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Avatar f tn What is the accuracy of the Determine Rapid HIV 1/2 ag/ab combo test after 2 weeks?
Avatar m tn Hi. I have been exposed to a little risk of HIV..I would like to do the test for the peace of my mind.. I have already missed the 28 days mark..what could be the next best time to get tested ? Is it at the completion of 3 months ? Or I can do it as per my convenience ? Is it good to the test as early as possible or I can delay it to couple of months ?
Avatar f tn I had an unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex with a female sex worker. After that I had PCR test at 14 days after exposer.. and hiv combo test at 35, 48 and 61 days after exposer. All are negative. But I read on internet 3 months are required to be conclusive. I’m really so worried and i need advise of expertise in this this regard.
Avatar m tn Good afternoon, I HiV test (c. Anti-HIV1 / 2 + Ag p24) after 38 days of the relationship was negative ... I can rest assured? or should I do the new test? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/HIV---International/Accuracy-of-HIV-1--2-AB-and-P24-AG-test-in-45-Days/show/1126043">Accuracy of HIV 1 & 2 AB and P24 AG test in 45 Days</a>.
Avatar m tn i mean each year one p24 test and all of the was negetive. is it reliable or I should have hiv elisa test?
Avatar m tn You have missed the most most important point I tried to make in your previous thread. The HIV test results always overrule all other considerations. The exposure history doesn't matter. Whether your partner had HIV doesn't matter. Your prior CD4 count doesn't matter. Any symptoms you have had don't matter. The test results ALWAYS overrule EVERTHING ELSE. Your test results PROVE you did not catch HIV.
Avatar f tn it most probably is a spot test or also known as rapid antibody tests are very accurate..
Avatar m tn HIV Duo Testing (ELISA IV), which detects the HIV-1-P24 antigen -- a definitive precursor of HIV -- has a superb success rate at as little as 7 days. However, a 28-day test is recommended, and apparently produces a higher degreee of accuracy.
Avatar m tn I just got HIV rapid test (SD Bioline) 93 days after exposure and negative. How is the accuracy? Can I get WOO-HOO?
Avatar n tn Hello, I had posted a couple of months ago, but since then I have had conflicting views on the accuracy of an HIV test at 8 weeks. I tested negative at 8 weeks and two days, and now I'm at 6 months. So, I was thinking of testing again, but before making my decision, I was hoping you could give me the accuracy rate for 8 weeks, and your opinion on whether a test at 6 months is necessary. Thank you in advance.
Avatar m tn A local std clinic does a rapid hiv test that tests for anitbodies & antigen. I don't know the official name. Im assuming this is a duo test? They told me it can pick up infection as early as two weeks, but I would still need to wait three months for a conclusive result. Seems like everything Ive read on here with a test like this it would be conclusive at 28 days? Any input?
Avatar f tn I had something very odd happen today in regards to the rapid HIV test. I went to Planned Parenthood, which I would have assumed uses the latest medical tests....and the rapid test they had at the location I went to was the Chembio Sure Check 3rd generation test. The nurse working acted like I was being a hypochondriac when I told her I wanted her to take my blood for the blood draw instead. This was my first time using PPH for this....
Avatar m tn how accurate would a hiv rapid test (finger prick) be at 5 months from exposure?
Avatar f tn The accuracy of the test is irrelevant you have not had an exposure to HIV from the activities you describe. You will not get HIV in this manner. I would not recommend testing.
Avatar f tn A combo tests for HIV 1 and 2 antibodies. A DUO tests for HIV 1 and 2, antigen to HIV 1 and antibodies to both types.
Avatar n tn Move On.
Avatar f tn I did a HIV RNA Qualitative and DUO test 14 days after exposure (protected sex, fearing condom may have broken) and both came back negative. I will do another DUO at 21 and 28 days. Is the RNA a good sign? I have seen some posts at the from Dr. Wohl that say this is an excellent sign as well as Dr. Jose and Dr. Cummings note it's accuracy at 99% by 10 days. It is now 18 days post exposure and I am having the following symptoms: 1. Pains in my groin, arm pits, chest and neck.
Avatar f tn Duo test is combination of hiv antibody test + p24 antigen test which shows definite results from 28 th day onward from date of exposure..........
Avatar m tn HI, I'v got a test on last and does anyone can tell me what was HIV-1/HIV-2 antigen/antibody(CMIA) means? is this duo test?
Avatar m tn if i would take a hiv test would any kind of medication mess up the hiv test?
Avatar m tn (I am just imagine) Just to confirm how accuracy of HIV tests and could the hiv vagina fluid transfer by her hand to my body during a massage
Avatar m tn You can be confident that her recent prednisone would not, in any way, decrease the accuracy of her HIV test and be confident that she does not have HIV. I hope this comment is helpful to you.
Avatar n tn The test is FDA approved. It is as good as any rapid test by blood droplets.