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Avatar n tn There is no significant risk of HIV and this exposure does not suggest you should have HIV testing. As you undoubtedly saw in reading the forum, receiving fellatio and performaing cunnilingus is essentially no risk. Accordingly, it is safe to conclude that oral contact with vaginal secretions via fingers also is virtually risk free. Even if she had HIV, swallowing HIV-infected secretions is low risk. I hope this helps.
148588 tn?1465782409 “The proposed policy doesn’t really end discrimination against gay men.” Federal officials said this week that testing of the nation’s blood supply and the understanding of AIDS have improved significantly since donations were banned in 1983, when infections were taking off and health experts worried about the disease spreading through transfusions. But the scientific gains haven’t been enough to go without a 12-month abstinence period, they said.
Avatar f tn I think then, CFS would be a better diagnosis and you would want to make sure that your physician uses the right terminology and does the right testing. There is now a test that can help prove disability in CFS patients.
148588 tn?1465782409 You are talking about the small Swedish Pilot Study where 9 out of 10 genotype 1 participants were SVR. Special HPLC testing (not available here) was used to help measure a pre-determined serum riba level originally established by a pharmakentic formula based on kidney function as opposed to weight. The treatment was very rough, with 2 out of the 10 particpants requiring two blood transfusions each.
475555 tn?1469307939 Hello, Willy. Thanks for the good words. You have put the fear of g*d into me with your tale of mayhem in Great Britain. Any idea where I can get info on the effects of failing a protease inhibitor trial, especially as regards drug-resistant viral variants? These protease and polymerase inhibitors haven't been around very long, but there must be some studies of the consequences. I wonder if they don't make your infection a whole lot more intractable if you happen to not clear the virus.
Avatar f tn 0 ang cut-off,pumasa naman ako sa screening yun bang qualitative na test ng HBsAg,kaso nga lang sa GAMCA testing bagsak ang ako,di tuloy makapag abroad sa Brunei,better luck next time ika nga...
975514 tn?1325001538 I was 17 when I first was diagnosed with sciatica and it wasn't until I was 31 when my foot was completely numb that I was able to convince a doctor to take an X-Ray of my lower back, which started a domino effect of MRIs and testing. I learned that I have degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis in my spine, minor scoliosis and nerve damage- I even had a shoulder surgery on a bone spur because I kept getting tendinitis and the doctors couldn't cure my arm pain.
Avatar n tn At the time I was working on a cruise ship. This time the doctor misdiagnosed me HIV and quarantined me and threatened to throw me off the ship. Thankfully they were very wrong and I stayed onboard. The next time it flared up was a couple months later this time on the back of my hands again. Just as before it started with tiny bumps that grew and blistered and spread.
Avatar n tn I am taking care to make sure I am getting a good variety. I have begun testing my pH again, but I am still very acid- this will probably take several months of eating like this to get to a more normal pH. I have been keeping a food journal every day for the last month, not for the purpose of limiting anything or reducing my weight, but only for the purpose of reviewing all the things I eat on a regular basis and approximately how much. No calorie counting- that's just counterproductive.
Avatar m tn I'm not as troubled by the floater anymore and more constantly busy with testing the new visual effect to see if it gets worse. Though this may sound strange there is a reason for my fear: glaucoma runs in the family and thus I'm afraid that I might get that and so I'm always very aware of any visual defects or "unexplainable" effects. I'm going to see my ophthalmologist next Friday and will report what she said if you would like that.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had discharge (slightly tinted), a couple of days prior to testing and still gotten a BFP. I've been praying so hard and I don't want this second try to be a loss. Thanks in advance for your help and advice.