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Avatar n tn Hello, General Hiv testing question, Had unprotected vaginal sex with a lady on 4 seperate encounters, she has assured me that she is hiv neg, had a a antibody test done at aprox 53 days after exposure , result negative. Test was done in Calgary , Alberta Canada. Was told that test was MEIA, question is - is this as reliable as ELISA and if not is 7.5 weeks reliable? Will not get into symptons or lack of as i understand this is no clear indication of infection regardless.
Avatar n tn 1. Is that high risk or low risk HIV exposure? 2. I don't have any acute HIV symptom except few acnes on my face(back), headache, and tired, 2 days-diarrhea.Do I need to have HIV test done?Is the result reliable if I test it now(after a 27 days)? 3.Does the reactive lymphocytes relate to HIV? 4. Do PAP test normally include in HIV test?
Avatar m tn Hi, i have a question regarding testing procedures at HIV treatment centres. My question is how safe are vacutainers used at these clinics?? assuming that there was blood on the needle inserted in my arm to draw blood, will i be infected. based on an exposure like this can somebody get a test done within two weeks and figure out the result. will it be conclusive or wait for 6 weeks?
Avatar m tn I was in a small std clinic in Philippines for my annual check up..full std testing (syphilis, herpes,) 2 nurse and 1 Infectious Disease Specialist was there in the room..all test came back negative..Thank you lord Heres what happen, 1. Nurse informed me to take off my underwear and use the gown so that the Dr can easily see if theres any problem. 2. Dr inspection my **** and thanks god theres no problem on it. 3.
Avatar n tn I think he is HIV positive himself.... can HIV Positive people test for HIV? Or is this considered a risk by the CDC? Nothing against people with HIV but my stupid friend said what if he infected you with HIV because he is angry and got me thinking and now I think I got infected. I have a baby, my wife is breast feeding and I don't want them to be infected. I guess my issue is that I went and got tested 4 times and worry that i might have put my self at risk for testing so much....
Avatar m tn With what you posted it was to send you to people that are more educated in HIV and testing.
Avatar n tn NO. HIV is transmitted via unprotected anal or vaginal sex and sharing works with other IV drug abusers.
Avatar m tn Does filling a vial of blood drawn from the arm and having results 10 minutes later seems like a familiar way of testing? or does it sound uncommon? Could it be an ELISA, EIA, etc...? rapid kit test? Thanks again.
Avatar n tn To be honest, if you were my patient I wouldn't have recommended HIV testing at all. But as I have said many times, the negative results will probably ease your mind more than my words. You clearly are hyper-anxious about all this; your "by some miracle" statement is nonsensical. There is nothing in your story that suggests you acquired HIV from the exposure you describe.
Avatar m tn Yes they do the UK is up to date on all testing for hiv and other stds
Avatar m tn Am I at risks for catching a blood infectious disease such HIV or Hep C. Can HIV or Hep C live on the fingers, and could her exposed finger transfer any disease it to the needle? Do I need to go a doctor? I am married and do want to anyone in my family at risks? Do you have any recomendations? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Neither hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection nor any other medical condition delays HIV seroconversion or otherwise makes HIV testing any less reliable than normal, with the possible exception of profound immunodeficiency due to advanced cancer, potent chemotherapy, and the like--and probably not even those. You should be tested for HCV infection. But the result, whether positive or negative, is irrelevant to your HIV test results.
Avatar m tn All this happened in Venezuela. What were my risks? Can I trust any HIV test kit or procedure done at the three month mark even if its done in another continent? what is a worldwide standard HIV test?
Avatar m tn It is unthinkable that the gauze would have been used on a previous patient, but even if it was, there would be no risk of transmitting HIV or any other blood borne infection. You do not need testing and of course do not need PEP. (You wouldn't be able to find a legitimate doctor or clinic who would be willing to prescribe it.
Avatar n tn thanx for ur reply... tell me the procedure names for that you mentioned earlier .....
Avatar m tn NO you cannot get hiv from the testing procedure you describe.
Avatar f tn Yes they can test for herpes. The will either take a culture of the area if there are any sores or they will take blood test. The culture I hear is more accurate.
Avatar m tn (doesn't he have to advice the same procedure to every case?) 2. Did Chlamydia put me at a higher risk of contracting HIV? 3. I used braces for a long time when I was younger and still wear retainers at night, they changed them some time ago and my gums were swollen and bled easily for some days (one of which I performed oral sex), would this also increase my chances of catching HIV? (Specially since I had brushed my teeth like 10-15 minutes prior to the encounter and bled a little.) 4.
Avatar n tn she used thin small hollow tubes to collect my blood sample (after being pricked by a single use lancet), but the tubes were all over the place on the table (and she didint change gloves) and i think I noticed they were not clean and I think maybe there was tiny blood on or inside from handling them from blood of others (the place didnt look very clean in general) My question is what is the risk if one of the tubes had some HIV infected blood (imperceptible) and then she used the same one to co
Avatar m tn First it depends on what test you had ran as to the lenght of time that will determine if it is conclusive, IMO you are worring for nothing but if you want to know about proper testing procedure and lenght of time needed to be conclusive, follow the links below and read about it.
Avatar m tn Likely no one here has a pharmacology PhD to be qualified to answer your very specific questions about one med, although Vance here once replied to a post asking about this medication. He said there was no interference from that med in the testing procedure.
Avatar m tn This may be one of those in which the question itself contains most or all information required for an accurate response. As a general rule, an oral sex exposure never warrants HIV testing. The risk of HIV transmission by oral sex is extremely low, maybe truly zero for most exposures. .
Avatar f tn May 27, tested negative using the oral hiv testing. May 29, asked my gynocologist to do a complete blood test work up and requested a check for all std. June 2 the only std listed was results 3.24 positive for hsv2 (not on med as of yet). My spouse is aware of my situation and went to be tested last week they told him it eould take 3 weeks to get results on the hsv test( they did both) it only took 3 days for my results. It this normal? Could my results be incorrect?
Avatar f tn April 8- I had unprotected anal with a man. It was quick. No ejaculation inside but not sure about pre-ejaculate. Status of partner then is unknown although claims to be negative (social health worker). I took several tests at varying periods: 11 days- turned out negative, 13 days- negative, 18 days-negative, 21 days-negative, 27-days-negative, 31 days-negative, 2 months- negative, 5 months (Sept 29)- Negative also. 1. August 20- Mutual Masturbation with a man.