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936016 tn?1332765604 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar f tn i have this rash on my chest its not painful its just flat,am wondering if its HIV infection symptoms i have chlymidia which am treating so i think am exposed with HIV, am so scared t get tested cos i dont want to hear my result
Avatar m tn I just noticed on the Doctors forum mention of Aciclovir. I saw a bottle of that in my contact's bathroom cupboard. I thought it was mouthwash. It's for Herpes I presume. The rash in the photo (day 63 one) in my profile has re-emerged today in the same place (looks like shingles) and a scaly rash on my feet. I spoke with someone at the HIV charity today, the senior worker wasn't in.
Avatar n tn You have already been advised and been told that "HIV rash" or HIV symptoms in general are NOT useful indicators to diagnose infection. There are no "pictures of actual HIV rash" because it varies in everyone, if they even get symptoms at all.
Avatar m tn The rash on my upper body looks like pictures of the “hiv rash” I have seen online. This has me very concerned. Should I be confident in the results and could another illnes be causing these symptoms?
936016 tn?1332765604 What are the symptoms of HIV? This is a common question we receive here at Freedom Health. According to this article on emedicine ( ) , it is thought around 70% of people who contract HIV will develop symptoms when they are seroconverting. Seroconversion is the period between exposure to the HIV virus and the completion of the initial response of your immune system.
Avatar m tn Hey Doc, Ok so here's my story....I did something stupid and had sex with a commercial sex worker about 3 months ago. It was protected, but I had a slight rash around the base of the penis at the time (I believe it was jock itch) so I am leaning to believe vaginal fluids could have possibly entered my body that way. Anyway, I have not experienced any flu-like ARS symptoms such as fever or night sweats but just recently, I have gotten a maculopapular rash on my entire back.
Avatar f tn in late may i had to go to the bathroom really badly and the toilets in my school don't work properly i flushed the toilet a couple of times but there was still some urine in the toilet i couldn't wait any longer and i went to the bathroom even though there was some urine left in the toilet when i was going to the bathroom some of the leftover urine splashed upward onto me is it possible that could've entered my bloodstream?
Avatar f tn HIV rash does not itch
Avatar f tn 5) Most people with new HIV infection get symptoms. But the vast majority of people with symptoms -- even when symptoms are typical for ARS (which yours are not) -- have other things wrong. The symptoms of ARS are identical to those of a hundred other minor viruses and other medical conditions. See a health care provider. That's what people do when they have symptoms that concern them. Have an HIV test for reassurance; it will be negative. Please return to let me know the result.
Avatar m tn Following that 3 weeks after i had a rash on the palms of my hands that were exact to pictures i have seen of HIV infection for 24-48 hrs. my exposure was HIV+ blood into my mouth. Please someone help, i Know I have older posts, but now I am really concerned since I read that rash is a sign/symptom in 90% of seroconversions of HIV..... :'(... Please... This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/246970'>HIV, OHL, Yeast - Typical Timeline of symptoms?</a>.
Avatar m tn could anyone give details for hiv rash? how long after exposure and for how many days you can see it? perhaps a link with foto?
Avatar f tn Night sweats Loss of appetite Weight loss Peeling skin Itchy skin Cut easily Rash on chest Scalp oily w flakes Acne all over face Feel like a needle pricks me on my body from time to time Nightmares I NEVER had any of that before I was with that man! SO what is it?
Avatar f tn I've read info stating it can be small and dark raised bumps on skin to red patches on torso. Often different sites and opinions don't distinguish clearly between a newly infected person's rash to an hiv rash later in hiv stages. Online pictures are often unclear as well. I'd actually say they're more unclear than the written information. I understand symptoms should never be used to diagnose and that's not my intention.
Avatar n tn All my symptoms are now gone after 20 days, most were due to Stress/Anxiety besides a mild rash on head of penis and mostly started within the first 5 days which leads me to believe i am not HIV positive but possibly could have syphillis or HSV-2 now which worries me alittle bit.
Avatar n tn can somone please explain to me what HIV rash looks like. i cant find photos of this rash. does it look like pimples or what?
Avatar f tn Night sweats Loss of appetite Weight loss Peeling skin Itchy skin Cut easily Rash on chest Scalp oily w flakes Acne all over face Feel like a needle pricks me on my body from time to time Nightmares I NEVER had any of that before I was with that man! SO what is it?
Avatar m tn I have tested for every STD including HIV and HTLV, this was negative after 17months. My current struggles are white coated tongue with teethmarks at the border. Severe headache which is much better now, but have a moving crawling sensation 24/7 in scalp/brain. Balanitis and peeling hand and soles. My next stop will be at a dermatoligist on 2 dec, to se if I have actually a yeast infection or staph.
Avatar f tn OK long story short I have made some stupid mistaken in my past and hate caused myself great anxiety by reading other sites without coming here first because of the straight forward answering any who about sometime last year in September order October I had unprotected vaginal sex with a women who was 50 I am 26 she said she was clean also married and was not a drug user or street worker just a women who no longer was getting attention from her husband, also I have gotten several blow jobs perf
Avatar n tn In reading about HIV symptoms, you have to put the information into context. Every symptoms of HIV occurs more commonly in other illnesses; and many supposed HIV symptoms -- including some you mention -- occur only with late HIV (i.e. overt AIDS), not with recently acquired HIV. And the rash associated with HIV doesn't behave at all like you describe But the answer to your concerns lies not in assessing the exposure risk and not in making guesses about your symptoms.
Avatar m tn //,700,600,0,0.jpg) and it was much more localized, and i also didn't have any other symptoms such as loss of appetite, joint or muscle pain, fever, swollen lymph nodes, ulcers or headaches. I had mono and pnemonia simultaneously close to when i had that rash (at about 17), so im hoping it was related to that, also i passed on mono to a boyfriend i had at the time so I know i didnt falsely test positive for mono from HIV.
Avatar m tn Yes but I got the exact HIV rash on my palms exactly how it looks in the pictures! Red non painful flat I took a test and am awaiting the results.
849341 tn?1246056960 moist and rash in perinal area and rectal area.
Avatar f tn t focus on HIV but on other matter ( study and financial) then one or two weeks after sex encounter I started fear and stress on HIV then everything ( acute HIV symptoms) started to appear in me one u one , sometime it happen altogether like fever and headache and rash something else which mimic acute HIV symptoms. Please advice ! Thanks!