Hiv testing after 4 weeks

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Avatar m tn I kissed her as well but she had cold sore which I was not able to see in the dark. After 4 weeks of this event i got shingle on my left armpit and back. Is shingle sign of hiv? I did ellisa test which is negative and gave test for pcr hiv as well and waiting for result. But i cannot sleep and cannot do work. Please some help me and tell me the answer of the following questions: 1- Is shingle sign of acute or primary hiv sign? 2- What is my percentage of getting hiv?
Avatar n tn also, aside from any anxiety I may feel about anything, is NAT and anti-body testing pretty accurate at detecting HIV after 4 weeks? thanks for the advice!!!
Avatar n tn Hello Doctor, I'm 37 yrs old, I had two relatively protected exposures in 13july with two sex workers, first time it was oral with condom & then vaginal sex with same condom, I believe the condom was not broken. Then second with again oral with condom, this time I changed 3 condoms before going for vaginal with 4th condom on which also she performed oral for some time, I checked after the sex the condom was not broken.
Avatar m tn Would testing after 4 weeks be conclusive to around 90%. Or would i be better getting p24 Test 16 days after be more conclusive than that. Saying this because I am going away and wont be able to get tested for a while. Also would canadian medicare cover p24 for free?
Avatar m tn Has anyone tested positive after a 6 week Oralquick test? Dr HHH say 6 weeks is conclusive. I know about the 3 months. Just curious.
5722362 tn?1373073428 OK,I had a deep kissing and hand job with a sex worker and I had a HIV test at 4 weeks today,it was negative,the hospital used the 3rd generation reagents.And I want know how accurate it is.Need I continue to test?
Avatar m tn My doctor got me tested after 4 weeks of unsafe exposure with a sex worker. My PCR viral load, antibody, RPR are all negative. CBC is also normal. Do I need any more test.
Avatar f tn Patients attending for HIV testing who identify a specific risk occurring more that 4 weeks previously, should not be made to wait 3 months (12 weeks) before HIV testing. They should be offered a 4th generation laboratory HIV test and advised that a negative result at 4 weeks post exposure is very reassuring/highly likely to exclude HIV infection. An additional HIV test should be offered to all persons at 3 months (12 weeks) to definitively exclude HIV infection.
Avatar m tn Do you have any comment with regard to the accuracy of HIV test after 4 weeks? Or any other comment on my symptoms. The rash on my back is worsening and I still have a fever, sore throat and aches and pains. Thank you for replying.
Avatar f tn Hi I would like to know if its possible for a hiv rapid finger prick test to show positive at 4 weeks after an exposure and a hiv combo ag+ab test to show negative (0.280) at 6 weeks?cause that what happened to me.
Avatar m tn s the opinion on the board of the validity of a negative hiv pcr test at 6 days and a negative elisa antibody test at 4 weeks after exposure? What are the odds either or both negatives together are meaningful?
Avatar m tn 3 weeks after I had diarrhea, abdominal pain, pain and tenderness under arms, fatigue. I tested negative for hiv at 4 weeks. are these signs of ars and if I got tested would the test come back positive during these symptoms?
Avatar m tn hiv combo test is very accrued after 4 weeks of time, and can be taken as conclusion now ... u are fine n hiv free...
Avatar m tn Symptoms if any, normally show up within 2-4 weeks after exposure. 9 months is too long to the symptoms to show up.
Avatar n tn s and my advice that testing at 6-8 weeks or later is definitive, and your test at 11+ weeks proves you do not have HIV. You have also acknowledged your own intellectual understanding that you "know this cannot be ARS for many reasons". And it is not true that acute HIV infections "can cause many other rashes". In any case, negative test results always overrule symptoms. "Should I still forget about HIV?" Yes, you should.
Avatar f tn The combination of an HIV PCR test and an HIV antibody test at 4 weeks following an exposure provide accurate information about whether or not a person has acquired HIV. Thus, your test results prove that HIV was not acquired from the exposure you mention. there is no need for further testing. I hope this comment is helpful to you. Take care.
Avatar n tn Now for about three weeks I been having loose stools, diarrhea and some stomach pain. Can this possibly be HIV. The home access hiv test might have not picked it up because it was not 12/13 weeks. It was more like 11.3 weeks. Some help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn no test on the market is fully conclusive until 3 months post exposure.any negative result after 4-6 weeks is highly reasurring however not fully conclusive until 3 months.i went down the route of spending a fortune on tests before the window period was up.all it affected was my bank balance.the op needs to take an itibody test at 3 months to be sure that infection hasnt occured.