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Avatar n tn I guess it doesn't get the press that other diseases get! Every pregnant woman is offered testing for HIV--yet HepC is 4 TIMES AS COMMON and is RARELY tested for. I don't believe they can "force" your wife to attend a class with other patients. She has to make it unequivicably clear that she wants to maintain her confidentiality, and that it is violating HIPPA regulations to force her to attend.
Avatar n tn You don't have to worry about HIV2 unless you have had sex with someone from southwestern Africa. There are two types of HIV. HIV1 and HIV2. HIV 1 is the more robust and most transmitted type of HIV infection even in Africa.
Avatar m tn I suggest you to get an examination done from a physician. HIV testing is done with a blood test and is done in full confidentiality. The blood is first tested by ELISA test which is a screening test which looks for antibodies in the blood. Then if it is positive then Western blot test is done to look for specific proteins of HIV. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn I don't know that there are any places who will do anonymous testing for stds. Many will do anonymous HIV, but not stds. However, if you go to a clinic, and get tested, they have to adhere to the same confidentiality laws that your regular doc does. Some places won't push it if you refuse to give some info, others will. Its really important that you get tested, and that if you have anything, that you tell your wife, as she could have it to, and you'd just end up re-infected.
Avatar n tn There is little medical reason for you to have HIV tesitng. AT the same time however it might be reassrurring. I don't see a downside to HIV testing.
Avatar n tn I want to see a doctor to get a valtrex script but am concerned about confidentiality. Will this be reported to the health department. If I use insurance for the Dr visit and or for any perscriptions could my Employer find out? Could they single me out for a rate increase despite being in a group of roughly 10,000+? What are my risks of transmitting assuming I use a condom and have sex about once every one to two months? Any advice would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn He told me when it happened and said the clinic would be testing him for HIV and other diseases and the patient as well. When the test results came back, he told me they said that both he and the patient were "okay" and didn't have anything. I still could not shake the feeling that something wasn't right. We ended up not working out and had a bad falling out. However, I found out over the summer that he is engaged. I don't know if he was engaged while we were sleeping together.
Avatar f tn Thanks, it is just that there is no confidentiality in testing and everyone knows the result, they yell it out which is really worrying so what happens is you get skittish as the day nears and then you read up the Net and you think of every nick,cut, scratch, the simplest abrasion and your mind begins to spin. There is too much out there on the net and it needs this sort of a forum to bring a little balance into things. I won't hold it against you if you can elaborate why I shouldn't worry.
Avatar m tn NIAID-supported investigators are conducting an abundance of research on all areas of HIV infection, including developing and testing preventive HIV vaccines and new treatments for HIV infection and AIDS- associated opportunisitc infections. Researchers also are investigating exactly how HIV damages the immune system. This research is identifying new and more effective targets for drugs and vaccines.
Avatar n tn This would constitute a HIV risk and it is important that you test to be on the safe side, you may try going to a Public STD Clinic as they will have testing facilities (depending where you live of course), however you local Doctor would be able to provide you with a referral for a test and have to keep your test confidential as would the testing lab (Patient confidentiality).
Avatar n tn Swollen spleen, became full quickly when eating, spleen remained uncomfortably swollen for 2 weeks, visible series of capillaries under sternum, 3 petechiae on chest and abdomen 5 weeks post exposure: Series of night sweats and mild sore throat, transient itchy rash on chest and abdomen that would come and go in matter of minutes to hours 45 days now and my symptoms have gone.
Avatar n tn If you are apprehensive regarding the status of HIV, then you can get tested. HIV testing is done with a blood test and is done in full confidentiality. The blood is first tested by ELISA test which is a screening test which looks for antibodies in the blood. Then if it is positive then Western blot test is done to look for specific proteins of HIV.
Avatar n tn Have you seen a similar presentation in your experience? I can only imagine it being acute HIV infection or mono. I will be testing at 8 weeks (next week). I have not seen a doctor since 19 days post exposure due to concerns about my confidentiality. Unfortunately I am overseas at the moment. I am traveling to another country for an assessment. I am aware that I am risking my health by doing so.
Avatar n tn If not, you should do that now, then follow his or her advice, even if that advice is different than mine. It is possible s/he will recommend other testing as well, such as PCR testing for the virus itself, or an antibody test at 6 weeks. I'm not sure what your concern about your boyfriend's new partner is. Is it that he might not have been told and tested? Or that he was tested but hasn't yet learned his results?
