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Avatar m tn New York is still using the OraQuick Advance HIV 1 and HIV 2 test for blood and plasma testing. They're just not using the oral testing at this time until the investigation is complete.
Avatar m tn I live in us NYC to be exact, why did the doctor tell me the window is 6 months? I was neg at 4 months and so happy !!! I don't understand why he would tell me that?? Any advise or fact would be greatly appreciated !!! Thanks soooo much happy holidays!!
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Avatar f tn I freaked and when I went to the NYC department of health, they told me to take an acute HIV test that had a window of 7-10 days post exposure to be accurate. I got it done 17 days after the incident. Results came back negative. I believe it was a duo or antigen something kind of test. Would be this accurate? What should I do?
Avatar n tn I went to a public STD clinic in NYC yesterday to get tested for HIV and the person who performed the test did not wear gloves. It was the Oraquick blood test where they ***** your finger. Thankfully she couldn't find the vein in my arms so she didn't draw any blood beforehand (which is apparently the procedure for administering these kind of tests). It was early in the morning and she had tested 3 people before me. I think I heard her wash her hands but who knows.
Avatar m tn ) sex -- but you are the only person who can make that call; I cannot and will not try. Since you are in doubt, HIV testing makes sense. Conceivably even post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) with anti-HIV drugs would have been considered, but PEP isn't given more than 72 hr after exposure, so that's a moot issue at this time. To the specific questions: 1,2) Most people sufficiently anxious to ask about testing on this forum probably need to be tested, even if the risk is low.
Avatar m tn Hiv is transmitted by unprotected anal/vaginal penetrative sex. Oral sex is zero risk as far as hiv is concerned. You do not have a hiv concern. Use condoms and stay safe always.
Avatar m tn Hiv finger prick at NYC health at 15weeks negative. Herpes IGG done at labcorp 16 weeks hsv1 positive, hsv2 negative. In addition the girl agreed to be tested a bit after 9 weeks. I don’t know her activities before or after. She came in negative hiv, hep b&c. positive hsv1 4.78 positive hsv2 1.70. Questions 1) As far as hiv, is any additional testing needed? (6 months) 2) Does having hsv1 affect hiv antibody testing?
Avatar n tn Periodic testing as screening for HIV, as well as STD is always a good idea for person who have had multiple or new partners. There is nothing abotu this particular expsoure whic puts you at high risk.
Avatar f tn My doctors office is not in nyc is there an emergency facility i can go to such as a clinic or a hospital. Also id prefer that an HIV test not appear on my parents healthcare sheet or whatever.
Avatar f tn Day 13 - go in for std testing - full panel. All negative, including hiv. hiv was the viral load test, comes back undetected. Doc tells me it's ok to move on with my life and girlfriend. Day 21 - stomach pains and diahrea. Lasts 2 weeks. Always had ibs and went to the bathroom 4 times a day but it spiked up to 7 times a day. Stomach making constant noises. Back pain as well. Day 26 - full std panel repeated. All negative. Hiv was antibody test. Day 34 - hiv antibody test again. Negative.
Avatar m tn Subsequent NYC Elisa testing with my doctor on 2/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep), 2/16 (Neg on HIV), 3/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep), 3/12 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep). So based on the duration between encounter and last set of negative tests, as well as the response I received from Dr. EWH regarding window period (8 weeks), I am satisfied with the HIV negative result.
Avatar f tn Since then I have had 2 HIV tests done one on 35dayd- Alera Determine HIV 1/2 ag/an Test which was negative then another test at 46days HIV 4th Generation combo test - negative results. But It was recommended that I keep testing every three months until the end of the year just to ensure I am negative. This has made me very scared and I can’t sleep, I am imagining things and I am terrified. Are my negative results a good indicator that I will remain negative or should I keep testing ?
