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Avatar m tn hi iam from jamaica n i think i contract hiv from the 16 of july 2013 iam so worried i took a test at the healt centre n the 28 of oct last months n i came negitive but it was the finger prick test but i just dont know if it is ok or the test dont do good i was feeling a better but i came across the internet that say it take six months to show in blood n same time i started to feel sick sick again n right now iam so sick low energy headaces my jaw hurt from about 5 days now i check my blood p
Avatar n tn This hasn't been studied carefully, but many experts feel that chlamydia may be missed in people tested under 4-5 days after exposure. 2) You can trust the test results in standard HIV testing centers, pretty much anywhere in the world and certainly in the US and other industrialized countries. 3) Yes; see above. There is no realistic possibility that results have different reliability at 89 versus 90 days; that's a major hair-split.
Avatar m tn If the first test is positive but the 2nd is negative the person does not have HIV, if both tests are negative, the person definitely has HIV. This sort of two-step testing is not needed for negative test results- negative is negative and false negatives virtually never occur in persons tested more than 8 weeks following their exposure. In your case, your negative test result at 5 months should be trusted. You do not have HIV.
Avatar m tn thanks rain i realy did want know that that mean my 14 n 16 week test is good then two test can wrong i dont think iam that bad luckied because i realy want want to have a great christmas so you think testing is done for me then iam good because if i realy go n take a next test n it came hiv + i know i would walk in to fast driving truck n end my life because people is watching me hard here as i walk people start talk behind my back look at him you seem a walk a big hiv victim him in jamaica h
Avatar n tn 5 weeks proves that you did not get HIV from the exposures you describe and there is no need for further testing. Given your test results, your questions about symptoms and their relationship to HIV are irrelevant and if they are troubling you, you should discuss them with your own doctor. On the other hand if it is just that you are worried because of the possibility that you have HIV, I hope that my comments will give you peace of mind and allow you to move forward from your concerns.
Avatar m tn Hospitals don't do HIV testing before surgery. Anytme an HIV test is to be done on anyone they have to be advised. All hospitals use Universal Precautions.
Avatar n tn thus is is unlikely that a CSW who wants to use condoms has HIV. Testing. There are several reasons to seek testing. These include because you suspect you may have HIV. If so and your fear is based on symptoms, the test would be positive at that time. A second reason is for SCREENING. We recommend periodic STD (including HIV) "screening (testing in the absence of symptoms) annually because for persons who have had multiple partners over a period of less than a year.
Avatar m tn Hi doctor.I'm from Jamaica and sometime ago a guy who is hiv positive performed unprotected oral Sex on me for about twenty minutes.Well I didn't ejaculate in his mouth but I think he had blood in his mouth and after when he told me of his status,he said I couldn't catch hiv from being sucked.But I became sick two weeks after with a sore throat,fever 38 and swollen lymph nodes in my neck and weight loss.I was very worried and was placed on xanax and paxil for anxity.
Avatar m tn 4 - Could a UTI have caused listed symptoms or is it definitely an STD ? 5 - What are the chances of contracting an STD from an HIV infected partner yet NOT contracting HIV ? how much different is the transmission and yes I do know that an STD makes passing it easier but its the same vaginal fluid that would cause the STD right? so it needs to enter my body just the same, so could the STD enter yet not the HIV ?
Avatar m tn Hello, I live in Jamaica and had a HIV test done at exactly 49 days after becoming worried about the status of a girl I had been with. The results came back negative. But the lab told me that I should come back at in a couple weeks time. 1. Would a test at 49 days be conclusive? 2. Is my result likely to change at the next testing.
Avatar f tn I previously asked a question what the total risk was after a night of drinking, and possible unprotected sex with vaginal intercourse but finished orally with swallowing of ejaculation. I however did not mention that the man was Black, and moved here from Jamaica. Does that put this one episode of stupidity into a "higher" risk??? and if so what are my total odds of testing Negative in 2 weeks, thats all i have left for my 3 month window, thank you again for any responses!
Avatar n tn Dear Dr. HHH 44 days ago I had a brief vaginal exposure to a Jamaican CSW. I was the insertive partner however condom broke. After I heard a sound and felt that something is wrong I took my penis out of her vagina. 50 hours later the exposure I get into tests for chlymadia and geonerhea. Do you think that 50 hours is enough to get tested negative for those STDs ? Also I get tested for HIV, 3 and 6 weeks after the exposure. They were both non reactive.
Avatar m tn Can ARS appears after 5 weeks or its to late 2. Do i need more testing or my hiv test at 10.5 weeks is conclusive 3.The fact that my lymphocytes were high is that something you see in hiv pos or could that be the cause of the shingles 4.
Avatar m tn Is it prevalent in Jamaica? No, HIV-2 occurs in West Africa, not the Caribbean. further, most HIV-2 infections are detected through testing with DUO tests. There is no medical reason for further testing. Your results are definitive and will not change, really.
Avatar n tn Your negative test is proof that your exposures in Jamaica did not give you HIV. There is no need for re-testing. Ear infections are not suggestive of HIV. Blood lymphocyte levels are highly variable. I would not worry about your minimal elevation of lymphocytes. In addition, it may be comforting to point out that in HIV, if anything. lymphocyte counts get low, not high (and this takes years to occur). You need not worry.
