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Avatar m tn thanks rain i realy did want know that that mean my 14 n 16 week test is good then two test can wrong i dont think iam that bad luckied because i realy want want to have a great christmas so you think testing is done for me then iam good because if i realy go n take a next test n it came hiv + i know i would walk in to fast driving truck n end my life because people is watching me hard here as i walk people start talk behind my back look at him you seem a walk a big hiv victim him in jamaica h
Avatar n tn 2) You can trust the test results in standard HIV testing centers, pretty much anywhere in the world and certainly in the US and other industrialized countries. 3) Yes; see above. There is no realistic possibility that results have different reliability at 89 versus 90 days; that's a major hair-split. 4) Hyper-conservative sources sometimes recommend waiting 6 months for reliable testing. They are in the small minority and most experts disagree, as I do.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had an unfortunate event yesterday. I visited a stripper yesterday in Jamaica. (She is Jamaican) Before we started having sex, I asked her if she ever gets tested and she said that they always come and give them tests at the Strip club, and that they have to do it. She also mentioned that last time she was tested negative back in November, and that she always has protected sex. Sex was mostly protected.
Avatar f tn I previously asked a question what the total risk was after a night of drinking, and possible unprotected sex with vaginal intercourse but finished orally with swallowing of ejaculation. I however did not mention that the man was Black, and moved here from Jamaica. Does that put this one episode of stupidity into a "higher" risk??? and if so what are my total odds of testing Negative in 2 weeks, thats all i have left for my 3 month window, thank you again for any responses!
Avatar m tn hi iam from jamaica n i think i contract hiv from the 16 of july 2013 iam so worried i took a test at the healt centre n the 28 of oct last months n i came negitive but it was the finger prick test but i just dont know if it is ok or the test dont do good i was feeling a better but i came across the internet that say it take six months to show in blood n same time i started to feel sick sick again n right now iam so sick low energy headaces my jaw hurt from about 5 days now i check my blood p
Avatar m tn Hospitals don't do HIV testing before surgery. Anytme an HIV test is to be done on anyone they have to be advised. All hospitals use Universal Precautions.
Avatar m tn Hi doctor.I'm from Jamaica and sometime ago a guy who is hiv positive performed unprotected oral Sex on me for about twenty minutes.Well I didn't ejaculate in his mouth but I think he had blood in his mouth and after when he told me of his status,he said I couldn't catch hiv from being sucked.But I became sick two weeks after with a sore throat,fever 38 and swollen lymph nodes in my neck and weight loss.I was very worried and was placed on xanax and paxil for anxity.
Avatar m tn I read this forum and its giving me a lot of hope. I went to Jamaica 2 days ago and my stupidity brought me to this massage parlor. She gave me oral sex with condom but after I came, I noticed that the condom broke! I think my penis was in her mouth for about 1-2 minutes before I took it out. While she was giving me oral sex, I massaged the outer part of her vagina as she did not want me to insert any of my fingers. I felt a little vaginal secretion on my finger while i was doing it.
Avatar f tn does heat rash is a port of hiv syemtoms,can I catch hiv by a condom burst?...
Avatar n tn I definitely did not have intercourse or oral sex with her but, at most, I MAY have fingered her (I say MAY because I was blacked out drunk and do not remember... hence this post). And, as you know, Jamaica has fairly rampant HIV/AIDS... I could only imagine the statistic for strip club workers. Would this have possibly exposed me to HIV? The next day, I knocked the cut and it began to bleed again so I would imagine that, if I did finger her that night, it would have split open again.
Avatar n tn The headline to your question is "is it HIV?". The answer is no. I say this with confidence because of your test results. A negative blood test at 10.5 weeks proves that you did not get HIV from the exposures you describe and there is no need for further testing. Given your test results, your questions about symptoms and their relationship to HIV are irrelevant and if they are troubling you, you should discuss them with your own doctor.
