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Avatar n tn I went for the chlamydia/gonorrhea check a week later at PPH - negative. Then at six weeks (less one day) I did a rapid HIV blood test at PPH, with a blood test for syphilis thrown in. Both negative. Does it make any sense to resume sex with my wife based on odds? I was told to do a lab blood test at 12 weeks to be really sure. Is 8 weeks enough to confirm the rapid test? I want to move on. I stopped my sad behaviors. Thanks for the service that you provide.
Avatar m tn I would not worry about HIV due to the fact of her test result 1 year later if you can trust her that she was telling the truth.
Avatar n tn I continue to have made mistakes, and I feel quite guilty. I am working on bailing out of my poor lifestyle choices. Pretty stupid for a man my age I know. But here's the summary of my misadventures. What are my risks and course of action? (1) Had shallow but penetrative sex with a massage girl (she's 19 I found out). Chlamydia and gonorrhea tests came back negative. No other tests performed.
Avatar n tn I surmise this confirms the bacteriological issues. Per your advice I will resume sex safely with my wife. But I will likely have the HIV, syphilis test at the six week point unless you really think it is unnecessary.
Avatar f tn Hi VaBreeze, The type of mycoplasma that the standard labs test for, is not the type of mycoplasma that is found in CFS & fibro patients. It is difficult testing.. mycoplasmas cannot be grown in a petri dish, like other bacteria. People who want to be tested for mycoplasma, should check out the following link and make SURE that their physician uses that CPT code (CPT: 87581). But from what I'm hearing... labs such as ARUP and Quest don't do this testing.
163305 tn?1333672171 Believe it or not, it is quite often the case that a Dermatologist is the first doctor to pick up on the possibility of HCV since often times the virus manifests itself in some type of skin condition at first (or eventually). Dr. Meffert is familiar with many of the side effects of HCV meds, HIV meds, Cancer meds and other medications that have Dermatological side effects.
Avatar n tn Hi, When I looked up that test on google I found that it's not a very accurate test and testing it for ovarian cancer is a hoax, and all kinds of things can cause elevated levels of the ca-125 antigen.
Avatar n tn That's been the freakiest symptom for me, feel like I'm possessed! May get lyme test scheduled with lyme specialist today, just for the hell of it.
Avatar f tn At night I leave the windows open to lower the temperature in the room hoping that the buggers die with the cold air. I've done a little test and maybe this will help you. Leave a water filled bucket in the worst room and within 10 days take a look at what you catch. I've yet to bring the samples in for testing but there is something there. I don't believe it is a anxiety disorder although it does sound quite good to group this situation as a possible pharmacy answer.
Avatar n tn I was supposed to take a balance test, but have been putting it off because every time I take a test, they always come back "normal" and I am starting to feel like a hypochondriac. Just had an MRI and an MRA done for eye pain and vision problems and as always, everything appeared "normal". Not that I want anything to show up, but after many years of putting up with these weird symptoms and no medications help, I really would like to have some type of answer.
534800 tn?1217170959 I would be interested in a blog to share this with others and find support from those who can relate. I also can not understand why more clinical test have determined a more defined diagnosis and treatment. I have seen information from Austrailia about this calling it "Golfer's Vasculitis" and have read that GENERIC NAME: mometasone/ a steroid can be helpful, but there can be side effects.
Avatar n tn It scares me, but also really frustrates me because I feel like I have no idea what the problem is or how to fix it. What can I do? What should I ask a doctor to test for? Please help if you can.