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Avatar f tn And by the way, the NYC PH clinics provide world-class STD/HIV prevention services. The medical directors of both the STD and HIV programs are friends and colleagues of Dr. Hook and me; the NYC health commisioner, Dr. Tom Farley, also is a past colleague and was once a full-time STD specialist and past head of Louisiana's STD/HIV program. There is no way any of these three professionals would permit use of anything other than top-of-the-line equipment and procedures.
Avatar m tn Possible exposure (protected but drunk) during last week December to first week January 2010 (by 10th?). Oral swab test on 1/29/10 in NYC clinic was negative. Subsequent NYC Elisa testing with my doctor on 2/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep), 2/16 (Neg on HIV), 3/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep), 3/12 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep). So based on the duration between encounter and last set of negative tests, as well as the response I received from Dr.
Avatar m tn New York is still using the OraQuick Advance HIV 1 and HIV 2 test for blood and plasma testing. They're just not using the oral testing at this time until the investigation is complete.
Avatar m tn Hello guys, I went to an STD clinic in Brooklyn, NY a few weeks ago to test for HIV after I had unprotected sex 6 weeks prior. I was given a rapid finger test, which was negative and was also drawn blood from my vein for what they said was a new HIV test offered, called "Acute HIV Test" They mentioned that a window period of this test is about 3 weeks. They said that this is a very new and expensive test. The results were ready today, two weeks later and they were negative.
Avatar m tn ve gone to the doctor (I live in new york city) and had both a Rapid Test and an HIV 1/2 EIA Ab Screen. Both of which were negative. I have a few questions: 1) How can I tell if my EIA test was the 3rd or 4th generation? 2) What is the confidence of a negative result 5 weeks after exposure for either 3rd or 4th generation tests? Thank you very much. PS. I promise I'll never be so stupid to put myself in this situation again.
Avatar n tn with a stranger no way of being in touch with her I was nerous so I had the following testing done. I had HIV test at NYC clinic at 30 days oraquick but they also take a vial of your blood. I then at 38 days hadSTD testing for trich, gon, chl, syp. I think i was covered I hope I waited long enough for those tests, they also took a vial of blood at a differnet NYC clinic. I then had another HIV test oral at 63 days also negative. Then a finger ***** with blood test at 90 days negative.
Avatar f tn There are three parts to your question: What is the chance you caught HIV, if your partner had it? What are the odds he is infected? And what HIV testing is recommended First, the average transmission risk from male to female from a single episode of unprotected vaginal sex averages 1 in 1,000. Anal sex to completion is riskier, but with such brief exposure without ejaculation, that part of the event doesn't make much difference.
Avatar f tn Further, in NYC, if you were tested at the Health Department, in addition to the standard antibody blood test, it is likely that your blood was also tested by PCR at the same time. A combination of a negative antibody test and a negative PCR at any time more than 4 weeks following exposure is definitive evidence that you did not get HIV. I hope this comment is helpful.
Avatar m tn I agree with you (that a DUO test @ 4 weeks is definitive). I wish you could get the HIV Prevention on board with that so there is consistency.
Avatar m tn are nyc clinics reliable?
Avatar m tn You were also informed that your symptoms did not suggest HIV and that the test results you reported at that time, combined with the nature of the sexual exposure and your symptoms, amounted to 100% proof you were not infected with HIV. That opinion is unchanged by all the unnecessary additional tests you have had. Your questions about "ARS symptoms coming back", soap and washing after the exposure, etc are irrelevant -- the test results are definitive.
Avatar n tn in another artice on accuracy between tests it had a scary number of 126 people testing positive w the focus test but when using conformation test only 26 were positive tha is disturbing to me.
Avatar m tn After been diagnosed with mono I did an Elisa Repid test (Dermatology Health Center in NYC) on March 10 (4 month after the incident) and It was negative. After that I was diagnosed with thyrode cancer. Today, a year later I developed a sore troath for over a month, I did my 6 mnth check up and I have 5 larger than usual lymph nodes on the neck, a canker soar and dry mouth. My question is, is there any way that Rapid Elisa Test after 4 months was not conclusive.
Avatar n tn s also posted that the likelihood that a woman in a developed country has HIV is 1/1000, but the fact that this encounter took place in NYC skews those odds, no? Please give me as accurate a risk assessment as possible.
Avatar m tn Hi, My exposure was condom break. I took PEP within 24 hours and stayed on it for four weeks. - 13 weeks post exposure: tested negative with Oraquick oral swab test - 15 weeks post-exposure: tested negative at clinic with Oraquick blood prick test, and also took a blood test that day (not sure what kind of test... it was a NYC clinic blood test, I think it's a PCR?), and it came out negative How confident can I be that my status is negative?
Avatar n tn Hi: I haw a question about my test result. I'm a 35 year old guy In Nov 2007, I went to a female CSW in hong kong and had protected oral and fingered her a little. No intercourse at all. I was very worried afterwards and got the following tests, when I was back in the US - 20 days: oraquick in NYC and NAT that both came up negative.
Avatar m tn 2 - Any idea where I can find counseling specifically for HIV fear issues in NYC? I feel like its taking too much time in my life. Waiting three more weeks (for my 12 week test) when I'm at my busiest at work will be physically draining. Any thoughts comments would be appreciated. Thanks for a forum like this.
Avatar m tn I recently had HIV test done in Advanced Dermatalogy Clinic in NYC. They drew blood from my vein and it took them only 30 minutes to produce a result. According to them it's not one of the point of care tests like Oraquick or Reveal. It's is in fact and Elisa test. They have a lab in the facility and say that the results are 99.9% correct. Is this believable? Would a respectable clinic lie to their patients? I never heard of such a quick turn around on Elisa test.
Avatar n tn i had a one off protected vaginal sex with a csw from nyc a few days ago. I do not know her status.To my knowledge the condom did not break or become loose. i have had no other stds. I'd like to know whether you recommend HIV or other std testing. I am extremely anxious about this.
Avatar m tn search for whatever that is worth revealed more concern over HIV exposure with unprotected oral sex than I expected, I was under belief , maybe incorrectly , that no real risk for recipient and very low risk for the active participant , query am I at risk, in reality is anyone really using dental dams when performing cunnilingus is it risky behavior not to use, scheduling an updated HIV test is this appropriate or am I a hypochondriac , as you know the minute you start to question your behavio
Avatar f tn t have the DUO but the hiv rna test is the closest early detection we have and lab doctor said it shows hiv detection from 9-11 days of exposure anything after they said test is 99% accurate, I'm using testing from Quest Diagnostics.
Avatar f tn I recently just got tested a clinic down where I live and they checked me with I think 4th generation hiv test and also a pcr test I don't know if it was RNA or DNA and were negative. My risk was months ago it might sound wierd but I'm still worried cause the guy I had a risk with was from Germany and he slept with people there. I'm all the way in NYC.