Avatar n tn Hi Doctors i have a few question concerning my same exposure from last year i know that i 10 weeks negative is almost conclusive but im still a little nervous first i got my girlfriend pregnant around july 25 4 weeks later she was sick she got pneunomia is this related with ars anyways at 9 weeks after our last exposure she had a routine hiv test due to her pregancy it was negative is the window period the same with a pregnant women and after at around 8 weeks she had a rash all over her chest,
Avatar f tn 1) Your test result is conclusive, pregnant or not. Pregnancy does not affect HIV testing. 2) HIV doesn't cause diaphragmatic hernia or any other congenital abnomrality. 3) Your test result proves that something besides HIV is causing your rash. Continue to work with your doctor or clinic about the cause of your rash or any other symptoms. But you can stop worrying about HIV.
Avatar m tn I read this forum and its giving me a lot of hope. I went to Jamaica 2 days ago and my stupidity brought me to this massage parlor. She gave me oral sex with condom but after I came, I noticed that the condom broke! I think my penis was in her mouth for about 1-2 minutes before I took it out. While she was giving me oral sex, I massaged the outer part of her vagina as she did not want me to insert any of my fingers. I felt a little vaginal secretion on my finger while i was doing it.
Avatar n tn It made me think right back to that guy from Jamaica. I looked up the HIV/AIDS rate there and it's super low,'s low here in America, and people still get it. I went and got blood work done today, and I'm just scared. No, I'm terrified. I have no other symptoms, but from what I've been reading symptoms don't always show up, right? I know you guys can't tell over the internet...But from what I've told you...Does it seem like I have a reason to be as scared as I am?
Avatar m tn We also had unprotected oral sex (Giving and receiving) I am mostly freaked out because I understand Jamaica has high prevalence of HIV, and I'm not sure she is telling the truth about her HIV status. (If she says she's positive, then she would lose her job). As a note, I am circumcised male. My questions: 1- Should I ask for PEP? 2- Does washing penis after condom breakage reduce HIV risk? 3- What are my risks and when do you recommend testing?
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with a now exboyfriend for three weeks and has been having symptoms of hep c since three mths after. I was first scared that it was hiv, then coinfection but I got antibody testing for both six mths post possible exposure and it came back negative. I am still worried because the symptoms arent going away. I have had the itching, pain in my legs, dry eyes, the disturbing dreams or sometimes lack of sleep. I have pain on my right side, upper quadrant.
Avatar n tn I have read on here women in the us are unlikely to be HIV poz yet they say women especially black women are high risk---shes pretty sexually liberal---shes educated and has done some cocaine--but not a regular user. I asked about testing and she said she had been and would feel guilty now that we did not use protection. I asked her if she was being honest and she said yes...she was engaged to a man from St Thomas in the virgin islands--I think she is from trinidad but born here...
Avatar f tn I did personally perform the mass-panel test I described above, then I graduated to the HTLV Antigen, HIV Antigen and HIV2 Antigen testing. The main difference was a machine did most of the pipetting for the 1000 samples/day. The antigen tests I performed were low volume - some days I had a few as 10 samples. Again, that was most likely due to the rarity of HIV2 and HTLV at that time, here in the US. I worked in North Carolina, but we tested samples from every state except New York.
Avatar n tn Due to peer pressure and a lot of alcohol, I had (protected) sex with two (female) black prostitutes on two occasions, both of which were from Jamaica. I'm thoroughly ashamed of this because I know it's a disgusting thing to do, and I've never done anything like this before. Anyway, when I got back home, I started to convince myself of STD symptoms, so I went and got tested.
Avatar m tn A week ago I had a sexual intercourse with a prostitute in Germany. She is from Jamaica as realized later. I was a bit drunk that night which is a standard situation I guess for a lot of guys. Was going how when I accidentally walk into the red light street in Aachen, Germany. I was staying only a week in this city and was amazed by the service. So I do not know what forced me to go in by i did. The girl put on condom and we had a minute or so of an oral sex.
Avatar f tn I agree with the workup this far, and it has been comprehensive. A variety of infections are possible Testing for HIV can be considered, as well as Epstein-Barr (leading to mononucleosis). I would consider blood cultures, and if positive, an echocardiogram to exclude endocarditis. You mentioned CT imaging. Ensure it was done of the chest and abdomen, as an abscess or lymphoma can be excluded. A referral to an infectious disease specialist can also be considered.
Avatar f tn I was assaulted while on vacation in Jamaica. What started out as just sitting and talking, quickly became aggressive fondling and attempts at penetration. I am a female. The male perpetrator's penis did manage to come in contact with my vagina. However, only the head and it did not penetrate fully. It only went as far as the lips and not past that point. Of course I am concerned about transmission of STD's. As soon as I returned home, I went to my GYN for STD testing (about 5 days later).
Avatar m tn 1 week-Gonorrhea and Chlymida 6 weeks-syphilis 3 months-hiv 4 months-herpes All will give you 100% conclusive results. And it is something I advise you to do.
Avatar n tn It is great you tested neg for Hiv and hep c 6 months after your sexual exposure with your ex bf. You are, without a doubt, neg for HIV and HCV. 6 Months is the outer limit for testing for hiv and hep c. However, were you tested for hep B? Hep C is NOT a Std and is mainly transmitted through blood to blood contact, such as blood transfusion and intravenous drug use. Hep B, on the other hand, is a classic STD and is transmitted mainly by sexual contact.