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Avatar m tn but hiv test here is hiv combi test with p24 did you mean that hiv combi test is not accurate at 4 mos
Avatar f tn Duo test is combination of hiv antibody test + p24 antigen test which shows definite results from 28 th day onward from date of exposure..........
Avatar n tn I had a rapid oral fluid HIV test at 4 weeks, it was negative. I'm a little over 5 weeks now. My doctor took a bunch of blood today and is going to test it for HIV. How accurate are blood tests at 5ish weeks? Thank you!
Avatar m tn Wetern blot test at 11 week and lot of duo test till my 6 months period all turned up negative. Can you please advise the window period for HIV test. I have called lot of call centres which they all said window period is for three months and any test after can be conclusive. I just cant take that on my mind and to be frank its disturbing me a lot. I have also tested for all STD which all turned up negative. Is there any chance a negative at 6 months (181 days) turn positive later.
Avatar n tn is it harder for a girl to pass along HIV to a guy, during sex (guy using condom) or is it easier for a guy to pass it to a girl? I would appreciate your responces, thank you... Ive also wanted to let you guys know you are great at what you do, a lot of HIV question gets unanswered by doctors/patients are to scared to ask questions in person to a doctor, and you guys take that fear away!
Avatar n tn The results of your test, if negative, should provide you some relief. Approximately 90% of people test positive by 4 weeks. However you should know that you tested too early to get a conclusive result - that would be a test at 3 months. I don't need to tell you to not make this mistake again!
Avatar f tn I read that having hsv makes a person that more likely to catch HIV. If I'm having unprotected sex without ob or shedding and I come into contact with a HIV person...what are my chances to likes catch HIV?
Avatar f tn How accurate the HIV antibody test at exactly 180th day from last sexual encounter?
Avatar m tn An insurance company would not use a test they could not trust, so my test was accuratly stating i did not have HIV. 3)My elevated wbc and low rbc were not due to HIV? 4)The Omni-Sal test i took last week (2 years since last test) should most likly be neg.? And the final question: How often do you see people who come and test negative at 6 weeks and then at 3 months (12 weeks) test positive? And how long have you been testing? Thank you very much Dr Hook!
Avatar f tn I went to Planned Parenthood and took a rapid UniGold HIV test that tests for HIV-1 only. The woman at the clinic told me that my results were negative. My last sexual encounter was about 6 months ago. How accurate is this particular rapid test?? Just recently, over the last two weeks, I've been experiencing irregular (for me) bowel movements...sometimes loose stool, other times diarrhea. I've read that this is a symptom of HIV - could I have gotten a false negative?? Please advise.
Avatar n tn please teak advise me can i still have normal sex with my husband?
Avatar m tn My question is this though I tested negative for the hiv test in the early part of june I want to know how accurate that test would be considering my previous sexual encounter was about 7 weeks prior to this.
Avatar m tn Does the strong IV antibiotics affect the HIV antibody test results, since the HIV antibody test was soon after the IV antibiotic treatment? Please let me know. Thanks.
Avatar m tn My partner took oral fluid test at 8 days after exposure and hiv duo test at 24 day after exposure.Both tests were negative.I can t stop thiniking about it, searching internet, I can t eat. I have a girl and i did n have sex with her from 14. August because I am so scared of having HIV. The main problem is 3 months window period. I can t stop thinking is there any chance that i would be positive.
Avatar m tn In about 6 weeks post exposure i took HIV duo combo test and i came back Non Reactive for HIV 1 / 2. I was still anxious and finally decided to take a HIV test at exactly 12 ½ weeks post exposure and again i took a HIV DUO test which came back non reactive/negative. Now about 16 weeks post exposure, I have developed rashes on my chest, upperback/shoulders and random areas of my stomach.