Avatar m tn but what about the posibility any bllod from her mouth has passed from any little hole that cant be seen from the condomn and gone into my urethra?
Avatar m tn Penile softening during sex doesn't make it unsafe, as long as the condom remains in place. Therefore, from a strictly medical standpoint I see no need for HIV testing. However, you still might benefit from being tested. Most people in your situation are more reassured by a negative test result than anything an expert can say based on statistics and probabilities. If you think that applies to you, get tested. Based on all you have said, I am 100% confident the result will be negative.
Avatar m tn But from the posts I understand that oral sex is not a possibility for HIV transmission.But I've had a unprotected Vagial sex and I was not sure about her HIV status. Taking into consideration , the Symptoms - Ear pain , Knee pain(Which I feeel even when I'm typing this reply) , pain on my penis head , the burning sensation , pain in testicles and the diarrhea i had after sex, how would you so confidently rule out the possibility of HIV infection.
Avatar n tn I asked the man about STDs and he swears he's clean, but I'm finding all of this a bit ironic. The doctor said testing for HIV before 8 weeks only provides a baseline and I'd have to go back...any advice is welcome. Signed...trying to keep a level head.
Avatar n tn I recommend against testing yourself at home. You need to see an HIV-knowledgeable health care provider for personalized evaluation and advice. 4) HIV risks are discussed above. The risk is substantially higher for gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, syphilis, etc. Testing for these STDs is another reason you need to see a health care provider. Your local health department STD clinic would be a good choice for expert, confidential care. The following comment will seem like a lecture.
Avatar m tn We receive this question repeatedly. Before I comment on the PCR test however, let me remind you, as you have already been told on the HIV Prevention Community site, that the odds that your partner had HIV are very low (probably less than 1 in 10,000) and that there are NO cases is which HIV has been proven to be transmitted by receipt of fellatio - none, not one!!! As for the PCR test, this is a valuable tool for evaluating response to HIV therapy but not for diagnosis.
Avatar m tn Hello, If there was contact with the semen and you had any open sores, cuts, skin infections causing microtears due to scratching, then it can act as portal of entry for HIV infection. You should get tested for HIV. HIV testing is done with a blood test and is done in full confidentiality. The blood is first tested by ELISA test which is a screening test which looks for antibodies in the blood. Then if it is positive then Western blot test is done to look for specific proteins of HIV.
4334936 tn?1353889336 If you choose to test however, why not do it at a professional testing center. Confidentiality should not be a problem, there will be no question about the skill of the person who performs the test, and you will have access to the latest (4th) generation of tests which provide definitive results at 4 weeks. As for your specific questions: 1. An isolated sore throat does not suggest the ARS but rather a typical, every day, non-STD/HIV community acquired viral sore throat. 2.
Avatar n tn Hi. I am having issues that no doctor can nail down for me. 2 months ago, I (male) had a very risky stupid encounter and I won’t go into details here. About 10 days after the incident I started getting symptoms of all kinds like bad pain when peeing followed a few days later by fever, chills, soar throat, fatigue, muscle and joint aches, not being able to breath fully, night sweating, and lip tingling.
Avatar f tn If you did not have unprotected INSERTIVE anal/vaginal sex, you had NO RISK for HIV and do not need to test. HIV is not contracted by rubbing........the virus must be transmitted INSIDE the human body. I WOULD advise having an STD panel done to rule out other STDs. If those results are negative, see your doctor regarding your symptoms.
Avatar m tn Hi, How are you? Hospitals usually have policies regarding the confidentiality of the patients being treated. CD4 testing may be done in hospitals where your attending physician is a consultant. If you do not have a specialist yet, ask for a referral from your attending physician. It is very important to take all doses of the medications to prevent drug resistance.
Avatar m tn Hello, HIV testing is done with a blood test and is done in full confidentiality. The blood is first tested by ELISA test which is a screening test which looks for antibodies in the blood. Then if it is positive then Western blot test is done to look for specific proteins of HIV. These tests may show accuracy after 6 weeks to 6 months as HIV antibodies take time to develop in the body. So get repeat tests done. These symptoms can be due to neurodermatitis also.
Avatar n tn Can anyone help and inform me where to get HIV test in UAE. Location and name of the clinic / hospital. Reliable in outcome since I am only an expat here in Abu Dhabi. Thanks.