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Avatar m tn All things considered, the chance you caught HIV is under 1 chance in a million. If that level of risk still concerns you, have an HIV test. You can expect negative results.
Avatar n tn SO afte 4-6 weeks exposure I went had done rapid hiv test and it was negative. Still waiting for the initial test. I dunno I am worried sick. what you think?
Avatar f tn Thanks. I was just asking because i read that having an std increases your chances of getting hiv.
Avatar m tn ) Now, 5 months later I have what has been diagnosed as scabies which I attribute to this experience and has me even more worried that if I could get that there I could also have gotten HIV (or was it misdiagnosed and is actually an HIV rash). I also have flu like symptoms and a fever. Have I been at risk? Should I get tested?
Avatar n tn Told to go back on 28th day, which is 28th of Sept to get another done and a 6-week Rapid HIV test. I had all the symptoms of HIV, Presumably due to mind playing games. Hopefully other tests come back negative. I stil lhave tingling feeling just righ below the right jaw. hoepfully that will clear itself off. Thanks to Teak/flow/pleashelp for their confident and reassuring replies to my panic attacks....
Avatar m tn org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Im-male--i-had-oral-sex-giving-to-a-female-prostitute--can-i-get-HIV/show/2240256#post_10755307 After 10 days i took the '10 Day HIV Test' from a private clinic, i spoke to a few helplines and they advised not to do this test as it wasn't proven, however my panic was taking over an i took the test privately. It came back 5 days later negative.
Avatar f tn i am now scare to catch a small cold . Doctors and even in this forum keep telling me that I dont need an hiv test and that the risks are very brain kills me and tries to think of any worst case scenario . If someone can tell me what are the chance of me contrainting hiv i would much appreciate it thank you I keep panicking.
Avatar m tn i had risk situation one week before i had fever and chill and cough fever gone in one night but cough after 4 day next week my risk exposure week 1 nothing week 2 cough came back but only in the evening or when i think about it it was a dry cough that i feel in my lungs it last for 2 weeks almost i had also my lymph node barely swollen and last only half day.
Avatar n tn I'm a 23 yo female, who just got an hiv test yesterday. The results won't be back in for 1-2 weeks, so I'm sitting here waiting, and worrying. I'm wondering about my hiv risk, since up until recently I thought I was extremely low risk. I've had 4 sexual partners my entire life, and never concurrently. Partner 1 tested negative, and we still used condoms. Partner 2 was not tested, and we used condoms every single time (there was never oral sex).
Avatar m tn Thanks for your confidence in our service, and for doing some research by scanning the forum for similar questions as your own. 1,5) The combination test is conclusive because of the biology of HIV and how the test works. With a new HIV infection, the virus replicates rapidly and spills into the blood. p24 antigen is part of the virus membrane; its presence indirectly means HIV is in the blood.
Avatar m tn I did a baseline test( 8 days,blood test, negative) And one today( exactly one month, and I will have to wait may be till the end of next week for results, though they said even one or two days is possible) I asked the nurse who took the test what kind of HIV test it is, and they wouldn't know, I called three private clinics only one of them knew about it, but they said that for conclusive results, it s three month. I have read frequently on this site, that 28 days is conclusive.
Avatar n tn Here in Quebec, they do the LIA inno test for HIV 1 and 2 nad Eia test for p24 anigen along side with indetreminate WB to confrim the elisa's reactive results. Also, I have a white tongue from 2 weeks after exposure since now( for more than 6 weeks) and I have rash on my legs. Also, I had reactive elisa on 9th of october which came back negative . (it was only 10 days after my last exposure). Again aftre 4 weeks ( NOV5th)I got tested and it was reactive with indeterminate wb and negative lia.
Avatar m tn Two days after the incident I took her to a clinic. They administered an HIV test. I cannot tell you what type of test they did but it was a blood test from her arm and it came up negative within the hour. It was taken on April 15th. I got her tested again on May 9th, and the result was negative. I got tested in Canada with a Rapid POC test at the 4 week point, which was May 10th, and it was negative.
Avatar f tn Yesterday, I went to an upscale barber in Montreal who I know relatively well. He is an immigrant from morocco who has lived in Canada for over 35 years and is in a stable marriage. He is a totally normal and respectable man. He knows that I worry about contamination of tools from other patients and always wipes them down with a small alcohol swab. During the hair cut he switched to the clippers to shave trim the hair on the back of my neck.
Avatar m tn Today I was vaccinated for HBV, however, since to be re tested at 3 months mark still is in my mind, then another doubt came to my mind which is the HBV vaccination my happen false positive results in Hiv test. I need your help to clarify the following queries. Please kindly advise if I really re need to be tested for the officially agreed period at 3 months ; Whether HBV vaccination will cause false positive.
Avatar m tn My own research on the internet has indicated these symptoms share similarities to those of individuals with HIV infection. I Recently had an Insti fingerprick rapid HIV test done (manufactured by Biolytical labs Which came back negative. I was relieved untill the nurse mentioned the 3 month window period. I had 2 unproteced sexual encounters with 2 different women, both in their 20's In the first instance the condom broke and I didn't realize untill much later.
