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Avatar f tn We both live in Denver, CO. I am a white married female, and he Latino. He is with his ex wife after being divorced once already. They have 2 children. We were both intoxicated and had sex without a condom but he pulled out prior to ejaculation. I have no reason to believe he has sex with men, or uses intraveneous drugs, but I am somewhat paranoid regardless of what might have occurred.
Avatar f tn pregnant with twins and moving to Denver, co. my current doctor said I need to find somebody who are familiar with multiple pregnancies because they are a little more risky. need help finding a good obgyn and a good hospital. any recommendations would be appreciated. will be living in Erie for the first 3 months.
Avatar n tn 32 3/17 - Sought treatment at Denver Health Hospital STD Clinic - Received Penicillin Treatment. Testing at Denver Health done through Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment Laboratory Services Division. Test reads Rapid Plasma Reagin Ab (RPR) - Result - Titer 1:64, Syphilis TP - Result - Reactive for treponemal antibodies. 6/15 - Retested through Denver Health, done through Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment Laboratory Services Division.
Avatar m tn On 15-august I had an unprotected sex with a female co-worker (major mistakes on many levels I know). I tested negative at day 2 and 5. She tested negative at day 3. All tests were the standard elisa antibody (not duo or p24 antigen etc). This is the only intercourse I have had since early June (when I was still in my long term -2yr- relationship which hit few bumps.) Now we are in the process of reconciling I hope. I don't know my co-workers sexual habits.
Avatar f tn you had protected sex so really no reason to think that you contracted hiv from this partner. if you have hiv testing questions, you need to be asking them in the hiv forum. herpes testing can't be done before 3 months post encounter.
Avatar f tn We are both African Americans, in Denver CO. I am 31, he is 45. He suffers from MS and is on a weekly injection, along with a brain lesion that is drained once a month. He seems to go to the doctor pretty regularly. I do not know his wife's history! The only thing I have noticed is a little irritation when I try to urinate, a mellow burning sensation and a small amount of itching. There is no odd smell or discharge.
Avatar f tn Sorta close....
4583480 tn?1356805620 You too from Denver Co:)
Avatar f tn I am unable to get, what does a mendatory HIV testing of co-pilots and pilots has to do with your exposure with one of those professionals. May be you wanted to get some peace of mind, if they are regularly tested for the infection. Is that so?
Avatar n tn Heterosexually transmitted HIV is rare in Denver, and to my knowledge the frequency of HIV in sex workers is generally very low, well under a 1% chance she is infected and maybe closer to 1 in 1,000. Not being African American is the important issue in relation to race/ethniticity. (This isn't an anti-AA racist statement. It's just a fact that HIV rates are much higher in AAs than in other racial groups in the US.