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Avatar m tn I did perform oral sex on a few of the ladies i was with - i never had oral herpes before this - i never realized that you can possibly get that from oral sex - im not sure if its directly related but it must be? I took a HIV test after the bout with chlamidia (about 4-5 weeks after the last sexual encounter) and came back negative. All of my experiences with these women were vaginal intercourse (for not very long at all) and oral sex - never, not once anal.
Avatar f tn Is there any percentages how many people would have a positive duo test at 3 weeks (18.5) days? I have rad the New York states duo test is good at 14-15 days. Has anyone else heard this.
Avatar m tn Hello guys, I went to an STD clinic in Brooklyn, NY a few weeks ago to test for HIV after I had unprotected sex 6 weeks prior. I was given a rapid finger test, which was negative and was also drawn blood from my vein for what they said was a new HIV test offered, called "Acute HIV Test" They mentioned that a window period of this test is about 3 weeks. They said that this is a very new and expensive test. The results were ready today, two weeks later and they were negative.
Avatar f tn "With the HIV antibody test used in new york state, virtually all people who are infected will test positive within one month of being infected. Most people will test positive even sooner" This is what is written at the bottom of my negative test result sheet/recipt or whatever it is This test is from St. Vincents Clinic in New York City They Used the "Finger stick with whole blood" Is this new information? Does that mean a test after months exposure is clear?
923497 tn?1243894724 He came to see me, forgot the results back at his home(in New York), but we had sex(protected and he NEVER ejaculated). He returned to New York and he did indeed mail me the results(IT WAS NEGATIVE!) I found out that he slept with a transsexual(this was before he came to see me and before he got tested for HIV and he said he used a condom) and also that he was still legally married. I forgave him because I feel people make mistakes and I trusted him because he didn't have to get tested.
Avatar n tn s including HIV, through my doctor, not a free clinic, in the state of New York. My doctor told me the test results would be available in four days, set an appointment for me to see him in four weeks, and sent me to the lab for testing. I requested this test as a routine test, I've no reason to believe I've been exposed to anything. I was informed HIV test results can't be revealed over the phone in NY.
Avatar m tn HIV statistics state that 7 people in our age group with white skin were reported with an HIV diagnosis in 2010. Also in New York alone (The City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx and Queens) only 135 people who are ranged from 13-19 were reported with a new HIV diagnoses.
Avatar f tn Appreciate it do you find home access 2nd generation test to be conclusive at 3 months? Also what part of oh r you from?
Avatar n tn This was in the news recently where a police officier was bitten by an HIV+ offender and has had regular HIV tests at the advice of an HIV specialist.He has tested negative thus far--this is why I reassured the OP they had no risk.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr. H, Thank you so much for your reply. I am again starting to cry as I write this, as for the last month I was sure I was HIV positive, and in all honesty my life had stopped. It is so hard to believe that my horrible mistake has not cost me my life. I am scared to say: "trust me when I say I have learned my lesson," however, you reply of 100% certainty is pushing me to believe that I have been spared this one major, major mess up.
Avatar f tn It's possible they could be using a new screening test, or they are reducing the time based on new research. I spoke with someone at Orange County Health Department in New York State, and they say it takes 35 days, but they still tell patients who get an HIV test or think they have HIV that 3 months is the conclusive result.
Avatar n tn // I had unprotected vaginal sex (Condom Broke) with a girl I had just met and subsequently found through other people that she has been with swingers. Should I be nervous about HBV? I've tested for most of the known stds, but not HBV.
Avatar m tn I seem to have some symptoms dry flakey skin some weight loss and pimples on my back and my skin seems to tear,also the skin on my rectum is inflamed and I had a pimple form on my scrotum that was big and purple after it burst there is a open place that didnt heal and some times there are two little dots that appear on my skin.I lve in new york and I was wondering if I may have a type of H I V that is not detectable with the test I have done.
Avatar f tn The odds a woman like your partner has HIV is zero or close to it. Being in New York could elevate the chance she is infected, since heterosexually transmitted HIV is more common than in most other cities -- especially if she is African American. But even then, it is unlikely she has it. And if she were infected, the odds of catching HIV from only a single episode of vaginal sex are very low, probably on the order of 1 chance in 2,000; and oral sex is virtually zero risk.
Avatar m tn I was walking around New York City with my relatives 2 hours ago. I stepped on something by accident and when I looked down it was a needle. I didn't feel it puncture my sneakers, but I didn't check it good to see if there was blood in it since it was in a crowded area near time square. Am I at risk for any of the hepatitis, hiv or anything else. Should I go to the ER for PeP?
Avatar n tn Hi everyone I new to this website my name is Katie I'm 16 years old I live in New York, I'm a little freaked out from today experience me and my friend were walking home from school and we were talking and then all of sudden I stepped on a needle I freaked I don't know if it pinch me I was so nervous..I know unprotected sex is a risk for HIV..but I dunno if this is a risk for HIV if the needle poked me im freaking out can someone advise me if I should test for hiv thanks ...
Avatar m tn m asking you these questions is because I read an article on google about a women from cameroon living in paris and a man in new york having rare strains of HIV. Are u aware of these reports and if so did they test positive with current testing and the new strain was identified after by further testing?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know where I can get the BioKit rapid test for HSV 2 in New York City?
Avatar m tn pdf Ill save you through reading more links but I have seen that Colorado, New York and Idaho have taken to this new testing window as well. Also, on the CDC site it says it is about to announce a new algorithm so I assume this may be it? Keep up the great work. I look forward to here your thoughts.
Avatar m tn The HIV counselor at the clinic told me the acute hiv test the new york city clinics does is nearly a hundred percent accurate after 10 days, which was very reassuring to me. I have been told this by the Department of Health STD line as well. But i have been spending a lot of time on the web and there is a lot of conflicting information on this.
Avatar m tn cholesterol, cell counts, liver, vitamin levels etc...) came back normal. My HIV test was performed here in the US. I am not sure which generation test it was but i do attend a well respected doctor. It was an antibody test, probably Labcorp but not sure. To my question: Is my 5 month negative antibody test definitively conclusive with no need to retest?