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Avatar m tn Possible exposure (protected but drunk) during last week December to first week January 2010 (by 10th?). Oral swab test on 1/29/10 in NYC clinic was negative. Subsequent NYC Elisa testing with my doctor on 2/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep), 2/16 (Neg on HIV), 3/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep), 3/12 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep). So based on the duration between encounter and last set of negative tests, as well as the response I received from Dr.
Avatar m tn New York is still using the OraQuick Advance HIV 1 and HIV 2 test for blood and plasma testing. They're just not using the oral testing at this time until the investigation is complete.
Avatar m tn I live in us NYC to be exact, why did the doctor tell me the window is 6 months? I was neg at 4 months and so happy !!! I don't understand why he would tell me that?? Any advise or fact would be greatly appreciated !!! Thanks soooo much happy holidays!!
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Avatar n tn “I suggest that you not waste money on testing for HIV or any STD more than 6 weeks after the extramarital event. There is no STD that takes that long except sometimes HSV-2.” You've also written that you typically don’t recommend testing after one-off encounters unless they are particularly high risk, i.e., unprotected sex with a partner known to be infected. Given my situation, do you recommend testing? 2. What are the odds I have HIV?
Avatar n tn Periodic testing as screening for HIV, as well as STD is always a good idea for person who have had multiple or new partners. There is nothing abotu this particular expsoure whic puts you at high risk.
Avatar n tn with a stranger no way of being in touch with her I was nerous so I had the following testing done. I had HIV test at NYC clinic at 30 days oraquick but they also take a vial of your blood. I then at 38 days hadSTD testing for trich, gon, chl, syp. I think i was covered I hope I waited long enough for those tests, they also took a vial of blood at a differnet NYC clinic. I then had another HIV test oral at 63 days also negative. Then a finger ***** with blood test at 90 days negative.
Avatar n tn I went to a public STD clinic in NYC yesterday to get tested for HIV and the person who performed the test did not wear gloves. It was the Oraquick blood test where they ***** your finger. Thankfully she couldn't find the vein in my arms so she didn't draw any blood beforehand (which is apparently the procedure for administering these kind of tests). It was early in the morning and she had tested 3 people before me. I think I heard her wash her hands but who knows.
Avatar f tn Thanks doc, and yes I was tested at a nyc health dept and your correct about the PCR testing. They take up 10 days for results to get back at you. Which I'm greatful I was negative, I guess its my anxiety playing with my head, its just scary doc but thanks for helping me put my mind at ease.
Avatar m tn Possible exposure (protected but drunk) during last week December to first week January 2010 (by 10th?). Oral swab test on 1/29/10 in NYC clinic was negative. Subsequent NYC Elisa testing with my doctor on 2/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep), 2/16 (Neg on HIV), 3/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep). Will see Doc on 3/9 but test then or when??
Avatar m tn Why would a respected City-owned testing facility be telling lies? I don't understand it. This is not some private doctor, this is a free NYC std testing facility. The number I provided leads straight to them. Call it and speak to them.
Avatar f tn My doctors office is not in nyc is there an emergency facility i can go to such as a clinic or a hospital. Also id prefer that an HIV test not appear on my parents healthcare sheet or whatever.
Avatar m tn As you were told last month, you had a low risk exposure that did not even require HIV testing. You were also informed that your symptoms did not suggest HIV and that the test results you reported at that time, combined with the nature of the sexual exposure and your symptoms, amounted to 100% proof you were not infected with HIV. That opinion is unchanged by all the unnecessary additional tests you have had.
Avatar f tn And by the way, the NYC PH clinics provide world-class STD/HIV prevention services. The medical directors of both the STD and HIV programs are friends and colleagues of Dr. Hook and me; the NYC health commisioner, Dr. Tom Farley, also is a past colleague and was once a full-time STD specialist and past head of Louisiana's STD/HIV program. There is no way any of these three professionals would permit use of anything other than top-of-the-line equipment and procedures.
Avatar m tn and it has scared me. You both have mentioned before that in the 8 years since this forum was established, not one person acquired HIV after an exposure they asked about, so now I'm scared that I could be an exception like the above mentioned case and be positive later on.
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Avatar f tn Day 13 - go in for std testing - full panel. All negative, including hiv. hiv was the viral load test, comes back undetected. Doc tells me it's ok to move on with my life and girlfriend. Day 21 - stomach pains and diahrea. Lasts 2 weeks. Always had ibs and went to the bathroom 4 times a day but it spiked up to 7 times a day. Stomach making constant noises. Back pain as well. Day 26 - full std panel repeated. All negative. Hiv was antibody test. Day 34 - hiv antibody test again. Negative.
Avatar f tn At this point, standard antibody testing is all you need. If you have reason to believe your partner was in fact at high risk (bisexual, drug use, etc) and if you were being tested earlier (e.g., at 10-14 days), then a PCR test might have picked up an infection earlier than OraQuick or other antibody tests. By 3.5 weeks (24 days), around 90% of newly infected people have positive antibody tests, so a negative result would be very reassuring, although not perfect.
Avatar f tn I freaked and when I went to the NYC department of health, they told me to take an acute HIV test that had a window of 7-10 days post exposure to be accurate. I got it done 17 days after the incident. Results came back negative. I believe it was a duo or antigen something kind of test. Would be this accurate? What should I do?
Avatar n tn "What are the chances of a mass-us in nyc could have HIV?" It doesn't matter. Even if she had HIV, you were not at risk. (Probably under 1 chance in a thousand, though.) "Cut on hand…": Still no risk. Don't overthink it. Nobody in the world ever caught HIV from an event like this. Ignore any and all additional "what if" or "is it possible" questions that come to mind.
Avatar m tn Symptoms are a poor indicator of the presence or absence of HIV and should not be relied upon. Testing on the other hand is highly reliable and should be believed. Your thyroid cancer does not change my advice.
Avatar m tn Hi doctors, I've really liked reading all your answers and comments. I have a question. I'm a 28yr old, bi male in NYC. Last November 2011 at the beginning of the month I had unprotected sex with a transgendered woman. Then mid-November I had sex with another transgendered woman who I'm 90% wore a condom (I received). Whether she wore a condom or not, she did not cum inside me (mouth or anus). I then got back together with my girlfriend at the end of November.