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Avatar n tn thanx for ur reply... tell me the procedure names for that you mentioned earlier .....
Avatar m tn Yes they do the UK is up to date on all testing for hiv and other stds
Avatar f tn Yes they can test for herpes. The will either take a culture of the area if there are any sores or they will take blood test. The culture I hear is more accurate.
Avatar m tn No a lancet will not transmit HIV not even if it had been used by someone that is HIV positive before you poked yourself.
Avatar m tn With what you posted it was to send you to people that are more educated in HIV and testing.
Avatar n tn I think he is HIV positive himself.... can HIV Positive people test for HIV? Or is this considered a risk by the CDC? Nothing against people with HIV but my stupid friend said what if he infected you with HIV because he is angry and got me thinking and now I think I got infected. I have a baby, my wife is breast feeding and I don't want them to be infected. I guess my issue is that I went and got tested 4 times and worry that i might have put my self at risk for testing so much....
Avatar n tn NO. HIV is transmitted via unprotected anal or vaginal sex and sharing works with other IV drug abusers.
Avatar m tn I was in a small std clinic in Philippines for my annual check up..full std testing (syphilis, herpes,) 2 nurse and 1 Infectious Disease Specialist was there in the room..all test came back negative..Thank you lord Heres what happen, 1. Nurse informed me to take off my underwear and use the gown so that the Dr can easily see if theres any problem. 2. Dr inspection my **** and thanks god theres no problem on it. 3.
Avatar m tn Went on doxy (100 mgx2) when this happened, doing this a few more days. 1) Does this sound like a responsible plan from a HIV-perspective? 2) Would the doxy take care of most bacterial stds? 3) If I got gonorrhea with less sensitivity to doxy, would symptoms emerge when I quit the doxy? 4) I have received two hep-b shots, could I take the third one now (three days after this experience) and presume that chances of getting hep are negligible? Best regards, Rolf from Sweden.
Avatar n tn she used thin small hollow tubes to collect my blood sample (after being pricked by a single use lancet), but the tubes were all over the place on the table (and she didint change gloves) and i think I noticed they were not clean and I think maybe there was tiny blood on or inside from handling them from blood of others (the place didnt look very clean in general) My question is what is the risk if one of the tubes had some HIV infected blood (imperceptible) and then she used the same one to co
Avatar m tn 3 months post exposure is when you can get a conclusive negative test.
4632175 tn?1368219317 Welcome to our Forum. I'll try to help however the real issue to deal with here is your anxiety. Typically establishments of the sort you describe follow well described sterilization procedures as a matter of standard practice as well as because use of sterile procedures is a requirement for licensure.
Avatar f tn Sorry folks to have upset you. just paranoid. I will get that cleared from her doctor. thanks again and god bless.
Avatar m tn It would be unbearable to find out i got HIV from a one off visit to a dental clinic I have used once before. If I was interested in testing for hiv how quickly could I do it? and how accurate would the test be? Thank you for reading and for any replies.
Avatar m tn Standard HIV antibody testing procedure requires up to two weeks for results, the rapid test gives results in 35-60 minute minutes. The test device will indicate if HIV-1 antibodies are present in the solution. Your test is as reliable to any other standard tests.
Avatar f tn Ok so a couple more questions, the last time I might’ve been exposed was 6 months ago, I had unprotected oral from the same girl about 5 months before the last time, 4 months after the last time I I had the protected/unprotected oral I freaked out thinking I have HIV thanks google, and went to my doctor he did the HIV test which was negative is 4 months conclusive? And he also did urine test and routine blood work checked my enzymes and all this stuff.
Avatar n tn No, it is not a risk for HIV.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the HIV forum. The identical questions have been asked and answered innumerable times, so my replies are brief (see the information in the Disclaimer message). You describe a female partner who almost certainly does not have HIV. And when a woman has HIV, the chance of transmission by unprotected vaginal sex averages once for ever 2,000 episodes of intercourse. Symptoms never are useful indicators of new HIV infection, and it sounds like you juust caught a cold.
Avatar n tn 1. How safe is it to go for IUI with an unknown donor sperm? If that donor is HIV infected-primary stage (that is before diagnosis is possible) and the sperm is donated before diagnosis, will the inseminated mother will get affected? 2. Is an inseminated mother required to get tested for HIV +ve? If so what is the right time get checked up for?