Hiv testing during pregnancy

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Avatar f tn they drew out blood n said they always check for syphilis n aids mostly 3 times during a any other Dr doing that with you girls...n why so many times?
Avatar m tn is 4 week testing negative during these symptoms a good thing?
Avatar f tn Much of what kind of OB care you receive and what kinds of tests are done during pregnancy depends on who your doctor is and what they deem "appropriate." What one particular OB (or nurse-midwife) practices can be quite different from what another does, and it also varies from patient to patient. Sometimes doctors make decisions to test for certain things only if patients fall into certain "risk" groups.
Avatar f tn I dont disagree that you should be tested, an std can be harmful. frankly I think hiv testing should be mandatory also during pregnancy. But people should know just because this is what should happen it is not always the case.. my OB asks if i can leave a urine sample at each visit but they dont make me like say if i didnt have to go or something they wont try to make me drink to get a sample we just move on.
Avatar n tn ve been extremely nervous since this event and so I have taken a couple tests. My HIV test came back negative at 3 weeks along with the general test for other STDs like gonorrhea and syphilis. I then took another HIV test at 12 weeks and it came back negative. I'm worried though because about 3 weeks ago, I saw that there was a small red bump on the shaft of my penis but it went away within 4-5 days. You wouldn't consider that a rash would you?
Avatar m tn women get rashes all of the time in pregnancy and are regualrly checked during pregnanacy for syphilis.
Avatar n tn In October of 2007, I met a guy that I dated for approx. 5 months. During that time, our first unprotected experience was the beginning of December and subsequent times after that. At the beginning of February, the health department contacted him and 5 other dancers stating that 2 of them had come in contact with HIV+ individual. My bf was tested in December, negative. He was then tested the next day by health department officials in February... results were negative.
Avatar m tn Could you please provide answer to the question - Do Home Access and Oraquick testing detect all HIV-1 subtypes (including O and N) and HIV-2? The reason I am asking is that during these six months I had some unusual symptoms like rashes and white (medium, not fully coated) tongue which I never had before. I am worrying the tests might have missed to detect antibodies of some rare HIV subtypes. Thanks again!
Avatar n tn With a negative HIV test 2 months afterward, you can be 100% certain you did not acquire HIV during the sexual encounter you describe. Sinus symptoms are not like those of acute HIV infection; and in any case, symptoms NEVER are a useful indicator for or against HIV. (And by the way, it isn't at all surprising that your "sinusitis" did not respond to antibiotics.
Avatar m tn i wanted to know more about the HIV DUO test. Can somebody do the HIV DUO test after 2 months after exposure? Can he do the HIV DUO test any amount of days greater that 28 days? Will a HIV DUO test be conclusive after about say 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 or even like 150 days? Will it still be conclusive in all cases...? I hope that you understood my question... Thanks a lot in advance....
Avatar m tn If you are a heterosexual who has had unprotected sex outside of a mutually monogamous relationship and do not have symptoms, all you need is an annual health screen that includes testing for HIV and common STDs (chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis)- you are far more likely to contract these during unprotected sex than HIV. HIV/STD testing is also advised if you are about to start a long-term sexual relationship with someone, so that you both know your status going into the relationship.
Avatar f tn During the early testing phase 80-90's but today hiv test are so sensitiveas 4th gen test can detect as early as 2 weeks. So no you do not have Hiv beleive it.
Avatar m tn If 100907 had unprotected sex with his girlfriend during his window period (yes irresponsible) but if he was negative at 99 days why should his girlfriend be tested as well as him again? Can he be a carrier for HIV during his window period and infect smeone else even if he comes back negative at 99 days? Can their symptoms just be the flu season, anxiety, or psychosymantic? Teak, Unique or NB can someone shed light on this?
Avatar f tn My sister was just diagnosted with hsv2 after a post pregnancy checkup, she never had any outbreaks, lesions ect during her pregnancy..her igg was 2.53 via quest diagnostics, herpeselect i believe. Just before her pregnancy, a month or two she said she tested negative at her annual check. My question is how likely is she actually infected with hsv2.
8488481 tn?1410326209 I was tested at the beginning of my pregnancy for HiV which I know is routine for every mommy to be...& today my doctor sent me to take the test for a second time... I was just curious to know if this is also routine & if all mommy to be's take this test twice through out the pregnancy....btw he sent me to take this test the day after he swabbed me for STREP B...