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Avatar f tn I got tested today at an "Out of the Closet Thrift Store" in Hollywood for HIV. I tested negative, and was happy about that. But, when I told my friend I went, she freaked out and told me I should have gone to my doctor! That the stuff there could have been contaminated and it wasn't administered by a nurse or doctor! Now I am kind of worried? I was under the assumption that it was done by someone that had training to read, administer, and council the testing!
Avatar m tn Hopefully this is my last question. Please bear with me. Can certain people be "more contagious" if they are infected? I had protected sex with a West African girl in London who claimed to be clean and tested but I have read they have other strains of the virus there. I'm just hoping I was at zero risk as I have slept with prostitutes before but never a foreign nation of Africa, a high infection area.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm an HIV negative woman who is engaged to an HIV + man. His viral load is undetectable and has been for a couple of years. I knew of his condition when I met him. I didn't think I could get involved when the full disclosure was made. We moved very slowly and with great caution. Before we ever had sex I saw his doctor and became fully informed. His doctor said if we practiced sex safely, and he always wore a condom and withdrew prior to ejaculating, that we should be fine.
Avatar n tn i just really wanted to know...because one of my friends told me that he called the Gay and Lesbian Medical Center in West Hollywood and asked,,,they say it's not that accurate and should be waitng 3-6 months when compared to traditional blood test, which can be perform 3 months after possible exposure......i'm really confused...that's y i can't move on with this...and Teak and Lizzie Lou...please help me answer this,,i trust you guys...
Avatar f tn Oh wow that's super pricey!! I paid 900 for a one bed in my area and right now 1060 for a two bed and I thought that was thru the roof lol.
Avatar n tn In West Africa while most HIV is caused by HIV-1, the type of HIV present across the globe, a small proportion of infections are caused by HIV-2. In your case, that your partner was from West Africa makes it slightly more likely that she had HIV but not much and does not in any way offset your condom use and its protective effect. 3.
Avatar m tn In 2009 a new strain closely relating to gorilla simian immunodeficiency virus was discovered in a Cameroonian woman. It was designated HIV-1 group P.1 More than 90% of HIV-1 infections belong to HIV-1 group M. EIA tests which can detect either one or both types of HIV have been available for a number of years.
Avatar m tn You never had an exposure and have already been advised of it. You don't need any testing for HIV.
Avatar m tn The gum clinic doctor i went to today (works in Leicester) (the one that wrote the british HIV Testing guidelines) told me that the subtype issue is only applicable to a viral load test? is he correct?
Avatar n tn Then you don't have HIV.... At 21 days if you have HIV either the antigen or antibody test would of been positive.
Avatar m tn thier is no reason to presume that the window period for hiv 2 is longer than hiv 1. anyway was your exposure in west africa becuase thats the home of hiv 2?
Avatar m tn Hello! I'd like to know which testing assay is the most reliable in finding HIV type O and N infections (1 year after last possible exposure) and their working principle please if you know it. Thanks!
Avatar m tn The statement above is inaccurate. HIV-2 infection is mostly confined to West African countries. As suggested to you by other members, you have tested at the correct time frame for a definitive HIV test result. There is no point in contemplating, HIV 1 /2 or certain other subtypes any more. You have yourself answered all your questions today, you don't have an HIV concern, you are scared of sex and that's not a normal thing.
Avatar n tn Do you need separate test for HIV 1 and HIV 2? Would a HIV antibody elisa test find both at 8 weeks?
Avatar m tn Both the DUO and other standard HIV antibody test would reliably detect both HIV-1 and HIV-2 infections, thus you can have confidence that testing would not miss another infection. I hope these comments are helpful. With a negative test at 25 days it is most unlikely that you were infected by the contact you describe. Good luck with your pursuit of sobriety as well.
Avatar n tn do they give high rate of false negatives or false positves.....? The need for easy approved home testing is there why is the west not opening this badly needed service. i can understand the need for counselling but it should be at the user's discretion.