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Avatar m tn you NEVER had a risk...dont associate everything to hiv.
Avatar n tn I am getting a 6 week HIV test done tomorrow and I will get the results in a week. If these mouth sores are seroconversion symptoms, does that mean I am getting the test done too early, since my immune system is still reacting so would still be producing antibodies?
Avatar m tn If this girl was dirty enough to have gonnoerha she may of also had HIV. My main concern now is these mouth sores and if they mean a possible HIV infection.
Avatar n tn Well today April 3rd they seem to have cleared up mostly and then i ate a chocolate rabit and more of them appeared??? Is this mouth herpes, canker sores, allergic reaction? I am kinda freaked out about it.
Avatar m tn After the vaginal sex, when I wanted to ejaculate in her mouth, she stopped me and said se had some wounds and sores in her mouth. I did not taste any blood while we were kissing but I assume that she may have some blood on those wounds. I know unprotected oral sex does not require any testing, but I just wanted to ask if these probably bleeding wound in her mouth may change the scenerio? Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn Small Mouth cut such as bitten tongues or sores which are bleeding a little during a oral sex can be considered as a route for HIV transmission?
Avatar n tn i was convinced that i am safe and dont have HIV but since last 4 days i am having swollen lump under my left armpit and since yesterday developed mouth sores with white spots and blisters. Please help do i need to get tested and what do i tell the laboratory for what kind of test. i definately had a protected encounter but then every small health issue i have is making me relate it to HIV.
461010 tn?1208482459 Sorry under my tongue in the very back side
Avatar m tn Related to HIV? No not likely. Stuffiness, runny nose, are more indicative of an upper respiratory infection, sinus problems, or even simple allergies. I don't know where you live, but this is winter turning into spring, prime time for these things to pop up. Dry mouth, throat, headache, can all be related to above mentioned things, and are too non-specific to link it to HIV. Not related.
Avatar m tn When I research about mouth ulcers inside mouth (canker sores) - just about every website describes them being as a symptom for Acute HIV! I find this disturbing because other symptoms such as sore throat, rash etc don't come up with HIV been a cause in every website. Does this mean that mouth ulcers are a big sign of ARS? I was ill with flu like symptoms, sore throat, shivers, ulcers, fatigue for about a week.
Avatar n tn After 12 weeks had passed since my sexual encounter, I noticed a painless sore under my tongue on the floor of my mouth. At that time it was small and I started rinsing my mouth with warm water and salt, thinking it was just a canker sore. 2 days passed and the sore got larger and smaller tiny sores started appearing near the larger sore. Another day passed and white papules appeared inside my cheek touching the top row of my teeth in the back.
Avatar m tn I have had fairly consistent mouth ulceration (1-2) sores every couple weeks since a risky encounter (broken condom) in early October well as a little unprotected oral...both ways. There is no other symptoms present...the sores vary in size and placement from large cankers on the inside cheek to smaller ones on the even tiny ones on the inside corner of my cheek. The seem to be recurring almost continually besides a few weeks abatement.
Avatar m tn No, that statistical incidence of transmission is for everyone, even those with mouth sores. No one gets HIV from oral sex regardless of their oral hygiene or mouth sores. It just does not happen.
Avatar n tn This is true even if the HIV infected person had gum disease, sores in their mouth or blood in their mouth. HIV is not transmitted by kissing.
Avatar m tn dear i had once met with one risky sexual encounter,with a unknown guy,,,he didnt enter his penis in my aas but he tried to do so but he failed due to my tight hole,,,,he poured his pre cum on my my sores on my bumss,,pls all of u tell me can it transfer the hiv virus in me,,,as now 5 months paased,,and i feel pain in opening my mouth in both side it pains near my ear from in side,,,and also it pains under my jaw,,,,,is only few lymph node swelling in the infection,,or all the lymphnode swells,
Avatar m tn I made a bad choice one night.. i dont know if she was hiv positive or not but I fingered her and licked my finger a couple of times to taste it... not much, but then i realized i had a canker sore in my mouth.. do I need to get tested... or what.. I dont think the sore did get the fluid but I have been paranoid.. this was about 3 weeks ago. we had no vaginal sex or anal sex.. just fingered her for a few minutes and stopped.. never gave her oral down the vagina..
Avatar m tn I recently kissed a girl lightly (no french kissing) , problem is I had a small mouth ulcer on my inner lower lip and also chapped lips and wasn't sure if she too had sores too and maybe blood. I noticed when i pressed the ulcer hard enough i could see some blood. My question is there a chance of HIV infection from her via the ulcer assuming she had some blood or maybe sores?
Avatar m tn Thank you for your feedback. Puts my mind at ease, and not point getting tested as that would be the extent of my hiv exposure.
Avatar n tn I have had mouth sores on my bottom gum and this is day 14 and I have been to two doctors and my dentist and they say mouth sores, canker sores, hell I don't know what to think. My dentist did a exam and he looked at everything. He said I was good it was not cancer but why are these sores taking so long to go away. I have chewed snuff for 30 years so I am just a little worried I would like to be sure he know what to look for.
Avatar m tn Or do you have sores on your mouth? Either way, neither is a risk for HIV transmission. Kissing is not a way that people get HIV. HIV in adults is transmitted by penetrating, unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. That is really it. Saliva and air inactivate the virus so kissing is not a means of transmission.
Avatar f tn ve got two canker sores in my mouth.. Could this be HIV? Is there a risk of HIV if you give oral sex with canker sores in your mouth?
Avatar m tn I had 3 canker sores on different occasions in my mouth,and I fell forward on the street today,unfortunatelly,the blood(on the ground,still fresh,I saw 2 guys standing beside me,maybe it`s one of them who left the blood on the ground) contact with my lips!!!and one of the canker sores is on my lips!!!!! If the blood contact with my canker sore,am I risky?The blood was still fresh!!!!! I`m soooooo woried,please help me!!!Should I get a test?