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Avatar m tn I went for an HIV test 2 days after my risk, i was wondering if the rapid HIV test i took is accurate because my results came back negative or i should take the EIA test?
Avatar m tn HIV DUO test is NOT approved in the US.
Avatar n tn If the follow-up test is nonreactive, the client is likely not HIV-infected. However, if the client was exposed to a known HIV-infected person or if provider or client concern remains, a second repeat test might be considered >6 months from the exposure. Rare cases of seroconversion 6--12 months after known exposure have been reported (134).
Avatar f tn t get into that over guidelines. So you have to pick which you are comfortable with and test accordingly.
Avatar f tn I have given sample for hiv rna pcr test as well. Too much paniced. Can any other test is helpful. Is throat infection alone can be cause of ars.
Avatar n tn Im have alot of ARS symptoms, and have done hiv test 53 days after the risk exposure, my nurse told me that the test is conclusive, official, Swedish guidelines regarding rapid HIV-tests stipulates that there should elapse at least eight weeks after risk for an HIV negative result to be totally accurate. Should i be worried or what?
Avatar f tn In the UK the following statement applies BASHH/EAGA statement on HIV window period November 2014 HIV testing using the latest (fourth generation) tests is recommended in the BHIVA / BASHH / BIS UK guidelines for HIV testing (2008). These assays test for HIV antibodies and p24 antigen simultaneously.
Avatar n tn If you have a negative non reactive HIV Antibody test that means exposures three months or more from that test you were never infected and the only exposures you would then have to worry about (if you have any) would be within three months of that test. Is this correct?
Avatar m tn it is highly unlikely that your test result will change...but according to guidelines test at 3 months for that conclusive result.
Avatar m tn I had a risk relation 9 weeks ago, yesterday I made an HIV test and it was negative, can this be true? or how long I have to wait to make the test?