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Avatar m tn Teak,Lizzie, Can you suggest on HIV DUO Test reliability against ELISA Test?? Does ELISA Test will be folloowed in GUM CLINIC??
Avatar n tn I've taken that test twice from two different state approved clinics in the state I live in and both times the swab was in my mouth for 15 to 20 some seconds. No way was it anywhere near two minutes. Your test was performed properly.
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Avatar f tn And another question how confidential are HIV test in Australia, is this only between patients and the doctor or anyone in private surgery has access to this type of test even if the result is negative? Maybe I am just overreacting but just a bit worry about my family. Thank you very much for your time!
Avatar f tn Hello. Just a question about the oral hiv test. I've taken 2 oraquick oral test. Both times, I swapped my gum and cheek. They had me rub my cheek for a few seconds. I looked on orrasures wedbsite and it states to only swab the gums....not cheeks. Would this cause invalid results?
Avatar m tn If your going to have a HIV Duo test at 4 weeks anyway, make sure that you get a syphilis serology at the same time.
Avatar n tn I had small white cyst like features on my scrotum. The test was done and came back fine. My problem was during the biopsy the doctor didn't exactly perform everything in the most sterile way. I was sterilized with whatever liquid is used during a procedure but what he did during it was not sanitary. His tools were placed on a metal tray with no paper on it. He frequently left the room during the procedure and did not change his gloves.
Avatar m tn full std testing (syphilis, herpes,) 2 nurse and 1 Infectious Disease Specialist was there in the room..all test came back negative..Thank you lord Heres what happen, 1. Nurse informed me to take off my underwear and use the gown so that the Dr can easily see if theres any problem. 2. Dr inspection my **** and thanks god theres no problem on it. 3. The dr inform the two nurses to shave my pubic hair so he can easily check again. 4.
Avatar n tn my question is how reassuring is this test and what statistics do you have regarding accuracy of a HIV test at 34 days post exposure.
Avatar m tn Relax, Vi_Man's answer was confusing and not exactly correct. NO, you do not need to test again. An HIV test is conclusive for you at 3 months. A VERY small portion of the population are recommended to test out to 6 months. That would include anyone who has a severely compromised immune system. Examples would be, someone with terminal cancer, on chemo, someone taking anti rejection medications after an organ transplant, chronic IV drug abusers. You are in the clear.
Avatar m tn Is my choice of getting CMIA test (is this HIV duo test) correct for 17 days past exposure? How accurate it'll be? I am doing protected intercourse with my partner for the moment but he insist of unprotected oral (both giving and receiving, cunniilingus), is there any risk to this as if I am positive, then I'll be in my window period and have high viral load? The reason is, some doctors here in my city agree that unprotected oral is rather serious risk for hiv transmission.
Avatar m tn Can anyone tell me how long till I can get HIV test result. And the exact procedure of the test. Kinda nervous at the moment.
Avatar m tn How accurate is a 9 week negative HIV test? I dont know what HIV test was conducted, it was just part of my annual visa renewal procedure. So, is any HIV test (PCR, DUO, ANTIBODY etc) after 9 weeks accurate? I live in the United Arab Emirates for your information. thanks!
Avatar n tn I have some HIV blood tests for the last 3 weeks, each one per week. 2 rapid HIV test shown are negative and one lab test is negative for the pass 3 weeks. I have been experiencing diarrhea for the pass few weeks, passing out loss and watery stool in the morning after a glass of water which i normally take immediately after i wake up. Then for the rest of the days, i always feel like going to toilet but i always try to control them.
Avatar n tn Depends on if she use a catheter. Mine are done with a buterfly.
Avatar f tn I was recently helping a patient whom I didn't know what HIV positive. I had vinyl gloves on, I gave him a finger prick for a blood test and some blood got on my thumb and forefinger. I finished the procedure, took off the gloves, did not see any blood on my hand. Used hand sanitizer and went on with my day. I had a papercut on my forefinger, but it wasn't open, at-least that I could tell. Would the gloves completely prevent me from transmission? Even with the papercut?
Avatar m tn i undergo a tri dot hiv test at a private laboratory on 7th march . my test result was negative . on 15th of march once again i got myself tested at a goverment hospital tjis time a rapid test hiv test report again negative. on 21st of march i got tested positive for gonorrehea. my doctor prescribed me 400mg cefexime and 1gmazithromycin and anyi biotics for a week .in between i suffer from mild fever 99.2 c . my doctor again give me medication for another week.
Avatar n tn WHen i asked her about stds she said she was tested by her doctor when she was first given BC. is this a standard procedure and would they test for all stds.
Avatar f tn For peace of mind I went to get an HIV test at 6 weeks after the blood test. The test was HIV serology with mixed ag/ab detection. I`m assuming that had my initial symptoms been related to HIV, then my test would have come up as positive? Thanks again for the information!
Avatar f tn I had an oral HIV test at the health department yesterday. I has been 3 months since my last exposure. The nurse let me rub the 'stick' on my top gums then flip it and rub it on my bottom gums. Is this the correct procedure? I read something about it having to sit for 2 minutes in your mouth. Thank you!
Avatar n tn no test was hiv combi .ag/ab.value 0.07. cut off value 1. test result negative. also tell me do that method effect my test results thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn I went to the lab and asked and they said they are using Roche Cobas E411 to perform the assay and result can be obtained very soon ( around 1 hour if there are no other samples the same time). I browsed through the net and found out the only hiv combo test for this device is Elecsys and the duration of test is 27 minutes.
Avatar m tn As I am in a remote area right now, I had to get a HIV rapid test approved for USAID. I understand these home rapid test kits has the HIV antigen embedded in the capture pad, which then will react if the blood sample is followed by the diluent and an HIV antibody was found in the blood specimen. According from the manufacturer site, this is what it said: "The assay starts with a diluent prepared sample applied to the sample well.
Avatar n tn A 4th generation HIV test is a procedure using a 3rd generation ELISA (or EIA) antibody test combined with a P24 antigen test. This allows for detection of HIV about 5 to 7 days sooner than by a 3rd generation test by detecting the P24 antigen. As carnageofthepast notes, test generation is only an issue when you are very near the time of seroconversion. The average time to seroconversion is about 21 days, so you are well past that time period.
Avatar n tn Qualitative (Detection) of HIV-1 RNA from patient’s plasma by Standard procedure on COBAS TaqMan Equipment: COBAS AmpliPrep and COBAS TaqMan Limit of Detection: 20 copies/ml HIV-1-RNA Detection by COBAS - NOT DETECTABLE Now I want to know few things as nobody is aware of EDP. 1. Is the EDP test result reliable? Or should I go for testing again after 3 months? 2. What is the minimum number of days to go for EDP after the unprotected sex?
Avatar n tn You can take the ELISA HIV test or Oraquick after 6 weeks and it will give a very accurate reading of your hiv status. Their are test that look for the actual virus which are early detection type methods. I believe it is HIV Proviral Test which you can take at 28 days. Oral Sex is considered low or even in some circles no risk to hiv. I have been told that our saliva has an active agent that breakdowns the virus and gives us protection from it.
Avatar f tn My boys from Indonesia, before I say accepted the love, I have sex without a condom in the month 8, 2014, the base of my penis hose week itchy and irritating to the skin, but it hurts me less ignored and repeat the action on 20 December 2014 with a woman another, how the hose, small meat pile arise in areas that itch (like I said earlier that in the base of the penis where the growth of hair) from where I was afraid with HIV, on 11 February 2015 I did a test in a private clinic negative result,