Avatar f tn While in the ocean in Jamaica, it was believed I was stung by a fish or brushed up on a stone which one week later caused a huge blister on the side of my foot, doctors had never seen anything like it. Had to scrape the fluid filled blister off leaving a 3rd degree burn type sore. I was sent to wound care. After two weeks on antibotics I developed another blister on the opposite foot - went thru the same process - two weeks later and off antibotics I have just developed another blister.
Avatar m tn hi good day iam so sick i just belive i contract hiv my live is hell here am from jamaica ni think i have from the 16 of july 2013 i do a test n the 28 of oct last months n it came negitive but iam worried about the six months mark my life seem dead here
Avatar m tn If the first test is positive but the 2nd is negative the person does not have HIV, if both tests are negative, the person definitely has HIV. This sort of two-step testing is not needed for negative test results- negative is negative and false negatives virtually never occur in persons tested more than 8 weeks following their exposure. In your case, your negative test result at 5 months should be trusted. You do not have HIV.
17584949 tn?1458070342 I had sex May 4,2016 we use condom but my mind have thé best of me about thé condom burst i ask him hé told me no but i did à SD Hiv 1/2 test yesterday which is négative that would be 7 week n i read something that doctor told someone that 4-8 weeks can be relible. Right now i have thé flu so please let me know If Texting early with that result is à good start.
Avatar m tn ve also been reading alot, especially from Dr.HHH and I do know for a fact that testing is the ONLY way of guaranteeing secure diagnosis. However as a person that has been diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder, you can understand why i'm seeking a little help or info on the risk of my experience. I'm a very careful dude, i'm 20 now, living in Jamaica and only had sex twice, about a month ago though i had an unprotected sexual encounter with a girl, why was it unprotected?
1936952 tn?1323603990 I have recently been diagnosed with RRMS after three years of symptoms. I started out on Copaxone in October. Recently I began having pain in my right arm. My issues have always been on my left side. What should I make of this? It doesn't seem to fit classic MS. I live in Jamaica and my doctor is in the USA. I will not be able to see him for a couple of weeks yet.
Avatar m tn A week ago I had a sexual intercourse with a prostitute in Germany. She is from Jamaica as realized later. I was a bit drunk that night which is a standard situation I guess for a lot of guys. Was going how when I accidentally walk into the red light street in Aachen, Germany. I was staying only a week in this city and was amazed by the service. So I do not know what forced me to go in by i did. The girl put on condom and we had a minute or so of an oral sex.
656452 tn?1332783935 Hi, Is it recommended by CDC or just a good precaution to be immunized for Hep A when traveling from the US to Jamaica/Grand Caymen Islands? Do you recommend Hep A for this destination for adults/children? Also, how many parts is Hep A vaccine - is it 1 shot or multi visits as compared to the adult A/B vaccine which is a few return visits I think ? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I did personally perform the mass-panel test I described above, then I graduated to the HTLV Antigen, HIV Antigen and HIV2 Antigen testing. The main difference was a machine did most of the pipetting for the 1000 samples/day. The antigen tests I performed were low volume - some days I had a few as 10 samples. Again, that was most likely due to the rarity of HIV2 and HTLV at that time, here in the US. I worked in North Carolina, but we tested samples from every state except New York.
4449049 tn?1354740399 it will be a viral infection..but takes up to 4 or 6 months to show u have hiv.. but its hard to have transmitted hiv wit a condo m so u should be safe.
176495 tn?1301280412 Ya well who wants to be in Jamaica when you could be smack dab in the ghetto in the great state of Minnesota??!!! LOL We had excitement here the other night with some "friendly" road rage!! Glad you are having a good time. Enjoy your last couple days. Sounds like the overbooking worked out REAL well. Make sure you let us know when you get back.
176495 tn?1301280412 1 month from today we'll be returning from 8 days in Jamaica. The next day (15th) I hit the big 60....How did I get to be 60 years old...would somebody please answer that for me?