Avatar n tn I'm a hetero, circumsized male who had had sex with a CSW in Montreal and am wondering about my exposure to HIV. She used one condom during oral and took that condom off. She then put a new one on before vaginal sex. I'm pretty sure both condoms used were lubricated latex condoms. No other lubricants were used. From what I can remember, I believe the condom remained intact during both oral and vaginal sex.
Avatar m tn I got a lab test and got the real hiv blood test in the morning and then they called me in the morning the next day saying it came back normal...........COME ON MAN, I questioned this, how on earth a blood test sent to a lab come back in 1 day and what does normal even mean, thought they would say hiv negative or positive but normal? Is that even a professional term? Even so, how it come back in a day... I heard from everyone it takes 2 to 3 weeks >.> Anyway, that is my whole story.
Avatar n tn since you had a test that only returns with + or - ( highly doubt it was a herpes WB blood test ), you will need to confirm your status with additional confirmatory testing. if you are in the US, how to obtain a herpes WB blood test is listed in our read before posting post on the forum. your genital symptoms do sound more like a fungal infection than anything. honestly at this point I'd stop the product you were using. sometimes the topical steroids just worsen symptoms for some folks.
Avatar m tn She went to her Gyno who ordered FULL STD testing including HIV test. All came back neg except for Chlamydia.I then went to check for same thing (uretheral swab) and chlamydia came up Negative with me???(no HIV test) The doc gave her pills and she was re tested for chlamydia and was neg.(4 months ago we both developed HPV(warts)and have been given aldara to clear them up.
Avatar n tn He recently dumped me and I am pretty scared about my HIV risk. As far as I know he is totally straight, and doesn't do any drugs with involve needles, just smokes pot. I don't know if I am being paranoid but I am so scared. I am really wondering your opinion of this.
Avatar m tn I went to a massage parlour in Montreal, and was massaged by a 45 year old Russian lady. The massage included body to body rub, hand masturbation, penis to breast contact and scrotum licking .... She kept her underwear on all the time and I was not exposed to any of her vaginal fluids. 1 ) Please assess my HIV/STD risk ,,, 2) I applied anti-bacterial gel on my scrotum right after the massage. Does this reduce the possibility of transmission of any STD ???
Avatar n tn 21 Elisa combo ag/ab test, 1 abbot third generation HIV 1/2, and 0, 1 CMIA antibody test, 1 antigen test, 1 viral load Roche amplicor 1.5 V, 1 Aptima ROCHA NAT. ALL NEGATIVE. MY wife has 2 Negative ELISA combo test up to 14 weeks. Negative. The ID cant help as he rouled out all STD, Lymes. lupus....etc The ID said that he cant help as I rouled out all STD, Lymes. lupus....etc, but he said I have to carry on testing that only option remaining, but I will not do.
Avatar n tn I don't know anyone from this forum since I have been here to test positive.
Avatar m tn Not all that surprising since they developed ability to test for HIV separate from HCV a few years ago. Seems to be they then realized that many with HIV were already co-infected with HCV and that many of the deaths which have been reported might actually have been a result of the HCV, especially those which were not easily attributed to other causes of death.
Avatar n tn He drew some blood ( 4 weeks after intial tests) and a week later he called me and told me the result was reactive and he wanted to run PCR RNA test. So I did the test and it was undetectable and meanwhile the confirmtion test came,the WB indeterminate and lia hiv 1/2 negative and Eia p24 negative. My dr again run the PCR RNA test at 26 the NOV 2010 it was undetectable and again he sent some samples to the laboratories for HIV tests.
Avatar m tn i went to the emergency hospital 2-3 times in two years for different problems and they did a complete blood test ( sreening test) to be sure im ok ( but they dont specified hiv test) do you think if i will be late hiv, they would have seen it ?
Avatar m tn This is a repetitive quetion. Do you think my answer will change because you have asked the same question twice? They will not. Medications do not make the symptoms of the ARS go away. You have not looked hard enough in Montreal. Theyre are many excellent clinics which care for persons with and at risk for HIV there.
Avatar m tn so don you think if i had hiv the hospital will see something strange in my blood even if the diddnt talk about a hiv test ? 3- i know i have a OCD ( disorder compulsiv anxietes) im taking medications since 2 weeks ( cypralex) and do you think i shouls stop paranoid about hiv .... maybe i feel guilty about the man i sleep with and im immagine every homo have hiv and hiv its easy to transmit ? 4 - what about dermatitis sohoboric thing....
Avatar m tn I feel ridiculus with that and my girlfirend remember me the fact then 2-3 year ago i post the same question at med help, to my doctore ,,,,and my dermatologist diddnt tolm me it was dermatitis anyay when i saw him in 2011... my last hiv test was find in 2001, but now to coward to go test. So yes i admit it i need you to explain that dermatitis related to aids please ! 1- -It is true i will have more symptomes then that if it will be hiv dermatitis ?