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Avatar n tn Is it possible to have a weight GAIN of 5% just after acute hiv ?. Your answer will help me a lot.
Avatar n tn One could give these meds to HIV and Cancer patients to gain weight, in fact, I think they do. So, we as patients who sometimes suffer from body dysmorphia should be informed of any possibility of weight gain because feelings of frustration and humiliation from weight gain is a real factor in our depression! I am now on cymbalta and have gained 3 lbs in 2 days. I hope it's only constipation because I don't know how healthy it is to be gaining so much weight so quickly.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that HIV infected person can gain the weight? about 2 kg increase...
Avatar m tn i have chronic tonsillitis problem is it responsible for weight loss right now i am 5'8" and i weighs 50 kg??????please also suggest some remedies or diet to gain some weight.....
Avatar m tn Do any stds cause this. Sudden weight loss after weight gain too. I have also had joint pain lately.
Avatar n tn I realize the weight gain can cause a pinched nerve, but I do not understand the pains that started before the weight gain. I was also hospitalized the same week I conceived due to a supposed liver infection. I never got a true diagnosis and was sent home after a couple days with an IV. I'm at a loss. I will check out transverse myelitis to see what that is. Thx.
Avatar n tn He said that it does not lead to weight gain, but when I checked online, some sites say it leads to weight gain and others to weight loss. Could you tell me what it is actually? Is it weight loss or weight gain?
Avatar n tn Even if you are or are not HIV positive you can have gain or weight loss.
Avatar n tn pills for free, and they can give you some advice about other pills that might not cause wieght gain for you (i know alot of b.c. pill side effects mention weight gain). but maybe another one might work, and not cause the weight gain. i know stress is a biggy too. if you can find a good stress relief program for you, that might help too. good luck!!
Avatar m tn Welcome to the HIV forum. The tests for HIV routinely used in industrialized countries are 10% reliable, as long as they are done more than 6 weeks after the last possible exposure. On the other hand, the symptoms of HIV are highly variable, and they are unreliable in diagnosing HIV/AIDS. Therefore, in the medical evaluation of a person concerned about HIV, the test results always outweigh symptoms. Your test results prove that your symptoms are not due to HIV.
Avatar n tn At what stage of the HIV process does weight loss, weight gain or maintaining weight become an issue?
Avatar n tn I simply cannot understand why I lost weight in the first place and why I am unable to gain it back. I see people on the street and they note how I lost weight and stuff. The only confirmed medical condition that I do have are gallstones, and I am about to remove it, but I'm scared due to the lack of weight, and if I have to undergo a diet after surgery I might lose even more weight.
4896357 tn?1360674504 It could be because of any number of things. If you have acites then a related Edema may be throughout your body making you gain water weight. It could be food taste better and you have an increased appetite. I'd give it time. I got to where food tasted good and gained a steady 3.5 lbs which is not what I had experienced with having the virus. 3.5 is a lot for petite me. Now after several months EOT cured, my appetite has lowered and I have leveled off.
Avatar f tn I had talked with my doctor about the shot possibly having an effect on my weight since I had not changed my diet and exercise routines and had unexplained weight gain. She assured me that weight control was only dependant on calories consumed versus calories burned and that I must have changed something without really noticing, that the shot could only potentially increase my weight by 5 pounds in a year.
Avatar f tn Hi! To gain weight you need to find the cause for low weight and treat it. You could be genetically fragile and if this is the case, there may be nothing much you can do about it. One possibility is that you have an eating disorder. In which case taking help from a doctor specialized in treating eating disorders will help. There are many other causes like worms in stool, depression, anorexia nervosa, AIDS, cancers especially colon cancers, drug abuse, infections and loss of appetite.
Avatar n tn Yes the weight came back. It took about 2 months for the wight to come back. It was not like I was all that concerned about the weight loss. I was not hungry, nauseauted, ate very little.... of course I should lose weight. Got smoe negatvie test results behind me, anxiety went down, the nasuea decreased.... I ate agian.... I guess that could be the negative of a negative test result.... but I'd rather get a negative result.
Avatar m tn When I workout I mainly lift weights so I expect that I should gain weight rather than loose it right? The weight loss has been pretty drastic. A couple of months ago I was about 240ish pounds. Then I dropped down to 225 pounds. At that time I wasnt really eating, as I didnt have an appetite. Then, I was making my self eat. I would eat a lot as well. My weight would go up to about 227 pounds then go right back to 225. I went to the doctor because of this and he tested me for diabetes.
Avatar m tn Went to the doctor, urine sample, blood sample, visual inspection and the only thing that came up was prostititus just cause I said that does not feel good when getting my prostade checked which I assume it doesn't feel good for anyone.................................... My weight lifting senario all started after this.............I was clear of HIV which is auto immune disorder...........
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Avatar n tn Hyper- or hypothyroidism? Sweating, weight gain, etc might by hypothyroidism, although the increased blood pressure doesn't fit. Get your TSH and T-4 levels checked, it's a simple blood test. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Usually when I stop eating and suplement it with alchohol I gain weight ironically. I gain mass or weight very easily which is why remember I said I work out ALOT. So I even started to notice it. Its like the excess fat I tried so hard to get rid of had melted off. I was looking pretty damn good if you asked me but I was worried. I hadnt ramped up the excersise. In fact for the past couple weeks I hadnt even felt like working out. My arms also lookd like they had lost some muscle and fat.
Avatar m tn Hi had unprotected sex with sex worker, had test at 40 days and 97 days both came hiv negative, based on all replies from you to others 3 months is conclusive but my doubt is before 8 years i took some tablets to gain my weight, i got side effect from that skin problem (pimples in my face and back) and but now ok, i feel i would have genetic disorder from that and it would affect my immune system, would it affect my result Can i consider my test is conclusive
Avatar m tn Start eaten and you will gain some weight your problem isnt HIV i can tell you that