pain and also when I stretch my stomach I get a bad sharp pain in my pelvic area. like for instance when I do bench press. (weightlifter btw) and also discomfort after lifting and also burning after ejaculation. Anybody have any ideas? I kinda just been living with it for a while.
Avatar n tn Thanks very mcuh for the comments, will heed your advice and just relived to know that I should be able to get back to full strength eventually!!!
Avatar n tn Sorry to take a while to answer. Someone else got to your question before me, and that moved you off the top of the line. Frequently, I see arthritis of the AC joint in weight lifters. Usually, this injury is aggravated by bench work (particularly inclines) and push ups. It will awaken you from sleep if you lie on it, and can cause popping and grinding in the shoulder with activity.
Avatar m tn I find exercises that involve the triceps quite painful in my left elbow and whenever I bench press heavy weight I can feel a pain in my elbow almost as if the bones in the lower half of my arm are pressing down on and trapping a nerve. I'm turning to you guys hoping that someone has a solution to my problem. My elbow does not look normal (pictures attached) and this causes me to always wear long-sleeved shirts and have general social anxiety.
Avatar f tn Marissposa - I will be HAPPY to tell you anything you want to know. Their main plan is circuit training because I want to lose weight. Warm up on an eliptical machine for 5 min, then 20 reps of leg press, 2 min back on the machine, then 20 reps for whatev, back on the machine for 2min etc; We do something for quads, lats, biceps, triceps, flys, bench press, shoulders, pretty much every muscle group. We end with abs.