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Avatar m tn Hi, Can anyone from UK tell me, what type of Test does GUM Clinic follows?? There are some GUM Clinics offering Rapid HIV Test are this Tests reliable?? Just also wanted to know the differnce betweed HIV DUO Test & Elisa Test, which is more reliable and which are the Tests Approved by FDA.
Avatar m tn If your going to have a HIV Duo test at 4 weeks anyway, make sure that you get a syphilis serology at the same time.
Avatar f tn Hello. Just a question about the oral hiv test. I've taken 2 oraquick oral test. Both times, I swapped my gum and cheek. They had me rub my cheek for a few seconds. I looked on orrasures wedbsite and it states to only swab the gums....not cheeks. Would this cause invalid results?
Avatar f tn And another question how confidential are HIV test in Australia, is this only between patients and the doctor or anyone in private surgery has access to this type of test even if the result is negative? Maybe I am just overreacting but just a bit worry about my family. Thank you very much for your time!
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Avatar n tn No test is approved by the FDA for use for home self-testing in the United States, so I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the test. But no HIV test of any kind uses live virus as part of the test procedure. You could grind up the test reagents and inject them into your veins with no risk of catching HIV. In any case, I'm not sure why you would doubt the information provided by the manufacturer.
4632175 tn?1368219317 Welcome to our Forum. I'll try to help however the real issue to deal with here is your anxiety. Typically establishments of the sort you describe follow well described sterilization procedures as a matter of standard practice as well as because use of sterile procedures is a requirement for licensure.
Avatar f tn I had a rapid HIV (Oraquick advance) test performed at a NYS dept. of health STD clinic. Anyway, the phlebotomist seemed to have a bad attitude altogther and was not very friendly. Before she pricked my finger, I looked at the tray table where she had the materials needed to perform the test. I saw a little box with disposable lancets that looked grey with a purple button and purple base (where the needle comes out).
Avatar m tn The advice about a 3 months window period applies only to the HIV antibody tests, not the duo test (for both HIV antibody and p24 antigen), which is definitive at 4 weeks. Below is a link to a thread that discusses window periods, and the reasons that official advice remains 3 months despite scientific evidence that earlier testing is conclusive. The oral swab self test is pretty much fool proof. That result also is 100% reliable.
Avatar m tn full std testing (syphilis, herpes,) 2 nurse and 1 Infectious Disease Specialist was there in the room..all test came back negative..Thank you lord Heres what happen, 1. Nurse informed me to take off my underwear and use the gown so that the Dr can easily see if theres any problem. 2. Dr inspection my **** and thanks god theres no problem on it. 3. The dr inform the two nurses to shave my pubic hair so he can easily check again. 4.
Avatar f tn I had an oral HIV test at the health department yesterday. I has been 3 months since my last exposure. The nurse let me rub the 'stick' on my top gums then flip it and rub it on my bottom gums. Is this the correct procedure? I read something about it having to sit for 2 minutes in your mouth. Thank you!
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Avatar n tn I again approached a doctor who insisted that this could not be HIV, on insistence he recommended a HIV test. This was done 2 1/2 months after the procedure. It was Elecysis combi test by a kit made by Roche. The results were negative giving a reading of 0.2. Now that I am back in US, and the pain in my lymph nodes still exist, should I again get a HIV test done. Since the city where I got my procedure done has a very high incidence of HIV 1 and 2 and other rare forms?
Avatar f tn My dr said to try not to eat sugary sweets for the two days leading up to the test. On the day of the test, no carbs or sugar. They recommended eggs and bacon for breakfast. Also dont eat or drink anything between drinking the Glucola and getting your blood drawn.
Avatar f tn You didn't have a risk at all from oral sex.
Avatar m tn TEST>Qualitative (Detection)of HIV-1 RNA from patient's plasma by standard procedure on COBAS TaqMan Equipment >COBAS Ampliprep and COBAS Taqman Limit of Detection > 20 copies/ml result >NOT DETECTABLE P24 Antigen test > Negative DAYS > 21 DAYS After possible explosure reason> penis part enter(only once) in vagina at the time of forward play ,mixed fluid on penis head so please tell me the consistency of above 2 test any further test required
Avatar m tn 6 years ago I had protected sex with a csw and because of fear of condom breakage, i was too stressed. Finally after 2 years of this exposure, i took hiv elisa test and the result came 0.11. I dont know which generation of the test was. But my question is that, is this result absolutely conclusive or will i need to take some more tests? Although i got the test from a reputated laboratory but again i am too anxious that they might make some mistakes. Does it happen in the labs usually?
Avatar m tn Neither the Abbott RealTime nor the Roche COBAS AmpliPrep/COBAS TaqMan HIV-1 assay is intended to be used as a donor screening test for HIV-1 or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV-1 infection.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, in China, when many nurses do the skin test, they just change the new needle head but still use the same tubes. Will this behavior cause any risk of HIV or any other disease which route of transmission is blood?
Avatar m tn Hello, today I've went for an HIV test, which came back negative. Now I'm not worried about my past anymore, but I'm worried about the blood drawing procedure and need your help, please.
Avatar f tn I tested negative negative 10 weeks post possible exposure and was curious to know if having this product in my system would affect the HIV test in any way or cause me to have a false negative result? Please help.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal done two weeks ago and crown procedure done one weeks ago. I start having flu like symptom yesterday, fervor and sweat at night after took Tylenol. Now I start worrying about infected from procedures such as equipment and needle used at procedure. Does anyone every get infected at dental office in US before by this procedure? What risk I have and do I need to get tested later.