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Avatar m tn This is a repetitive quetion. Do you think my answer will change because you have asked the same question twice? They will not. Medications do not make the symptoms of the ARS go away. You have not looked hard enough in Montreal. Theyre are many excellent clinics which care for persons with and at risk for HIV there.
Avatar n tn My guess is that your Montreal doctor knows as much or more about acute HIV infections and the HIV diagnostic tests as I do. As I'm sure he told you, the large majority of people with blood tests like yours do not have HIV. Most people with indeterminate Western blot results do not have HIV, and the latest tests -- the RNA test, p24 antigen, and the latest antibody test -- all confirm that you are not infected.
Avatar n tn SO afte 4-6 weeks exposure I went had done rapid hiv test and it was negative. Still waiting for the initial test. I dunno I am worried sick. what you think?
Avatar m tn i went to the emergency hospital 2-3 times in two years for different problems and they did a complete blood test ( sreening test) to be sure im ok ( but they dont specified hiv test) do you think if i will be late hiv, they would have seen it ?
Avatar n tn The frequency of heterosexually transmitted HIV is low throughout Canada, including (as best I know) in Montreal. That includes commercial sex workers. In addition, people rarely lie about HIV status when asked directly and even when someone hasn't been tested recently, most people are pretty good at judging the likelihood they are infected.
Avatar f tn Thanks. I was just asking because i read that having an std increases your chances of getting hiv.
Avatar n tn 7-8 years ago i spent time in bathaubs sauna in Montreal. I had severals oral sex no protection and severals anals intercourses (bottom) with condoms. Today , i fear because there spot on my face and im scare it is maybe dermatitis sohoboric thing..... if my hiv is developp to aids stage, do you think i will have more symptoms than just spot in may face ? Like fever, or i will be mor sick then that ?
Avatar m tn Today I was vaccinated for HBV, however, since to be re tested at 3 months mark still is in my mind, then another doubt came to my mind which is the HBV vaccination my happen false positive results in Hiv test. I need your help to clarify the following queries. Please kindly advise if I really re need to be tested for the officially agreed period at 3 months ; Whether HBV vaccination will cause false positive.
Avatar n tn Here in Quebec, they do the LIA inno test for HIV 1 and 2 nad Eia test for p24 anigen along side with indetreminate WB to confrim the elisa's reactive results. Also, I have a white tongue from 2 weeks after exposure since now( for more than 6 weeks) and I have rash on my legs. Also, I had reactive elisa on 9th of october which came back negative . (it was only 10 days after my last exposure).
772910 tn?1249563035 with my family physician after I got a positive home test. They confirmed with a blood test, then referred me to an OB. The OB usually waited until 8 weeks to see me.
Avatar n tn He drew some blood ( 4 weeks after intial tests) and a week later he called me and told me the result was reactive and he wanted to run PCR RNA test. So I did the test and it was undetectable and meanwhile the confirmtion test came,the WB indeterminate and lia hiv 1/2 negative and Eia p24 negative. My dr again run the PCR RNA test at 26 the NOV 2010 it was undetectable and again he sent some samples to the laboratories for HIV tests.
Avatar f tn i have done 3-4 times STD test in my life and they were always negative what are my chances for my test to come negative after this exposure? especially for hiv?
Avatar f tn I just wanted to get all the test done he possible could do before I went to Montreal. That way if they decided to do a spinal tap up there, I wouldn't have to wait 4-5 days before I came home and them wait the month for results and loose more time from work. As far as flare ups, I don't really have any to mention. My symptoms are constant, other than my days off I just want to sleep all day.
Avatar m tn Hello DR. I had protected sex with an Escort but I had unprotected oral sex and after that I found that I had an ulcer in my mouth. Two days later i had a sore throat and I had a Fever (38.6 C) ...I went to the Doctor he gave me antibiotics the next day I felt fine and my throat starts to heal I took the antibiotics for 8 days..
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question and your invitation. I hope to visit Dubai someday. It is theoretically possible to have HIV and never develop a positive antibody test. But it is very, very rare -- and I am unaware it has happened at all in the past 10-15 years, since development of the currently standard HIV tests. And in rare cases where antibody may not develop as soon as expected, the test for HIV p24 antigen fills the gap. That's the test you had, i.e.
Avatar m tn - 4 days after exposure, due to anxiety I went to the hospital and got every test done, HIV 4th generation duo blood test and Urine test wich came back negative - 21 days after exposure, went back to the hospital for the same tests( blood and urine test) came back negative as well - 22 days after exposure, went to a private clinic for HIV 4TH GERATION DUO P24 - ANTIBODY test came back negative - 29 days after exposure went back again to a private clinic for the HIV 4TH GERATION DUO P24 - A
Avatar m tn it was protected sex so you don't need most of that testing. syphilis, hpv and herpes are your main risk from protected sex. you have to wait at least 6 weeks for syphilis testing and 3 months for herpes testing. we don't have commercially available tests for hpv in males. see your provider for your itching symptoms for a proper exam.
Avatar n tn Every symptom I feel is due to the fact that I am reading too much about HIV symptoms and feel like I got something. I want to go for a blood test, but I can't because my wife has access to my health account and my care center puts all results of the tests in my account and is visible. What are my options to get checked anonymously online? I just felt a tingle in my lymph node in the neck 2 minutes ago and things are running thru my mind. What a waste.
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Avatar m tn I got a lab test and got the real hiv blood test in the morning and then they called me in the morning the next day saying it came back normal...........COME ON MAN, I questioned this, how on earth a blood test sent to a lab come back in 1 day and what does normal even mean, thought they would say hiv negative or positive but normal? Is that even a professional term? Even so, how it come back in a day... I heard from everyone it takes 2 to 3 weeks >.> Anyway, that is my whole story.