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Avatar m tn Hello.I'm in the normal;healthy range?I'm 1_70 meters tall and my age is 16 years old.My weight is 64 kg.Should i start a diet?
Avatar n tn My daughter bone age is at the end of 10th age but her age is 6 year and 10 months. 4 year of advancement of bone maturation is seen. No breast tissue and axillar hair isfond on the examination. Only black hair is found on the genitalia. What is the probable conditions that cause this problem?
Avatar n tn He has always been in the very low percentiles for his height and weight. He recently had a bone age test and the pediatrician says his bone age and chronological age are the same. But, yet he is recommending us to an Endocrinologist. Is this normal???
1528695 tn?1360582320 My babies are usually right about 7lbs. and they gain weight pretty quickly. Lots of stores are pretty good about letting you exchange sizes as long as the package is not open. So if you have an abundance you may want to exchange sizes. They grow out of them pretty quickly. When they are passing the meconium through their intestines when they are first born you use a lot of diapers too.
Avatar m tn Hello my name is Babbal I am new to the forum. Ok so here is my issue I weigh 230 lbs absolutley unintentional I cannot lose weight no matter what I consume only about a thousand calories a day not because i starve myself because frankly that is my capacity when a growing male my age needs about 2500. Next I have a very very slow digestive system I have GERD take prevacid 30mg twice a day..
Avatar n tn please i want know if my prostat size is normal or no my age 41 and my psa 0.
341551 tn?1266980730 Kinlee is 2 month and a week. She got her shots and a check up when she was 7weeks. She weight 8lbs 13.5oz. And she was 22in long. And that was on 2/24.
Avatar m tn Im 18 years old and I have started my period at the age of 12. I can't say my periods has ever been regular, about 4 months I would get them on dates that are located around the same area, then suddenly I would get it every 20 days for a few months, sometimes I would miss a month or two, etc.
Avatar n tn s Question gestational age lower than expected by d1995 Leave a Note Send Message Add as Friend d1995 Member since Jun 2008 I went to the DR today and had an US and the gestational age showed as 6 weeks, but I should at least be 7, but more like 8. We absolutely know the date of conception (so it might be two days later that the baby was actually made) However, according to LMP, I should be 8 weeks. I am concerned.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone , I just took Cruz two get his first shots and they weight him and check his height. I feel like he is alittle fat for his age 13 pounds and 23 1/2 inchs at 8 weeks . What does everyone else's baby measure and how old are they . I am just trying to get a gage.
Avatar f tn Hey I'm 14 and I'm 5ft and 6 in I weigh 132 lbs I wanna lose weight before school starts and really fast so how can I do that??
Avatar n tn How do we get him over being afraid of foods. He is already small for his age and I just want him to eat the right things and be healthy. What can I do?
Avatar f tn If she is 16kgs, then her weight is on the 25th percentile for her age and she is normal. Some children are smaller then others in the same family. Thank you for your question.
Avatar m tn Do you guys have any explanation for the weight loss and reduction in testosterone levels? The loss in testosterone and weight is very large given the time span. What are some suggestions? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Avatar n tn Adrenarche is what you are talking about, the adrenal gland kicks in a little earlier than normal giving us some expression of normal but annoying male hormones causing body odor, pubertal hair growth and some advancement of bone maturity, however, obesity itself can advance the bones as well and I would seriously look at the weight to be sure that the weight is controlled well, rapid weight gain and increased insulin production can also stimulate bone maturation and also adrenarche is influenc
Avatar f tn You are still within the growth chart which indicates your weight is high normal for your age. For your age, you needs approximately 2000 calories per day and recommended the following: Limit high sugar drinks/snacks and try replace with low fat milk/yogurt or fruit/popcorn.
Avatar f tn I still think im too fat for my age and height and i need to lose weight. What are some foods i should eat in order to lose the unwanted weight?
Avatar f tn The weight they give you from an ultrasound isn't always accurate. It can be off up to a pound.
973741 tn?1342342773 I've got a few aches and issues going on which has prompted me to read a bit about women and inflammation. It's normal to have some inflammation here and there but chronically, it's a problem. And pretty common for women to have this issue. I'm achy and have a bit of insomnia and fatigue. I'm of an age where that is somewhat normal but it's also a sign of too much inflammation. Being a few pounds over weight also adds to the risk of chronic inflammation.
Avatar f tn I started taking antidepressants when I was 17, I just turned 19 and I weigh 140.. I exercise and eat normally. There is nothing I can do more to try and lose all this weight. I do not understand how this has happen but I am looking for answers or advice on how to lose this weight. I have just recently weened off Zoloft and am hoping to see some improvements.
6629746 tn?1394066444 starting to worry... currently 5w5d and losing weight? here's date, weight, and gestational age. 11-26-13 *130.5 -3w1d 12-02-13 *131.8 -4w 12-11-13 *131.8 -5w2d 12-13-13 *130.
Avatar n tn ve gained 24lbs and the usual recommended weight gain range is 25-30lbs Gaining more weight and at a faster rate can cause complications for both you and baby. You risk getting diabetes, and having more complications during delivery.
Avatar f tn They said my baby already weighs 12 oz and I'm only 13 weeks is this normal???
10418701 tn?1409994158 Age - 53; Normal weight; HbA1C=5.57; Fasting Blood Sugar = 107. Am I Pre-diabetic? What sort of diet control is required?