Avatar n tn I dated her for 8 weeks and got a negative rapid test at about 4 weeks---if I get down to the wire 3 weeks 26 days---so lets say 4 weeks. The person at the testing center advised me that at 4 weeks everyone will usually test positive who is and some even sooner. I read the same info on the NYC state website----she did say that if I wanted to for peace of mind to come back in 12 weeks---I was fine with that--and decided that my results were good and I didnt need to come back...
Avatar m tn I have a question. I'm a 28yr old, bi male in NYC. Last November 2011 at the beginning of the month I had unprotected sex with a transgendered woman. Then mid-November I had sex with another transgendered woman who I'm 90% wore a condom (I received). Whether she wore a condom or not, she did not cum inside me (mouth or anus). I then got back together with my girlfriend at the end of November. I haven't had sex since December 5th because I want to make sure I'm clena.
Avatar m tn and it has scared me. You both have mentioned before that in the 8 years since this forum was established, not one person acquired HIV after an exposure they asked about, so now I'm scared that I could be an exception like the above mentioned case and be positive later on.
Avatar n tn Between the two sorts of tests you have had, we can be sure that you did not get HIV from the exposure you describe. No need for concern or further testing.
Avatar m tn 25% of new york adults are HSV2+ and one can't even get a blood test for it at an STD clinic. you can get tested for every other STD, except the worst one (other than HIV of course) which you suffer from and can transmit for the rest of your life. hard to believe noone else in NYC offers it, i can't even just buy it and test myself. unless someone knows where else i can go, i'll suppose i will just have to wait until next week now.
Avatar n tn "What are the chances of a mass-us in nyc could have HIV?" It doesn't matter. Even if she had HIV, you were not at risk. (Probably under 1 chance in a thousand, though.) "Cut on hand…": Still no risk. Don't overthink it. Nobody in the world ever caught HIV from an event like this. Ignore any and all additional "what if" or "is it possible" questions that come to mind.
Avatar m tn You never had a risk of hiv transmission from the situations you described and never required testing at all.This is all you need to know.The symtoms you are having are noit related to this incident but some other condition.
Avatar n tn I can't say what proportion of escorts in the NYC/NJ area have HIV, but it's under 1%, probably closer to 1 in 1,000. And when a woman has HIV, the risk to her male partner from a single episode of unprotected vaginal sex averages around once for ever 2,000 exposures. That means your risk of HIV from this event is in the ragne of 1 in 200,000 to 1 in two million. And with odds like that, of course I have never seen someone in your situation who caught HIV.
Avatar m tn Possible exposure (protected but drunk) during last week December to first week January 2010 (by 10th?). Oral swab test on 1/29/10 in NYC clinic was negative. Subsequent NYC Elisa testing with my doctor on 2/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep), 2/16 (Neg on HIV), 3/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep). Will see Doc on 3/9 but test then or when??
Avatar n tn I would suggest to wear condom next time unless your're really sure she's not HIV positive. I would you also suggest an HIV test 3 months after your unprotected sex and I'm confident you will be negative. It will be better for you and your GF to know your status than not knowing it. I hope this helps stay safe...
Avatar m tn Bottom line, your risk for HIV from the exposure you describe is so low that there is no need for testing. The counselor you spoke to was being overly cautious when she said your exposure was "risky". At some point 6 or more weeks after the exposure of concern get an HIV test. It will be negative. When it is, accept it as proof that you do not have HIV. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Ok how is it that dr hook has agreed he has never seen hiv transmitted from a single unprotective vagiinal intercousrse
Avatar n tn 1.5 years ago, as part of a study looking for HIV-, HSV2+ gay men, I was diagnosed with HSV2. They used the Focus EIA to determine my status. With this study you are placed on either acyclovir or placebo, unknown to the participant. The study continues until next month. I have never experienced any noticeable outbreaks (before or after this test), either oral or genital. I want to determine my HSV1 status.
Avatar m tn Why would a respected City-owned testing facility be telling lies? I don't understand it. This is not some private doctor, this is a free NYC std testing facility. The number I provided leads straight to them. Call it and speak to them.